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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Happy 4th of July! Ooops, I Mean Happy 6th of August!

FIRST! You all were too cute in your responses to the pic of CW with her little, teeny-tiny cousin Lily Clare. She DOES look like a baby doll. I laughed and laughed when I read that. But there is truth to what you all said. I think Rex and CW were that size when I was 7 months pregnant...heehee. :)


Now onto today's post:

As ever, I am so current, it is just darn near RIDICULOUS! ;) took me over a month to post my outfits from Independence Day (now what kind of American are you, Dina?)...

Yeah, yeah, I know you all want to copy them, right now, today! Well, here you go!

This is the polyvore, in all of its red, white, and blue patriotic glory.

I absolutely love this skirt. I am not surprised in the least that this skirt was sold-out. I happily paid near the $65 it cost (minus 15% educator discount) and envision this skirt working all summer long (and possibly into the fall and spring). In addition to it being comfy, and the right amount of relaxed, and linen, it also fit beautifully in a size 6. Yes, me, Miss 8, maybe Miss 10. Now I know this is a 6 that is the victim of vanity sizing...I have NEVER been a 6 in J. Crew except in my most "exercise-a-holic" days, but still, FEELS darn good to me.

The Podna tee is also sold-out (this is the bad thing about posting a whole month late). I wore it with pride on Independence Day because of Mr. Dina being from that neck of the woods (raised in Mississippi, schooled in New Orleans). Go, 50 American states! (I also wore the tee because we were going to get Cajun food from our fave restaurant in Bethesda, Louisiana Kitchen...)

The shoes are my lovely Miss Trish of Capri sandals first worn in this post. Can you say "perfection" for the day?

So in summation, Stars (shoes) and stripes (skirt) (shoes), white (skirt and top), and blue (skirt and top). YEAH!

Here is my little American, Rex, in all his red, white, and blue glory, too. Sorry to say the Bumblebee shoes are yellow, but he is two, and I am not crazy enough to tell him he can't wear them because they don't "go" with his outfit...

Oh, but wait, I am not done! Let's not forget fireworks...what better than the "fireworks" tee from J. Crew? (Okay, I know it is some weird abstract floral, but all I see when I look at the tee is "bombs bursting in the air.")

Yes, the shorts are technically bistro orange, but they come close enough, and plus it's dark out when the fireworks go on...

You all have a great "dog day of August." Maybe I will actually start posting some pics of outfits on the day I actually wear them...we'll see. ;)

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Three Outfits for One Day--All Are Red, White, and Blue!!!

I am feeling a wee bit tired today (Rex has been very trying already and it is barely 5 pm), so I won't being going on and on like I normally do. However, it is my FAVORITE holiday, so I knew I needed to post, if only to say "Happy Independence Day!!!" Yay, America. ;)

Also, I want for you all, right now, to go and check out the awesome blog known as Deco is the ultimate blog for people who love summer and summertime things...I am in love with the posts...Mslay (the blog author) always transports me with her beautiful pictures and lovely ideas. If you enjoy what you see, become a follower. Trust me, she won't let you down...

I will post three outfits because I have a spare moment and want to show that I still want to take an active role in my own blog (heck, I even commented back on the last two posts...imagine!).

Plus, the three outfits SLIGHTLY tie into Independence Day in that they all either have red, white, or blue. (And don't fret, I am definitely wearing something patriotic today and yes, we have taken photos...)

Here is the Polyvore for outfit #1, the outfit I wore to take Mr. Dina out for Father's Day.

Here I am with Mr. Dina, just about to leave for Father's Day. I am wearing the incredible Ruffled-hemmed jersey dress. I have a awesome as this dress is, I really hate ties on dresses...I feel they are superfluous (heehee), so I took it and tied it twice, so the bow would tie in front...ahh, much better. And aren't these shoes too die for? I wouldn't have even noticed them had it not been for 3-Penny Princess waxing poetically about them at this post.

Here is the dress a bit more buttoned up with the soiree sateen blazer. I think if I was still working, I would definitely teach in this comfy and yet so polished!

Here is the Polyvore for outfit #2, an outfit I wore to a former student's graduation party (I taught him my first year teaching, and he is easily my favorite student ever).

Here is the dress that I waxed poetically about in this post, but in navy. Ahh, are such a fine neutral. I am also wearing the very pretty Seychelles necklace that I won on ebay for half its original price. The shoes are the Carina metallic leather sandals and they got me through Costco, so I can definitely say they are possibly the comfiest shoes that J. Crew has made that I have owned. (And, yes, you read that right, I shopped at Costco in this outfit. Yes, people were looking at me...I just smiled and moved on...)

Here is the outfit from the side. I love that bow at the front...very feminine.

There is no polyvore for outfit #3, but I have included a pic so I can clip to polyvore right from this post!!!

I wore this to go out to a dinner with a friend on June 29, 2009. We walked from my house to a restaurant about a mile away, so we needed to look dressy but be sensible. This was my take on "dressy but comfy." The dress is from Anthropologie by the company Maeve. I have noticed that this company makes their dresses kind of large. This is a six and is one of the few by them that fits closely. The other dress I have in a six is HUGE. Weird...

The shoes are by Born and are the sandals I wore all over NYC. The necklace is Erickson Beamon for Target and the clutch is the makeup giveaway bag from Clinique but styled by Trina Turk.

Here is the dress for Polyvore. It is A BRIGHT dress. You could definitely see me coming that night...

Happy Independence Day, you all...I promise, Coccodrillo Pencil Skirt is coming soon...but I also know a lot of you take the weekend off from computing, and I figure you all would rather miss this post than the review of that skirt.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Brown and Pink Make Me Smile!!! (Outfit from May 18, 1009...)

Blush Pink and Brown Make Me Smile!!!
Blush Pink and Brown Make Me Smile!!! by dinagideon featuring FOSSIL
Here is the polyvore of the outfit I wore last Monday, May 18, 2009. This also is one of my most popular polyvore sets ever. 6 people liked it, and they didn't even see it on this blog. I think what that tells me is that over at the Polyvore J. Crew groups, neutrals and tonal-matching outfits are the most popular. :) That is great and all, but I rarely make my sets this way.

However, on Monday last week, I wore this outfit and for me it is a lot less colorful than I normally do. I still LOVED it though. The pink in this tee and cardigan and shoes is just too die sweet and feminine.

Here is the outfit with no cardi. I shrunk the top by turning it inside out, putting the washer to the hand-wash feature, and then placing the top into the dryer on high heat. It came out the PERFECT size. :) I loved all the ideas I received when I asked about how to shrink this top (gigiofca mentioned drying it to damp and then wearing it) but in the end I was a little lazy (kids...such a time suck). Laziness is usually a bad thing but it worked this one time...I love the fit and I love the fluffier chiffon rosettes.

Here is the outfit with the cardigan. This is such a versatile sweater. I have this in melon and charcoal, too. I love wearing this cardi with shorts. The long with the short really looks very chic. (I have a polyvore with that style here.)

And because I cannot resist pics of me with CW, here she is...look at those freaking socks. Love them. She can be a ballerina even before she walks. And of course (not planned, btw) I love that we match!!!

Have a nice afternoon everyone!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Mahali Dot Capris and Pacific Blue Polo!!! (Worn on MARCH 31, 2009.)

First things first, between my dealing with my favorite victim and the trip I made to Richmond yesterday, I have had very little time for updating my blog...this polyvore and outfit pics are from Tuesday, March 31, 2009.

Mahali Dot Capris and Pacific Blue Polo!!!
Mahali Dot Capris and Pacific Blue Polo!!! by dinagideon featuring FOSSIL watches
Here is the Polyvore of the outfit. The shoes and watch and sunglasses are a wee bit different...but obviously it is a close enough fit!

Here is the outfit, full-length, on me. The J. Crew mahali-dot capris are finally at the point where I fit into them. Because of the way they are constructed (the waist is generous), the size 10s are a wee bit loose. Fortunately, the material is stretchy so the legs and hips fit well enough to compensate for a too large waistband. I love this pretty and retro.

At first I was unsure what to match with these capris, but then this beautiful polo found its way into my home. It is the J. Crew classic pique polo in Pacific blue (or something like that). I have to order mediums in all polos because they are quite tight. Even the medium requires a bit of stretching of the fabric by me before I feel comfortable. But once it is stretched enough, it fits like a dream. And the colors J. Crew have in polos is inspiring. I also have the Parisian polos in crisp celery and tea rose (and they are coming to Florida with me).

The flats are the Etta Suede flats from Winter 2008 (J. Crew). The color is a mix of pewter and gold which is very versatile and the shoe's shape is flattering to my rather long and skinny foot!!! The necklace is the Erickson Beamon for Target Clear Bead necklace that I can't seem to get enough of lately!

And here is my super-hero, Rex, wearing his favorite outfit...Batman! :) Love it!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

I am Wearing a School...(Plus My Review of the Cate Slingbacks)!

Yellow, Khaki, and Shell Pink!
Yellow, Khaki, and Shell Pink! - by dinagideon on
I know, I the doctor 'cause I have a fever. I am actually baring my legs and for work, too. By the looks on the kids' and other teachers' faces, you would think I had grown horns. Everyone has been super complimentary, but I was still very nervous about wearing a skirt. Like Gigiofca has mentioned in her blog, I hate wearing my skirts too high on my navel. And because of my "baby" fat, it is taking me a while to get back into my lower-rise skirts (and I have some darling ones). But I went into J. Crew (the actual store) around a month ago and I purchased a soft shell pink pencil skirt, in kind of a stretchy, sateen-y cotton. It was something like 25 dollars. It is beautiful. And it is comfortable. It is also not the one in the polyvore set, but since polyvore only has what is on-line, we polyvore ladies have to improvise. (Although I do own the skirt from the set in navy.) I think the reason the skirt is so comfy is because I was basically forced to buy it in a size larger than I wear (size 12--the pencil skirt's hips are tight...and I hate tight, so hence my choice). This means that my waist is deliciously loose, almost 3 inches loose. That's fine. For now I just won't tuck anything in...still looks polished and pretty.

The rest of the set is self-explanatory. The only thing that I don't own in the set is the black necklace. The necklace I do own (and am wearing) is from Macy's a few years back (you got it--I bought it on "super-sale"). I also am wearing the lovely Erickson Beamon for Target clear-bead necklace you have seen before!

Full-length. For those of you who follow Emily's blog, Champagne and Cupcakes, you have seen these shoes before...the Cate slingbacks in shell. I bought my slingbacks in shell in size 10, my normal size. I have a very narrow foot, though, and I find these shoes work really well for me. And I normally hate slingbacks. Emily mentioned that these were narrow in the footbed and I want to warn you of that, too. For me it isn't an issue, but I can imagine for some of you it might be. I think the general consensus is that if you have normal feet, size up 1/2 size. For those of you with narrow feet, stay with your normal size. To read more, go here:

I should point out two things. The makeup I used this morning must not have been blended in correctly because I look very pale. I will blend much better tomorrow morning. Also, I highly recommend a cami under the lighter-colored tissue turtlenecks. I am wearing a pink cami and I think it helps save this turtleneck.

I thought about belting the turtleneck, but because of my waist and the waistline of the skirt not being 100% compatible, I decided it looked weird, so I went with necklaces instead. Fortunately, my waist is still defined enough that I could do this...

Here is a close-up of the slingbacks. The shell color really is the perfect neutral for me. It nearly matches my legs and I feel like this plus the fact that they are heels really lengthens my legs. I also love the patent...such a nice sheen and very classy in a retro sort of way.

I hope you all have a great the way, I gave CW a lot of kisses last night, one for each one of you who sent her 1/2 birthday greetings!!! :)

Monday, March 16, 2009

What I wore on my trip to West Virginia (THREE OUTFITS)!!!

Here is the polyvore of many of the items I wore on my trip to West Virginia. I don't have the time or inclination to discuss each item, so I will just tell you what items I do not have from that set. I have a different dress, bought from Kohl's. I have a different striped shirt, bought from J. Crew last spring (2008). The Lady Day is actually a Sybil coat in the same color, bought from J. Crew last winter (2007). The necklace is different, but looks very close to the one in the polyvore.

I really do have that Andie Bag, I did bring my camera, I did tote my laptop, and I drank copious amounts of red wine. YUM!

You can find my set here:

This is what I wore to drive to WV. Or I should say, what I wore to be driven to WV in our VW (heehee). I have a fear and hatred of driving, so usually Jim drives me...I know, very, very sweet.

The turtleneck is so comfy and cashmere and J. Crew, this winter (2009). The pants are from Athleta and are super-stretchy, perfect for long drives. The shoes are from that brand Earth (not Wal-Mart but the walking shoes) and I bought them last summer. The necklace is a Macy's find, very inexpensive, but a great piece for layering. It reminds me of the cheaper version of the stone necklace J. Crew has now.

Here the outfit is with the Sybil Coat. I LOVE THIS COAT. I actually can tolerate winter in this cheery and sunny! I usually receive many compliments wearing it...I think because people need the dash of yellow in their lives.

This is the dress I wore out to dinner with Jim. We didn't go anywhere fancy, but I just had to dress up. The dress is from Kohls, and I have no idea who made it. I believe it is a juniors dress. I love the empire waist and fuller skirt--perfect for us pears. The shoes are the Jane suede flats in brown. The necklace I have discussed already, but the clear necklace is the Target find I wrote about on Saturday night (3/14/09). This necklace is Erickson Beamon for Target and I think it worked well with the other necklace and with this dress. I really, truly think I will get a lot of use out of it!

This is a close-up of the Andie Bag in flame. It is GORGEOUS in real life. I could never have spent what it originally cost, but I got it at a significant savings (THANK YOU EMILY)...and it is just so much fun. I will not go on much more because My Delightful Obsessions did an amazing review of it here: Suffice it to say, if you like it and you can find it, I would recommend buying it. It was sold last summer (2008).

Here I am holding the bag...nice size for lugging a lot of stuff around. It does get heavy being leather and all, but I have my vera bradley when I need lighter stuff. If I am just going around to show off, I am bringing my Andie Bag. You also see the Sophie sweater peacoat in this pic. This is the only red I can wear this close to my face (I have mentioned this before). I like the way the reds and browns all work together in this outfit. I felt very stylish...I know we were just hanging out in a simple Italian restaurant, but it was so nice to feel pretty!

No Andie Bag, but you get a nicer view of the Erickson Beamon necklace.

This is what I wore to hang out on Sunday (the day I received the best facial ever--seriously, I have never felt that relaxed). The cardigan is the Lea from this winter (2008), the pants are some Levi's that I have recently started to be able to wear again. I have already discussed the shoes, necklace, and tee. This is a very comfy outfit, and I think it manages to be a sleek casual, as opposed to messy casual! ;)

It's been awhile since CW has posed with here you go. She makes the outfit SING!

You all have a great day. As you can tell, my weekend was pretty awesome...definitely making Monday way more tolerable than it normally is!!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Okay, I couldn't resist...

I went into Target today and got these lovelies. And they are really lovely in real life. I promise to post pics of me wearing them soon...

First up, from the Merona Collection is the Women's Merona® Collection Clarissa Spectator Pumps - Pink. Can I say I about fell over when I saw these? I only have one or two shoes in a brighter pink, and I they are mixed with other colors (in a print). These are perfect for when I want a simple low heel in a nice bright pink. GORGEOUS. You can find them here on-line:

For a really good review of the navy patent version of these pumps, visit Gigi here:

Second is the Erickson Beamon for Target® Long Clear Bubble Bead Necklace. Loved this. I need more layering necklaces, and this one fits the bill perfectly. I really like how the bubbles are clear and slightly the necklace will work with almost all of the colors I wear. Plus, and this is for you mommies of young ones, the babies love either chewing on the beads or in Rex's case, saying "ball...clear ball, momma." Find it here:

I had first heard of this collection from gorgeous Slastena, and she did not lead me in the wrong direction. Many beautiful pieces at a very reasonable price. You can see her review here:

Have a great weekend. I need to go to sleep! ;)