Saturday, July 23, 2011

Come Sail Away...Part Two.

I am nothing if not thorough.  :)

Whilst watching my babe slumber this afternoon, I decided I needed to clear out some other photos from my files.  Those poor ootd photos just sit there waiting, and waiting, and waiting.  I blame Boden this month, after all, between the fantastic summer sale and the release of the new fall items, a bit more of my blog's time has been devoted to goings-on across the pond.

I did a post over at True Crew Love on how to score on J. Crew samples (for those of you in a hurry, it is called ebay), and now I want to finish up all possible nautical themed outfits of the day I have had lately.  I guess I have been on a naval expedition, sartorially speaking, anyhow.  (And here's another thing, I have three more outfits that I am planning on wearing soon that all could fall under the heading "seaworthy.")

I am convinced that the people in CW's dance class think I only own dresses, skirts, and tops with some sort of fish, sailboat, lighthouse, ocean animal or scene, or are in the color range of red, white, and blue.  Maybe I will wear a plaid button-down and grungey shorts next week to mix it up, so to speak.

Dress: Anthropologie Castle Lake, Size 6 (or is it small, can't remember).  I have seen people reverse it so the rope tie is in the front, but this way flatters my neckline more.  Belt: J. Crew Skinny Metallic Belt, size small.  Sandals: J. Crew Jolene (or Joellen?) O-Ring Sandals, Size 10.  (BTW, if you have these in a 9.5, ANY COLOR, I will buy them from you, I LOVE these sandals and should have bought an extra pair or two.)

Speaking of nautical/fishy ebay seller is currently selling the above top with bids starting at 6.99.  I love mine, and have worn it over and over since purchasing it in January 2007.  I believe it was called the Ringspun Tee in the fish print. 

And the very famous School of Fish skirt (same basic look as the tee, but in a more stunning fashion) is for sale in a size 12 with a starting bid of $64.99.  These always go out of control, but I have heard it is worth it (and was willing to save my pennies to grab one a while back).

And last, but certainly not least, another ebay seller has this school of fish dress in a size 2.  The current bid is at $51, but it still has a few days to go.  I suspect this one will top out at near $200, if not higher.  Very pretty dress, btw, and my wallet is so happy it isn't a 6 or 8 for sale.  LOL.  :)

Have a great day, and yo, ho, ho!