Saturday, December 26, 2015

Boden: Sale Prices Drop More!

The sale has been a bit of a dud by my (very unscientific) research.  With prices in the sale pretty darn close to what they were before the sale started, it appeared most people weren't biting (I wasn't, but I am still pissy about the Toasty Roll Neck disappearing).  Now that the sale has ramped up to 60% off (some items are at 70% off!) (Here's the direct link: Up to 60% off (Price Set) plus free shipping and returns over $49 valid 12/26-12/30), I think the tide may turn.  The Mumsnet people echoed the same feelings last week, and though I haven't checked in a few days, I bet they prefer the prices now than they were before.

Anyhow, I haven't spent a lot of time researching the prices, but will definitely take a good look 'round once I publish this post.

Last week I published a post with some reviews in it, and many of the super sale items have been in prior Boden Weekly Review Roundups, so they may help you.  I also highly recommend the #bodenbyme page at Instagram, lots of photos there of folks wearing in season Boden clothing (most bought by the one photographed, though some were gifted from Boden, so watch out for that if you are wary of c/o items).  Two of the more recent photos show two pieces I own from Boden but never reviewed.  The Oona skirt is here (bought very early in the season, the color I own is always out of stock), and the Printed Popover is here (super sale back around Thanksgiving).

Do you see anything in the sale that you would recommend?  Let us know!

Talk with you soon!

This links says "up to 50% off," but the link still gets you to the proper sale.  My affiliate program hasn't updated their banners.
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