Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Boden: March 2016 New Arrivals Here! And 15% Off!

Hello, all!  Happy first day of March!  Hope you had a lovely leap day.  :-)  I have a handful of friends born on 2/29, and I love seeing how "young" they are.  One just turned nine, but boy, she certainly leads the life of a 36 year old. (Groan...)

Anyhow, yesterday Boden rolled out quite a few new arrivals.  Unlike the past two rollouts, this one seems a bit more lively and I saw a few items that may warrant a second look.  I have heard from a few of you (through Instagram, Facebook, etc.), that you all are liking the rollout as well.

Now I am not IN LOVE with anything, and there are no must haves (like with the gorgeous Martha dress in the floral design), but I am not all verklempt that the Boden I know and love is going the way of Gap circa 2001 anymore (although I am side-eyeing those denim overalls).

So what are you loving?  Are you giving the side eye to the overalls, too?

There's a coupon with my affiliate program for 15% off, you do need to use the code 9Y8U (and spend over $49) in order to receive the 15% off and free shipping.

Okay, looking forward to seeing all your thoughts.  One more week of crazy, btw, in my life, and then things slow way down, so very excited for that.  :-)

Remember to use code 9Y8U for the 15% off to work:
Boden USA