Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Boden: Three Reviews. And 25% Off!

Hi, all!  Happy early Tuesday.  For once Boden decided to throw a sale starting on a Monday.  I seem to only ever have time to computer work done on Mondays, and the last few sales/new arrivals came on other dates, or I didn't find out about them until after my "free" time had been used.  (Well I am publishing Tuesday because I didn't get my post done before class last night, humph.)

This is one of those diminishing discount kind of offers, so the 25% off now is set to last until Thursday, replaced by 20% on Friday, and finally ending with 15% by Sunday.  This is usually a good time to pick up items you think will sell out before they get to a further reduction (or if they pop back in clearance because they are popular items, in clearance they will still only be between 20% and 25% off). 

The items I am showing off in today's review post are okay popular, so I don't think you necessarily have to grab them at 25% off, but if you have some particular need for them right now, or you'll wear them a ton, then there may be a chance you would want them with the 25% off.  The Richmond shorts are especially versatile and well done, so I would happily buy them again with 25% off (and am thinking of another color, tbh).

I also am showing off a clearance item that will not be reduced further by the 25% off, as clearance items are excluded.  Having said that, they are really awesome little booties, so they may be something worth it to you, if you actually wear booties enough to justify them.

I have placed a link to the sale in the bottom of this post and in the sidebar of the blog.  It will be switched to the 20% off version provided by the affiliate on Thursday.  :-)

Janie Dress and Keira Stud Ankle Boots.  Size 6 Long and Size 40.

So I decided to buy the Janie dress after seeing a colleague in hers for months this fall.  She wore it all the time!  I didn't love the colors from the fall, and even if I had, they were sold out super early.  When this grey version came out in the spring, I was interested, but I also knew that the price was a bit prohibitive, especially considering I can easily sew a dress like this up.  But it went into one of the bigger sales, and I believe I bought it for around  30% off, which when considering cost per wear (all my jersey dresses get worn a ton, and I keep them for years), I decided made it a better price.  I chose the long because it really is quite short in anything but the long, especially since my school has a conservative work dress code.  The 6 was because all the reviews said to size down, and even though I was concerned it would be too tight at the hips, it fit fine.  I don't love the skirt shape, I do wish it was a touch fuller, but it isn't awful, either.  :-)

The Keira Stud Ankle Boots came out this spring, and though I detest the studded flats and heels from Boden this year, these booties are so awesome.  But again, the PRICE!  It went into clearance quickly, and they held one of those extra % off weekends, which brought the price to a much more reasonable amount.  Now that I have them, I probably would pay more as they are very nicely made and can be worn for hours while teaching.  I only had the option of the 40, and I have other booties from Boden that are 40, but sometimes the size 40 will be too small for my (J. Crew sized) 9.5 feet.  These are great in the 40, just narrow enough for my narrow feet, and just long enough.  The 41 would have been too big overall.  

The pockets are fab, and very much fit a phone or a badge, etc.  The fabric is a bit thin, but very soft.  I wish it was a thicker ponte, but that would likely increase the price, and make it a bit less comfortable.  There are zippers (exposed) at the shoulder seams.  They are meant to be edgy, I guess, but like the studs on the booties, they are paired with something so much more subdued that I definitely don't read it that way.

The booties are pull on, so if you don't like that style, definitely don't buy them.  I find them easy to get on and off, but my feet are very narrow (like AA narrow), so that may be why I find it easy.

I haven't washed the dress yet, so I am concerned the length will get shorter.  That would be a bummer as that would mean I could only wear it to school when it is cold enough for tights.  We'll see.  :-/

Janie Dress and Keira Stud Ankle Boot. The Janie is selling well in all the colors, but the black version is the most sold out.   The Keira Stud Ankle Boot is low stock across the board, but it has been like that the whole time since I had my eyes on them all those months ago.  I guess only some people bought and now they just linger... ;-)

Richmond Shorts. Size 10 6".  These shorts!  I had plans to make a pair of black shorts, but often my sewing is a bit of "ooh, shiny," and I will put off the practical in favor of bright beautiful printed dresses, and colorful skirts, etc.  It may happen, but now I have a pair of shorts that fit so well I might just "forget."  The Richmond shorts fit so much better on me than the Bistro shorts.  For comparison, here I am in last year's shorts.  I like the Bistro, my goodness they are comfortable, but they run very large, especially in the waist and leg.  I don't want to go down to an 8 in the Bistro, because as is so often the case with Boden, it may mean the shorts are just on this side of too tight, but the 10 is pretty darn loose.

The Richmond shorts, though, fit perfectly in the hips, legs, and leg openings.  Though the waist is still gape-y, the waist measurement is around 34.5" (and where it hits on me I am closer to 33", it is about two or three inches below the waist).  I think the key is the legs and leg openings.  Because they are a closer fit, it feels like the shorts will stay up better.

The shorts are made with this very nice cotton sateen with stretch, and the cotton is substantial.  These feel like they will last a very long time.

I chose the 6" length as my inseam is 34" long.  The 4" length only ever works on me if the shorts are of the "skort" variety, with a very large loose leg opening.  The 9" works, but I personally feel I look dowdy in my longer shorts and only wear them if I will be doing a long day of hiking or traveling. 

Richmond Shorts. Black is less popular than the other colors, but I can assure you that if you find your right length and size, you'll wear them constantly, no matter what color.  I love these so much.

The 25% off sale goes for a couple more days, it ends Thursday.  I think I may bite on one or two items, but I am still seeing a lot of basic tees, striped crap everywhere, and little eensy weensy dotted items.  I need more oomph from Boden, and all I see is items I already own, or don't really excite me.

I lol-ed at a recent comment from my Instagram.  I had placed the outfit in the #bodenbyme category because the shoes were from their 2012 season, but the dress was made by me.  One of my favorite blog friends wrote that she had hoped the dress was a new arrival from Boden.  Come on, Boden, my made by me stuff can't be more you than you right now!

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