Monday, June 27, 2016

Boden: Fall/Winter 2016 Preview is Up...And a Summer Clearance Gets Started!

Barbara Dress.  Yes, the name of this dress correctly matches the Bush family member I could most see wearing it.

Well, you is time again for another preview of Boden items for the upcoming months, along with the beginnings of the clearance sale for spring and summer items.  In the past these previews were earlier and the clearance was later, but whatever, since I am slow to get things posted, it works for me.  LOL.

Okay, so preview first.  I was pretty stoked by the last preview that happened last time.  In fact, I was stoked enough to chance ordering a few items early.  (This time the card was correctly charged, etc., miracle!)  I have received three of the four items (one was a dress for CW), and for the most part, they live up to my expectations.  So early fall 2016 is looking good.

Sadly the latter part of fall/winter 2016 is looking a bit dire and bland.  I looked and looked at the preview site in hopes of finding a "grab me" image for this post's first image, and the best I felt I could do was this gorgeously colored Barbara dress.  The cobalt certainly is striking, as is the seaming detail.  But then you view the other shade on the model and the frump comes up fast.  Sad!  I don't know where the way was lost, but seriously, Boden, I can buy these items for WAY cheaper at the Loft.  Or Target.  I am not sure if it's me (possible) but this new set of somethings is leaving me a bit blue (and not the bright cobalt blue either).

I am sure that Boden will turn it around for their holiday 2016 offerings, as they always seem to, and to be honest, besides their adorable summer sundresses, my second favorite thing they make are their pretty and sparkly holiday garments.  But my dollars are secure in my wallet for now for this particular set of months for this year. 

If you are so inclined to enjoy their preview, there is a code for 20% off.  It is 3M7K and lasts until my birthday (July 1!) at 11:59 pm.

I do have hopes to write up (a very brief, I am sure) picks post by Thursday, so if you have any thoughts on what you like, definitely let me know in the comments section.  :-)

This is one of the items I received in my preview order.  This is Floral Ponte Dress.  As I ordered the long version in a size 8, I knew it would be longer than this, and it does hit me right at my knee (the top part, though).  The dress fits well.  It is a touch big through the shoulders and neckline, but the hips fit great.  It is a very pretty dress, and the fabric is comfortable, stretchy, but not the sort of stretch that stays stretched out.  I chose well here and because it is short-sleeved I can wear it now as well as later. :-) The floral design is just as you see it here on the model, so they accurately represented it.  I suspect this will end up on their site sometime in early July.  I highly recommend it, and will get a photo of it on me asap.

This is the Mia Jersey Tunic, and I chose to buy it in a size 6 Long.  It is a true tunic, hitting right at my lower thigh.  It is a very flattering print, very slimming.  It fits well, nice and tight, but not too tight to be uncomfortable.  I think the modal/cotton blend should keep it shape and not shrink (provided I don't dry it in the dryer), but if it does shrink, I will just send it back and grab the next size up.  (I really hope it keeps the shape it is as I LOVE it the way it fits right now!)

I also ordered the Ottoman A-Line Dress in the size 6 Long.  It is cute, but I need to try it on with proper shoes and accessories to see if it looks cute on me, too.  Right now I have only tried it on barefoot and in a rush, so it looks a bit blah, though I love the deep pink color.  I also worry about it stretching out and not swinging back into shape, so the jury is still out on this one.

Boden USA
This link will take you directly to the sale.
Okay, so they aren't calling what is on right now as "clearance" sale, but it is the precursor to that.  Anyhow, the sale is on some items, and of those, only a handful are at the 50% off mark.  I am sure I will have some picks, but I have only just looked around (I was in Wisconsin over the past few days).  Do you all see anything that is a good buy at the newer lower prices?

If you want something that isn't in the sale, you can use the code 6R9E (it is published on their website under "new and now") for 10% off.  I suggest you use it only if you need something OR it was a popback you were desperate for.  ;-)

Alright, I hope to be back soon with more.  I do have hopes to publish a post on some recent sewing adventures, but if you want to see it right now, you can check out one of the projects here at the Fabric Mart blog