Sunday, November 11, 2012

Review Smackdown: Audrey Versus Teddie.

Hi, all!

So I have been planning this post ever since I received the Audrey Dress from Boden in vermillion in August.  It is really crazy that it has taken me this long to actually publish the review smackdown, but it may actually benefit one of you out there because I didn't return the Audrey Dress in vermillion and since the darn thing is completely sold out in the size I bought it in, I am able to offer it to one of you all instead of returning it.  :)  (If no one bites, I will go ahead and return it on Friday.)

I had initially bought this color of the Audrey dress because I thought the dress looked orange in the on-line image, but upon receipt of the dress, it was indeed a much more red than orange shade.  That will teach me to not use the dictionary to make sure that vermillion is red and not orange.  (Of course, that wouldn't have helped during my turmeric debates.)

Aaaaaaaaaaand...not only was it red, it was an exact duplicate of the Teddie Dress that I already owned.  Le sigh.

But for those of you in love with either dress, and have neither, this head to head could help you decide which one you might want to have in your wardrobe.

Here it is...the smackdown collage.  :)

You will see here photographic evidence of just how similar the two are.

Both are sold out, but the Audrey Dress does pop back in this color from time to time, and the Teddie Dress is definitely available on ebay.

I did a review of the Teddie Dress here last year, if you would like more information.

I did a review of the Audrey Dress (in green) here.  I chose the green because I had received the red and decided that the green dress made more sense for me than two duplicate dresses from two different companies.

I also wore the Teddie Dress in Paris last year, and you can see that post here.

There are a few differences, though, some obvious, like the button detail at the waistband on the Audrey, the longer length on the Audrey (and this is an 8 Regular, btw, not Long), and the longer sleeves on the Teddie. Some are less obvious, like the fact that the Teddie is wool, and the Audrey is a thick jersey.

I am keeping the Teddie, btw.  I love the Audrey Dress, but since I have it in green in the regular length and the grey in the longer length (which in that longer length and in that color makes it a very beautiful and classic piece--review will be done in the next few weeks on that one), I decided the wool Teddie would win out simply because I love it and didn't feel strongly enough about the Audrey in the red to get rid of the Teddie.

Anyhow, that's it for tonight!  :)

BTW, if you are interested in the Audrey in size 8 regular in the red shade, you can e-mail me at dinagideon AT  I can offer it to you at the price I paid, but unlike Boden I can't give free I can sell it to you for $102 ($95 plus $7 for shipping).

P.S. I am able to put up a new offer here from Boden tomorrow, so do be on the lookout for it.

You all have a great night!