Sunday, October 30, 2011

Paris: Day Two Outfits of the (Sick) Day.

So how many of you have ever traveled and ended up being sick in the hotel room one of the days you are on vacation?  With the Paris trip, this will make twice for me.  LOL.  (Not laughing at the time, but I do see the humor now.)

As I described in this post, I may have slightly overdone it the first day of our visit to Paris.  Whoopsy doodle.

So even though I think I am super-woman, I am merely human with a bit of a delusion that I can (and should) do. it. all.  :)

Day two was like this...

Wake up at 2 am with a throbbing head and aching all over my body.  Go to the bathroom and want to keel over.  Take some nyquil (after the first trip where I got sick--London 2003, btw--and discovering that England HAS NO NYQUIL, I have since traveled with it, TSA be damned).  Fall back into bed and only barely sleep.  The next morning I wake and unfortunately have to visit the porcelain king (still porcelain in France, if memory serves). 

Yes, so my hubby wasn't going to torture me, so he got me some breakfast in bed from room service, which had 4 (!!!) pain au chocolats, cereal, milk, juice, coffee, fresh fruit, and yogurt.  Amazingly, that worked to help me feel a bit better.  (I didn't eat it all, but I tried, however there were a few toddlers who helped.)

Then my hubby told me NOT to go walking all over Paris, and insisted that after our visit to the train station for a quick lunch that I should immediately go back and nap the afternoon away.  Which I did.  Happily.

I could have gone out, but I think he was right.  That said I did get dressed to go the train station (can't go in my jammies, after all, no matter how avant garde Paris is).  I also managed enough sleep to get really dressed up to go to dinner out with the fam that night.

So let's name this day what it was...a day of sick, leopard, and a lot of food.

I want to start with my favorite outfit of the day, so I am going to show off the dressy dinner outfit first and then the going to the train station to grab a quick bite to eat food outfit.

I was feeling way more refreshed by this point.  Mr. Dina could have told me we were going to have more room service and I would have still wanted to dress up, I felt that good.  I guess rest did the trick.

Dress: J. Crew Teddie Dress in Red, Size 6.  Did a fairly exhaustive review here.  I am definitely a fan, but it has detractors.  I think if you want a dressy night out dress, this is your gal.
Tights: Who knows?  Maybe Assets, a Target brand.  They were comfy and had a control top (which I insist upon, cannot stand loosey-goosey tights).
Shoes: Clarks.  Found these at Rugged Wearhouse (a TJ Maxx kind of re-seller) for $25.  I guess that is a good deal, as on Nordstroms these go for far more.  They were also super comfy, and I could wear them for a while whilst walking in Paris and was fine.
Necklace: Fiona Paxton Sylvie.  Love this necklace, definitely a statement, but this was the night (and the place) to make one.

Ah, yes, the Leopard Tote.  I had pre-ordered this bag WAY back in June and it finally arrived one week before we left.  I was so concerned that it wouldn't come on time that I actually contacted Boden's customer service.  They assured me that this fab bag would be on my person in the City of Lights.

The bag is a great size, just big enough, but not so big that I was going to dislocate my shoulder.  The bag is calf-hair with a leopard print, and has a dark brown leather trim (on the handles and bottom).  The lining is a very pretty contrast aqua cotton sateen fabric.  I had no problem slipping the handles over my shoulders, either, making it the perfect size for carrying up high (even though I am holding it in the pic above).

See, the lights?  Get it?  City of...
I have shown this pic before, but you all didn't know I was hiding the Teddie Dress underneath.  Let's just pretend it has never been shown.

BTW, CW had on a Boden dress, too.  She loves her Funky Print Dress and has now worn it five times since we got it for her. :)

Paris: Day Two Dinner Out.

Above is the polyvore of the dressy dinner outfit.

This was right before we were to go to Gare de Lyon for our quick lunch.  I was feeling more lively here, but I can tell I was tired (love the darling baggage I was carrying under my eyes--oh dear).

Sweater: J. Crew Leopard Print Tippi Sweater.  So this sold out really fast, and I fortunately grabbed it before it went away.  I bought it in a size small (rather than my usual x-small) and it fits great.  I think this sweater, if it comes back, can easily be bought up a size larger than you normally wear and you will be fine.  Just my two cents.
Pants: Some random pair of black pants I have had forever.  Not leggings, p.s.  :)
Shoes: Clarks (see above for more info).

Hands on hips.

I hope everyone had a great weekend.  :)  BTW, the reason I didn't do a Boden Spring Preview 2012 post is because half of the darn photos have not been (Boden's words, not mine) "picked up at the chemists," or some such nonsense.  LOL.  I will wait till they have filled out their coffers a bit.

Talk to you all tomorrow.