Thursday, October 27, 2011

Bonjour to Hello!

As of two days ago I was saying the five words I know in French in superfluity (bonjour, merci, pardon, au revoir, and garcon--guess why I said that last one so much, lol). As of today between attempting to keep my eyes open (guess who is REALLY REALLY tired) and shuttling the kids everywhere, I am taking the many English words I do know and hoping to eventually get my patooty in gear and spark some fire to get the many posts I have in my head actually here on my blog.

Pigs don't fly, but if I get these posts actually done with any real speed, I will be looking to the sky (where I might see this).

For now, I hope you all don't mind if I say both "bonjour" and "hello" and pretty much leave it at that (well, and a few photos, of course).

At the end I have a couple of requests but let's have the dessert first, photos of yummy France. :) (And two of the outfits, of course...)

Whole outfit is J. Crew.  More on that later.  What you don't see?  The dude to the right of me who was clearly confused by why I was taking my picture right here.  Yeah, okay.  I don't know how to say "whatever" in French, but maybe I should learn.  ;)
This was taken near somewhere in Paris near the Seine.  It was taken the first day I was there, and at this point had been existing on no sleep (the plane shook the. entire. time. we. were. flying...agh.) for nearly twenty hours.  I am surprised I managed a smile.  I am glad I went out as the weather was beautiful and I captured this shot on the Seine looking towards Ile de Cite:
Yeah, this isn't even all photoshopped or anything.  It literally looked exactly like this.  Made the sleeplessness worth it.

Taken at Chartres, which is a small, beautifully preserved city southwest of Paris.  With the toddlers we knew that we would be certifiable if we attempted to go much further, but the distance here was definitely doable. 

However, that said, within thirty minutes of this photo being taken, Rex had a meltdown in the courtyard of the Chartres cathedral.  Yeah, lucky me.  And lucky French folks.  (Who, btw, in general, seemed to actually like my kids--granted when they were smiling, etc.)

Whole outfit J. Crew.  More on that later.  :)  Sunglasses are from Anthro.
Taken in Chartes as the sun was setting.  Living in Alexandria, I am used to cobblestone streets, but that doesn't mean that I can't appreciate it again and again.  Cobblestone is cool.

Yeah, Rex had another breakdown thirty minutes after this photo was taken.  I began to suspect that Rex just didn't like Chartres.  He preferred the cosmopolitan air of Paris (ha, yeah, that was it, I am so sure).

And a tee-shirt!  No, this is for polyvore.  I bought a Vogue Paris mag from September 2011 (they still had them for sale at the store), and if you paid an additional eight euro you could get this tee.  I was all, "ooh, yes, s'il vous plait."  I wore this tee today.  Hence the need for a polyvore photo.

BTW, I have already published one photo from France, but since it was in a Boden-centered post, some of you all may have missed it. (And gigiofca, that bag is the Leopard Tote and it is to come, promise, hand on heart.)

Now onto bizness.  Boden friends, I have not done a roundup in SO long.  And my internet crashed a bagizillion times in Paris, so I lost all the tabs of reviews that were to be published.  Would you all mind e-mailing me at if you have recently (two weeks or less from today) published a Boden review?  I would be VERY appreciative if you could.  Also, if you have any non-published reviews, I would love to have those, as well!

Also, speaking of Boden, one of my fave Boden centered blogs has disappeared.  Polly and Fiona, where are you?  Miss you much!

Okay, you all, have a GREAT night!  Bonsoir.  ;)