Friday, October 7, 2011

Campo: One Year. One Dress. Two Outfits.

Hey, all!  Happy Friday.   Hope your area is blessed with 70s and sunny!  We are definitely loving the dappling sunshine and warmth after the (near) month of grey and rain and wind. 

So in reference to the HAPPY that this weather brings me, I am finally getting around to posting an outfit that I wore in the summer of 2010.  Yes, 2010.  The outfit was *meant* to be part of a Mid-Century Mom blog post (she visited the dentist!), but I lost my focus and energy for that blog (it is still there, but she is dormant for a while, hear she plans to come back, with pics in the dentist chair, natch).

And because I felt bad over not writing the blog post, I just put the outfit to the back burner.  LOL.

But I am not crazy and love the Campo de Fiore Ballerina Dress, so I wore it again last week, and since it has literally been almost a year since I last wore it, I figured the time was right to finally publish the outfit from last summer.

I know many of you own this dress, so here is how I styled it--twice.  Obviously I style more towards whimsy and mid-century and colorful, and these two are no exception.  :)  I think I need to challenge myself and wear it in the winter with only dark neutrals, like I tend to do with the sweater dress of this same print.

First up, the version from last week.  I wanted the dress to become a skirt, so I layered the cashmere shell over the dress and belted it with an aqua satin skinny belt.  I also paired a pair of wedge gladiator sandals with the outfit to keep it from looking too twee.

I also added a stella and dot necklace (from the children's line--it is actually CW's!) to finish off the look.

Dress: J. Crew Campo de Fiore Ballerina Dress, Size 6, found on ebay for a decent enough price.  I think they pop up, but infrequently.  Size for your bust as the hips are full.
Top: J. Crew Cashmere Shell, Size Extra-Small.
Belt: J. Crew Satin Skinny Belt, Size Small.
Shoes: Aerosoles Bora Bora Wedge Sandals.

I also tried it unbelted.  I prefer how it looks belted in real life, but I think in photographs it looks better unbelted...which seems weird.

I spent the day as a SAHM doing the preschool run with a visit with other moms to the coffee shop.  Very comfortable overall.  :)

Campo So Pretty.

Above is the polvore of how I wore it last year.  Note I used the Bora Bora sandals in this version, but in real life they DID not read mid-century mom so I nixed them in favor of ivory ballet flats.

Much more expected, likely, with the Jackie cardigan and hair bow.  This was long enough ago that Rex still liked to pose with me!  :)

Cardigan: J. Crew Jackie Cardigan, Aqua, Size Medium.  Bought from a JCA, and I LOVE it.
Belt: J. Crew Silver Skinny Belt, Size Small.
Shoes: J. Crew Collection Luxe Tweed Ballet Flats, Size 9.5.

I look forward to seeing if I can make this dress work with dark neutrals.  :)

Oh--next summer--I think I might just try wearing it on its own with just a simple pair of sandals.  How novel. 

Talk soon, all!