Monday, October 17, 2011

Boden: Catch of the Day, Monday, Yay!

And I almost missed it, THANK you ShOperaRach for your blog post!
I am amazed.  I usually am able to "catch" the catch of the day as soon as I wake up, that is how much I love the Boden site.  LOL.

But between my appointments and errands this morning and afternoon, I literally just found out about this because of my awesome blog friend ShOperaRach.  You are the best, thank you!

Okay, so remember, the Catch of the Day is only one day and the items change day to day.  This season's version is for 30% off selected items, including womens, mens, Johnnie B., and mini Boden.  I typically only show off my picks from the women's section, but will sometimes include Johnnie B. items if they look like they could work for most women, even if they aren't 18 and under.  :)

Today the emphasis seems to be on cardigans, which is fab! I have quite a few Boden cardigans, and really do believe that these staples are just that, necessary, but for all their "necessity," have such strong staying power in a wardrobe. (Bonjour, completer pieces in many different hues!)

Gorgeous Cashmere Cardigan
Gorgeous Cashmere Cardigan. I have wanted this since it debuted as part of the Limited Edition line back in the spring. Of course Boden has the fab sale today, the day I deposit the check in the bank, which means the funds I have won't be available till tomorrow. Le sigh. :) Maybe Johnnie will be nice to me and let this be part of the COTD on Friday??? Pretty please?

Kit's Mommy did a wonderful review of this cardigan here (halfway down).

Embellished Cashmere Cardi
Embellished Cashmere Cardigan. Again, sigh, why today, Johnnie? This bit of pretty is really tempting me. I have will power, though, and so does my budget, but for those of you not in my position, I will totally live vicariously through you!

Chic Merino Cardigan
Richmond Cardigan
Chic Merino Cardigan and Richmond Cardigan. If you liked the look of the Cashmere Cardi Coat I reviewed last week but find it a bit too much (it is pricey, I admit to that AND it is not part of the COTD today), then take a gander at these two. They have a similar look, especially the merino wool version. The merino wool that Boden uses is soft and lovely, and I have no problem recommending it to you all. The Richmond Cardigan was actually reviewed today by Suburban Mom (wonderful timing, thank you!).

Favourite Crew Neck Cardigan
Favourite Crew Neck Cardigan. This item is literally able to complete all forms of outfits, from pretty pencil skirt toppers to a bit of color for a jeans and white tee look.

Not looking for a cardigan? Boden has a few sweaters on sale, too.
Bella Jumper
Bella Jumper. Many colors on sale, and was reviewed last week by ShOperaRach. :)

Notting Hill Jumper
Notting Hill Jumper. I was also eyeing this pretty. LOL. :) I love the idea of using it as a tunic and wearing it over a striped tee and belting it.

Have a TON of money just laying around? Well, you would have to part with less of it for this EXCEPTIONAL Limited Edition item:
Leopard Beaded Cardigan
Leopard Beaded Cardigan. This is very beautiful, and would be the ultimate "stay in my wardrobe forever" kind of item, but yowza, the price (even if it is more palatable on sale).

Anyhow, just to remind you if you have a code from your catalog (they are located on the back page), you can also insert that into your shopping bag page as a code and probably receive an additional percentage off. If this does work for you, would you mind commenting back so I can know for sure it this works? THANKS in advance! :)

Okay, I just tried a code I had on one of my catalogs and when I applied the code it said at the top of the Gorgeous Cashmere Cardigan, "15% applied to all items (excluding Catch of the Day items).  So there you go!  I will say that regardless of extra % off or not, the 30% is a good % off, especially for these pieces!  You can also use your code to get free shipping or you can use my link here (takes you to mini Boden, but will still apply free ship/returns to all items in your bag):
Mini Boden Winter Launch plus Free Shipping and Returns!

Have a great day, and I will be back tomorrow (and hopefully the rest of the week) with COTD updates. (Our hotel in Paris has the internet, so I can probably take a mo every day to write a quick blog post!)