Monday, October 3, 2011

Boden: Winter Line Has Launched!

Yes, the image is a bit cliche, but with Boden color, it certainly takes it up a notch.

It seems appropriate that the day after one of the C-O-L-D-E-S-T starts to October I have ever experienced in Virginia, Boden would drop their winter line. And amazingly this year, because I am literally a dinagideon frozen popsicle, I am ready to take a look at wools and leather and sparkly party dresses.

Are you all ready? At the bottom of this post I will include a direct link to Boden (for you mobile users, especially) so that all of you Boden babes can take a gander at the new designs (which may not be super-new to anyone who loves the preview as much as I do). Oh, and if you would, could you comment your picks back here?

And in the spirit of making you all pick your favorites, I will give you a look at my "must-haves," or at least my "ooh, that's pretty!"

BTW, the stock photos from Boden will also take you directly to Boden if you can't wait until the end to take a look.  ;)

Embellished Collar Top in Shocking Pink.  Boden does silk and silk-blend items so well.  And this color?  Yum.  And the pretty bits at the collar?  The magpie in me is in LOVE!

Embellished Collar Top
Embellished Collar Top in Shocking Pink on model.  She looks GOOD.  Love her in this particular version, but I have a feeling Miss Gorgeous Model would probably look amazing in the other colorways, too.  :)

Sparkle Cardigan in Grape.  I promise I didn't just pick items that have pretty little sequins all over it.  :)  There is a lot of love for this particular shade of purple this season, seems it would work well in many closets in blog-land at least. 

Sparkle Cardigan
Sparkle Cardigan on model. Love this image...

Swing Coat in Yellow.  This collar is just fab, very similar in feel to some of the best of J. Crew, in fact.  Think it looks good here?  The next image (on the model) will have you swooning!

Swing Coat
Swing Coat. Yum. The styling here is about as chic as I have ever seen Boden get. BTW, I have just found out that my leopard tote in tan is FINALLY on its way to me. :) Yay!  (Must try this chic look for myself!)

Sixties Dress in cream.  I think this dress could be phenomenal on the right body shape.  I am not sure my shape is that body shape, but thankfully Boden does have free returns.  LOL.  I may give this a try at some point in the next month or two.

Sixties Dress
Sixties Dress. I mean, come on, Boden, you really are moving to chic yummy mummy, aren't you? Still love you and your fun skirts, but these new stylish designs are quite pleasing to the eyes!

British Tweed Shift in Green Geo.  This is definitely not on my wishlist, but that is because I already own this skirt.  I do really like the skirt, so I thought I would mention that its big sis, this dress, could be wonderful for you if you love the tweed in a classic, simple shift design.  :)

British Tweed Shift
British Tweed Shift. Vanessa looks like I did, circa 1995, when I was in the UK for a six month study abroad. I seriously brought three dresses and five cardigans just like this for my time in that fab country. Too bad Boden wasn't around then. I have a suspicion I would have spent more than my fair share of "trip funds" on their clothing. (Or maybe not too bad. LOL.)

Boden Lounge Shoes in Tan Leopard.  I am kind of hopelessly in love with these by J. Crew.  Yet these above would be the ones I would buy as Boden's are all leather (minus a rubber bit on bottom for traction) and they are cheaper.  J. Crew, you lose.  Sorry.

Lounge Shoe
Boden Lounge Shoes. Also comes in Black, but I still salivate over the leopard.

Okay, mobile users/people who waited to the end for this, here is a link to Boden:

Shop Boden!

And now, what are your picks, my friends???