Monday, October 31, 2011

Mommy Style Monday #23--Style Repeated.

I have totally discussed this topic before.  I called it my Mommy Style "go to," and that post is here.

However that post was mostly about my winter style uniform, and I wanted you all to see a summer style uniform.  This summer "go to" outfit choice of mine is especially useful for me when I am trying to get ready to go to church or dinner out but am a bit stumped or I am having the dreaded "fat day."

I love that feel of ease and effortlessness, so I highly recommend every momma out there grab a look or two and hone it so that when similarly stumped (or feeling stumpy), you have a go-to for nearly every moment of your life.  I cannot tell you how much better life with these multiple ankle biters has been since streamlining the dressing process.  I am able to just get it and go most mornings.  I do want to step outside my comfort zone and will do so, but refuse to let some "goal" of being different get in the way of getting the kids to preschool or getting us to church on time.

To remind you of the last time I wore an outfit similar to my summer uniform, it was here on the kids first day of preschool.  Now that I have tried this look a couple of times, I will definitely continue to pull from this uniform look in the future.

Stripes and Florals...Easy Breezy. 

Tee: J. Crew Cashmere Tee, Striped Citron, from Summer 2007.  Fitted shape to offset the more full shape of the floral skirt (also done in the preschool day outfit).
Skirt: J. Crew Sketchbook Roses Belle Skirt, Size 10 (I sized up one size for length and so I could tuck tees in it), from Fall 2008.  This full skirt works nicely on most figures, but make sure not to go too full or else it can look a bit juvenile and if you are at all hippy (like me), it can over-emphasize the hips if too full.
Necklace: J. Crew Crystal Devote Necklace.
Shoes: Plenty for Tracy Reese Felt Almond Heels from Anthropologie.  How these are not sold out already is beyond me.  These are all at once COMFORTABLE (even with the heel), FLATTERING (love the v-shape to the top of the shoes), and all leather (and on sale for $70, still).  I took the size 40, which works great for my (J. Crew sized) 9.5 narrow foot.

CW is feeling fine in her summer staple uniform, the frilly, girly, all cotton dress.  :)

Grey Floral and Yellow Stripes.

Above is the polyvore of this set.

I can't let today's Mommy Style Monday go by without including my version of Halloween chic.  We had CW's ballet class this morning and my way of going festive was to wear orange and a snakeskin print.  (And jack-o-lantern earrings.  I had totally forgotten about those.  They were from my full-time teaching days.  No, I do NOT own a "Christmas Cardigan."  Hand on heart.)

J. Crew Python Print Silk Twill Dress.  This was a random purchase of mine on ebay that worked out.  I was nervous it wouldn't fit, but thank goodness it did.  :)  However the silk twill fabric is super static cling tastic...does anyone have a recommendation for a short slip to go under this dress?  Merci!

Tights are Ralph Lauren control top sweater knit tights and very warm.  Love them.

Frye Ada Peep Toe Kitten Heels.

Not loving this face, but it makes me laugh.  The earrings are the lovely jack-o-lantern earrings that are so cliche they are probably hip in some sort of ironic hipster way.  The coat is from J. Crew last winter, the double cloth bonbon.

Wasn't super cold today, but the bonbon was a welcome addition to my wardrobe this past weekend.  Not only is it orange but it is a winter jacket.  I cannot believe that in VA, where we typically don't wear coats until mid-November, that we had FREAKING snow and mid-30s temps on Saturday.  Yeah, blegh.  Welcome to Halloween, VA.

They have their costumes already to go...CW as Princess Aurora and...

Rex either riding a T. Rex or as a T. Rex. Your call. LOL.

Happy Halloween!

BTW, here is the polyvore of today's outfit.

Also, because I am you all have a summer staple uniform that you turn to when you have no time or "one of those days?"

Have a great night. Back to normal My Superfluities programming tomorrow!