Friday, October 14, 2011

Early for Our Tenth Anniversary...

LOL.  We aren't all uber-ambitious trying to prove something by going out for our 10th anniversary a whole three days early, no, in fact, it turned out that someone else's 50th anniversary was far more important, hence turning our actual anniversary date into an "early-bird special."

Ten years ago yesterday (October 13, 2001), Mr. Dina and I were wed on a blissfully beautiful Saturday with nary a cloud in the sky and high temps in the 80s.  Yesterday the lovely weather was nowhere to be found.  In fact, on my way to meeting Mr. Dina for the 50th anniversary gala dinner for his work (sometimes work does come before play, and really...any excuse for me to get all dressed up is okay by me), there were TORNADO watches and warnings all over the area.  Nutso. 

Fortunately the cards were aligned to have our actual night out of celebration be on a similar sort of day to our actual wedding date.  On this past Monday, there were lovely temps and fairly clear skies, making for a lovely (not too cool, not too warm) night to have a lovely romantic meal at a French restaurant in Old Town (Le Refuge for those of you who know the area).

We wanted to give Mr. Dina a chance to try some real French food before we go to France next week (10 year of marriage to "Mr. White Tennis Shoes" means we get to go to Paris--hopefully the white tennis shoes stay home, lol).  He swears up and down he doesn't like French food, but from the evening we had out together, I would say he is lying.  He scarfed down all of his frog legs and part of my filet mignon (in a yummy pepper sauce) with room to spare (creme brulee also made an appearance at our table).

Anyhow, this wouldn't be my blog without photos of the outfit I wore to eat (very very) without further ado, here it is.  You have already had a sneak peek here, I just made it more romantic and feminine and added a ton of makeup.

Just like the try-on in the J. Crew store, but I added Spanx hose and Cole Haan heels.

No food babies here (saw KDot in her similar outfit tonight using the term food baby and fell on the floor over the term, love it!), thank goodness for Spanx (seriously).

Added the Herringbone Bella Jacket in black (J. Crew retail version) to ward off any chill the restaurant may have had.  It didn't have a chill, btw, but the jacket seemed to work nicely with the overall look.  :)

The "Svetlana, spy from Moscow" smirk I am giving is optional, of course.  My hubby kept calling me that all night.  So funny.  "Da."

I did use the Poppy King lipstick from J. Crew.  I have to say the color is very nice for all skin tones, and can be applied lightly to full on, depending on the need.  I went somewhere in between.  The rest is Arbonne. :)

This look is Svetlana getting annoyed at hubby for mentioning how easy it would be to defect to the US, if that is so what she desires.

Mmm.  Frog Legs.  They taste like CHICKEN!

Happy Anniversary!  :)  You all will see the gifts in another post.

Red, Black, Brown, Cream. Yum.

Above is the polyvore of the outfit. 

Talk with you all soon, have a great night!