Thursday, October 6, 2011

Boden Weekly Review Roundup: Sweater Dressing Continued...

Hi!  Happy early Thursday.  In parts of very western French Polynesia it is still Wednesday, so I guess I am on time for them.  LOL.  :) 

Trust me, my lateness has an excuse, but in the grand scheme of things a day late is not a dollar short.

There is a lot of dress-ing in this episode of the BWRR.  Two of them are on me and CW, and the others appear on our good bloggie friends, Polly and Fiona.  :)  To see the item closer on either me or CW, click on the photo which will take you to a larger version on another page.  To see the item on Polly and/or Fiona, click on over to their blog, to which I have provided a link.  If you would like to see the item at Boden, click on the stock photo provided which will take you directly to the item's page.  You can see oh so important things like other colorways, measurements, and sizing availability over there.

For those of you on a mobile device, at the very bottom of this post I have provided a direct link to Boden's main page.  This link also provides free shipping and returns, as well. 

*If you are a new customer, right now Boden is offering a free wallet with your first purchase and free shipping and returns.  This offer is in my sidebar if you would like to use this one.

I have literally worn out my wallet from Boden that I bought three years ago, so I can verify that these suckers last.  The only reason it broke?  Because I overused the zipper.  I do not kid you when I say it is a daily fixture in my life.  (I am still using it, btw, just can't zip it all the way round.  Ah, well.)*

Onto the roundup:

Boden for Women:
Retro Knit Tunic. Like I mentioned in this post from yesterday, I am a big fan of Boden's sweater dresses. They can make my frown turn upside down. (BTW, I forgot to add this, but I wore the dress/tunic from yesterday last year, and I wanted to add that so you all could see the styling I did with it on another, non-rainy day.)

Anyhow, when the Retro Knit Tunic went on sale during last month's mid-season sale, I bit as I had a feeling even though it is similar to the one I already own, I could justify it IF I wore it as much as I wear the other sweater dresses in my closet.

Well, here I am, today, Thursday, October 6, 2011, wearing it not one week after I received it. So there you go. I guess I have my proof. LOL.

I chose to get the 8 rather than the 6 for two reasons. I wanted more length so I could wear it without tights (as I am doing today), and I wanted to have something that if I was having a "fat day," I could still wear and feel good. The 8 serves this purpose nicely. I suggest you only size up if you want a little extra length and a little extra room. If you prefer a slightly more fitted look, go with your tts.

From the side.  This morning's photo session was only successful inside.  This was the only decent shot from the outside lot.  It got to the point where I was unable to keep it together, my hubby was making me laugh that much.

I am wearing old school J. Crew shoes, back from the era when pointy toe ballet flats were common.  They don't do this anymore.  I don't know when OR if the pointy toe flat will ever come back in style, but whatever, they serve my purpose as a SAHM well, looking cute and keeping me comfy, too.

From the back.  Definitely just the right amount of cling.  I love that my backside can look decent even on a fat day (not having one today, just saying I know that there will be those days, probably in superfluity over the next few months).

Detail shot.  The colors are BRIGHT.  Fair warning.  I personally love this shade of green and blue, but it is not a color combo for the shy and retiring.  My son thinks the green bits look like lily pads.  They are about the same color, too.

The wool is soft, in my opinion, and at least a tad thicker than last year's version.

The necklace is J. Crew from a few years back.  It may have been an in-store only one, as I don't recall ever seeing it on-line.

Because I have no problem embarrassing myself, I wanted to add this photo.  I do a lot of patting down and adjusting before a shot (OCD heaven, that's me!), and without fail, if my hubby is taking the photos, he always manages to grab one where I just look silly.  Ha.  (This is why I usually rely upon my camera's timer.)

Retro Knit Tunic
Retro Knit Tunic. Comes in a pink version and a pretty grey/lavender version, too.

Stitch Detail Dress
Stitch Detail Dress. It's head to head, "gold" against "navy." Who will win? Both? Take a look at both Fiona and Polly in their versions of the same dress. :) In my opinion, they both succeeded as I hadn't even thought to wear boots. Love it! (Also notice that the stock photo from Boden changed, LOVE the new styling, very pretty!)

Fun Dress. Sadly, my affiliate program has no direct link to this, but if you click on the name, you can go to the web page. That said, I love the way Fiona styled this with the belt, even if it wasn't the "winning" outfit. :)

Skinny Belt
Skinny Belt. As seen on Fiona (in coral) with the Fun Dress.

Boden Limited Edition:
Audrey Dress
Audrey Dress. Ooh, Polly is perfection in the gold/bronze version of this dress. Nicely played, Polly!

Clearance Boden:
Breezy Beach Dress
Breezy Beach Dress. Fiona wore hers out recently, styled cutely! Still available in some sizes and colorways. :)

mini Boden:
Knitted Dress.  Umm, this may be one of CW's most favoritest ever ever in the history of clothing, dress.  Her grandma got this for her for her 3rd birthday (a scant two weeks ago) and she has now worn it twice.  For all of Mr. Dina's complaining about how much Boden these kids own, he has NO problem dressing them in their offerings nearly every day.  LOL.

This dress is from the baby Boden line, so if you are a mom, sadly this line ends at 3-4.  Sigh.  She will outgrow this line by next year, wah!  ;)

This dress is the size 3-4.  Reminder, this dress should not be tumble dried as it is a wool blend.  Would hate for this dress to shrink on any of you all!

Knitted Dress
Knitted Dress. Also has the other two adorable colorways you see above.

Pretty Party Dress
Pretty Party Dress.  Why do I suspect CW will also be playing "pretty girl" in this dress in the dusty aqua songbird?  A little bird told me so.  Chortle. 

Okay, that's enough.  You all have a great day!

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