Friday, October 14, 2011

Boden Limited Edition: And Now for Something New for Winter...

She is hiding some sparkly new pretties for you all...

Hi, you all!  I knew that the new Limited Edition pieces would be out soon, and since they typically drop on a Friday, AND my newest catalog had an insert with a sneak peek, I figured this Friday would be the day.  And it is!  :)  Yahoo!

Anyhow, this week has been really busy, between fancy pants dinners, weddings, preparation for our France trip, AND our 10th anniversary (yesterday!), so I will just take a few moments to show off my picks from the new styles and save my energy for the written word in my posts later today and this weekend.

The affiliate program I work with has not yet placed direct links to these items in their catalog, but I do have a direct link to the main page of Boden at the bottom of this post, from where you can go directly to the dedicated page at Boden to view the new styles for yourself.

Elizabeth Dress.  This has something so special to it, you can tell it's Boden, but the volume on the pattern has been toned down to make it elegant enough for a night out at any of NYC's fanciest restaurants.  It also has (what I am positive to be well-secured) a bit of bling at the neckline taking away any need for a necklace.  :)

Silk Flower Top.  I know that the price is a bit much for a jersey top, but based on the close-up views of the detailing at the neckline, I can tell that the silk trim is well-made and meant to last.  I like the grey version most as I think for that amount of money, it is essential you buy it in a fab neutral, but I can say that if you like a punch of color, the pink version will definitely give you big bang for your buck!

Vintage Wool Jacket.  I can see where and when this jacket would be worn.  The folks at Boden like the idea of creating a suit with the matching mini (also new from the Limited line), but I most like their second idea of pairing it with a complementary colored tee and slim jeans and cute flats.  (Well they said the jeans part, but just like the placket on this jacket, I like to embellish.  LOL.)

Showstopping Knitted Jacket in Navy and Pewter. First, go back to my original review of this jacket in the silver version from last spring. Then, go visit how I wore it out and about.

Okay, you're back...clearly you can see I am a fan of this jacket. You all know that I adore the amount of time, detail, and craftsmanship goes into creating just one of these beauties. If it weren't excessively superfluous of me (or anyone outside of the Queen, quite honestly), I would so want this in the navy, too. ;)

Okay, I will see you all back here a bit later today...I have an outfit from a night out with my hubby to show off.

Oh, before I you have any favorites from the new Limited Edition line?

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