Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Boden Weekly Review Roundup: And Then There Was a Surprise...

Hi, all!  I promise I will get to the "surprise" in my post's title, but that will be in a little bit.  We have quite a few reviews today, so yay, I want to get this weekly party started (groan, lol).

Reminder: If you would like to see an item on me closer, click on the photo which will take you to another page where you can see the details a little larger.  If you would like to see an item on a bloggie friend, I have provided a link back to the blog post where they did the review.  If you would like to see the item at Boden, click on the stock photo, which will take you directly to the item page where you will be able to see size measurements, availability, and other colorways.

This month, Boden is offering all new customers free shipping and returns and a free wallet with any purchase.  I have the link to that in my sidebar, along with a link for plain old shipping and returns above that link.  Also, mobile users, I have a link at the bottom of this post for free shipping and returns (so you don't have to go and "view full website.")

Boden for Women:
Cashmere Cardi Coat.  Oh, have I ever been salivating over this bit of softness since I saw it debut on the website back in the summer.  It is pretty tasty, but also has a pretty tasty price tag.  It is 100% cashmere, and it is a WHOLE lot of cashmere, but still, woah, definitely the sort of item I need to save up for.  LOL.

I will get to how I was able to get this pretty in a minute (the "surprise"), but first the review.  I chose to get the size US 6 (UK 10) because I tend to wear that size in knitwear from Boden.  Also the US 6 in this colorway was selling out (low stock), so I knew that I wanted to grab it before it sold out completely (some of the Boden cashmere pieces will do that, the tunic I bought a few years ago was the same situation, low stock and then it sold out completely in my size).

The size I chose fits perfectly, not too tight or loose through the shoulders, and when I do up the buttons, they all lay flat.  I only recommend ever sizing up in the knitwear if you have broader shoulders or a larger cup size (like D or larger).

The knit is not especially thick, but it is still a great little topper, especially if you have a day like I had today, rainy, grey, kinda cool.

The cashmere is super soft and the buttons are made from shell (it has been a long time since I have seen real shell buttons on any garment, I remember when J. Crew used them all. the. time.).

Only gripe (and it is teeny) is that I would have love the option of having longer sleeves, but I don't think it is terrible to have 3/4 sleeves, either.  I could see layering a cute striped long sleeve tee under this, that could look darling!

Now for the to the neat little shell buttons I am holding a certificate from Boden which is congratulating me for being the Boden Publisher of the Month!  WOO!  I had no idea I was going to receive this honor, but I was informed of this status around a month ago and the manager of the program also let me know there would be a little gift in the package along with my certificate!  I think you all know where this is going, right?

It was a Boden gift card for $50!  Yay!  That totally helped me afford this luscious little topper, and I think I definitely chose a great way to spend the fun (and unexpected and OMG I am so grateful) gift.

And I do want to let you all know that I literally would not have been able to be the "publisher of the month" without this growing community of Boden babes.  It is lots of fun to do reviews by myself (and clearly had been doing them for years before the BWRRs started up) but I am far more enjoying them since the Boden blogging community has been gaining steam!  Yay for our small sisterhood.  And THANK YOU!

This is for polyvore.  Ecru (the color I have and above) does seem to be selling faster than the other colorways.  I would say the real color is pretty close to above with a slightly darker, slightly beige-y undertone.

On Vanessa.  I want my hair to do that.  Seriously.

Cashmere Cardi Coat
Cashmere Cardi Coat. Also comes in grey and navy.

So speaking of our community, this week we have multiple reviews from a new bloggie friend, ShOperaRach. She does lots of wonderful reviews for J. Crew and Anthropologie as well.

If you get a moment, follow her blog and any of the blogs we have featured here on the BWRR!!! :)

Breton Tunic
Breton Tunic. Modeled by ShOperaRach in the red/navy.

Bella Jumper
Bella Jumper. ShOperaRach has the rosy version and gives a peek at how cute it is IRL.

Printed Cord Dress. I couldn't find an affiliate link, so you will have to click on the link that is in the name of the dress. ShOperaRach looks darling in this dress, perfect fit!

Essential Scoop Neck
Essential Scoop Neck. Looks like ShOperaRach solved the ultimate sartorial problem, the perfect white tee...take a look at her review here.

Colourblock Cuff Top
Colourblock Cuff Top. On ShOperaRach's wishlist for a while, I can see why. Very colorful and very pretty (even with the "elastic" issue, lol).

Boden Clearance:
Chic Boatneck
Chic Boatneck. ShOperaRach tried this beautiful sweater on in a purple colorway. :)

Printed Tunic.  You all, with your Boden spy eyes, likely saw this pretty peeking out from beneath my cashmere cardi coat, and knew immediately this was a summer choice gone fall.  :) 

I did a review way the heck back when, but I think it deserves a second look, even in fall.  The price is definitely decent now that it is in clearance.

I paired it with a J. Crew necklace, Madewell leggings, and a pair of gladiator sandals from Circa Joan and David.

Printed Tunic
Printed Tunic. The jade version I have is sold out, but the grey colorway of the one I have is still in stock, as are the two 70s floral print versions.

Have a great night!  Thank you all again, and do let me know if I somehow missed a review (it has been a really busy week here in dinagideon land)!

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