Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Boden: Catch of the Day, Tuesday, Dresses and Necklaces!

It's on sale today!  (Review of the Venice Dress further along in this post!)
I was up early anyhow, so I thought I would check out the offerings first thing before getting the kids up for preschool.  I know many of you love Boden's easy dresses, so I will focus on these today, but there are a few necklaces on sale today, too.

Reminder...this catch of the day is 30% off selected items each day for a week.  As we saw yesterday's offerings were knitwear (cardigans and sweaters), and today they are back to full price.  So if you see something you like, you have to get it that day or else lose out on the 30% off.  (I did see things I liked, but le sigh, no budget yesterday!)  Also, you are unable to use additional % off offers with this discount...the 30% off is what you receive.  However, you are welcome to use the mini Boden free ship and returns link I have at the bottom of this post.  (It will take you to the mini Boden main page, but it is more than easy enough to get back to women's wear from there, including all Catch of the Day items...but hey, if you have a mini you running around, there are items on sale for them, too!)

And onto my picks...
Venice Dress
Venice Dress.

As you can see from the very top photo (at the top of the post) and the one above, I actually quite like this dress. I knew I wanted a yellow knit sweater dress, but the Jersey Circle Dress wasn't quite doing it for me, as I wanted an actual sweater dress (merino wool or wool blend). Years ago Boden offered the prettiest yellow sweater dress and I have been kicking my own butt over not having got it then (I had just had CW and felt too big to wear it). I was not going to make that mistake this year. :)

I got the size 6 Regular because I kept reading how large it ran. And it does run large, in fact, I would say if you are a straight ruler figure you could go down TWO whole sizes. If you are like me and have a pear shape or you are more well-endowed on top, you could go down one size.

The wool is really thick, I needed no jacket at all for the day I wore it. In fact, this winter, it will just need a pair of tights, boots, and a scarf most of our winter days here in the DC area (it doesn't usually get that cold around here).

The yellow is not bright, but it is also not muted. I would say it is pretty close to the honey glaze color by J. Crew (and there are fans out there of that color). This dress also comes in some very nice darker shades, too.

I think I might wear a slip with it the next time, I felt like although I didn't show off too many lumps and bumps, a slip will make for a real smooth line from neckline to hemline.

Pretty Wool Shift. This reminds me of a dress I own and wore quite a bit a few years back. I love retro prints, it is like getting Anthro at a much less substantial cost. LOL.  (BTW, there were no affiliate direct links, but the link embedded in the dress name should get you there.)

Cecily Dress
Cecily Dress. This is a Limited Edition item, and I think both shades and shapes are very flattering for most women.

Perfect Jersey Dress
Perfect Jersey Dress. This dress is the ultimate uber-flattering and super comfortable frock. Every woman should have a t least one of these in their wardrobes for "those" mornings.

And for you all, a link to free ship and returns:
Mini Boden Winter Launch plus Free Shipping and Returns!

Do you have any favorites or extra info on today's Catch of the Day?

Talk soon!