Sunday, December 13, 2009

Boden's Ruched Waist Shift Dress in Real Life and My Inspiration!!!

I teased you all a bit on Friday, showing off a hint of this outfit, but not really showing it off. I figured you all needed the coat review more. But then I received a couple of comments that made me realize that some of you really appreciate my Boden reviews, too. So here you are...the Boden Ruched Waist Shift Dress!!!

The polyvore is above. I also wore a headband by J. Crew, but couldn't figure out how to make it work in the polyvore, so I just left it out. :)

Dress: Boden, Ruched Waist Shift Dress, Size UK 12R (went with my hip size--go with your bigger measurement, be it hips, waist, or bust...this is a form-fitting dress), Charcoal Vintage Bouquet, Fall 2009. Currently on sale for $89.00.
Tights: DKNY, Control Top Fishnet Stockings, M/T size, Black. (Bought from TJ Maxx.)
Shoes: The long-dead, but much-missed company, Parade of Shoes, Mary Janes (Nadine style), Size 10, Black.
Headband: J. Crew, Satin Ribbon Headband, Olive, Fall 2009 (retail only).

I only ever buy Regular dresses from Boden. The talls are REALLY long in the torso, and since I have a short torso, the regular dresses are a better fit. I always wear the Tall or Long length in their pants and skirts, though.

This dress is very has a soft fabric with the prettiest retro print. It also has a lining that is smooth and stretchy. The whole night I felt very "turned out," but never uncomfortable. Even when folding the laundry for my Mid-Century Mom project, I felt pretty good.

I do have one warning. The shoulder part is a bit tight, even on my slight shoulders. I would recommend that if you have broader shoulders, size up one so that you don't feel constricted.

I KNEW I wanted this dress when I saw it in the catalog. SWOON. Edda is one of my all-time favorite models, and she looked SO pretty here. The image was for the bag of all things, so I couldn't find this pic on their site, so I just photographed it to post here. I literally replicated this image (except the heels, I thought Mary Janes looked sweeter).

You all have a fantastic afternoon. I am going to wear another Boden outfit today, so be looking for that post tonight. :)


Kristin said...

You look beautiful - thanks for the info!! But why oh why does Boden take away all of the ratings and comments on sale items? Just because it's marked down doesn't mean I don't need to know what people have to say about fit and wear!

I so wish the black was still in stock! I don't know if I can pull off the florals like you can!

Anonymous said...

Go to the UK site. Nothing is on sale there and you can still read all the ratings. It kept me from buying several sale items b/c of mixed reviews. Saved my the headache of possibly having to pay for shipping AND returns.

dinagideon said...

Hi, Kristin, Anon...yes, agreed, the lack of review is irksome. (Makes it like J. Crew that way...ugh...)

I bet you could pull off florals, if you keep the rest of the outfit a bit more sedate...hence my navy coat, simple jewelry and mid-heels. (Although fishnets, hmm, maybe not so demure...haha.) :)

Anon, thanks for the idea. Good call!

Kristin said...

I noticed the fishnets on you and loved those too!

Thanks anon for the tip about the UK site. Very helpful!!

Anonymous said...

You are so lucky with the Boden dresses, they all look very cute on you!

Cleo26 said...

Your outfits are so nice, Dina. What an inspiration to have a look at Boden!

HeidiG said...

Dress is so perfect on you!

dinagideon said...

Kristin: Fishnets are not normally my thing, but I think they look really good with this sort of "retro" dress. :)

Rosa, Cleo26, and HeidiG.: Thank you, ladies. ;)

C said...

eeeee... ever since it came out (late summer? early fall?) I wanted this dress in the green print. Not totally practical for me, but I just loved the print. The original price was kind of high because it was not really a "work" dress, and it is not washable :( So I kept looking at it- it was not in stock for about 3 mos anyway... and I thought about the price when it was 10% and 20% off but I just could not fork over the $. The sale price was tempting but I guess I would have liked it for half of that! Today there was "low stock" -ominous- so I finally pushed the "buy" button. Still not sure this will not be too big or too long. It looks nice on you, but my track record with Boden, since there is no petite, is not 100%. I did read ALL the reviews awhile back and they were overwhelmingly positive, so I will just cross my fingers. Liking a print does not always guarantee a good look.