Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Golden Roses Cardigan and the Wool Pleated-Silk Chimera Jacket...Two Lovely Additions to My Wardrobe...

Guys, a semi-miracle has happened today...I am actually posting pictures and a polyvore of the outfit I wore TODAY! (I still have a backlog of photos from other outfits, but if I can post a set of two outfits a day for the next month or so, I should get caught up. YAY!)

This is the polyvore of today's outfit. It includes a very lovely J. Crew Outlet piece, the Golden Roses Cardigan. I love this print, and am glad that the outlet is offering pieces like this up to the consumer. I bought it this weekend from the Lancaster outlet, in Pennsylvania. The saleslady said this was a particularly good seller. She was probably right, as there were only a few left. I also purchased a few necklaces and the Hayworth Giraffe cami. You know what I spent most of my (my husband's) money on? Crewcuts outlet stuff...OMG, this store was like the motherload. I bought the most darling jacket for CW that just so happens to match one of my coats...cannot wait to wear them together (yes, I am a big ole nerd like that). It is her Christmas gift, so you all will have to wait to see it. Rex got some goodies, but they are also Christmas gifts...

The rest of the polyvore is self-explanatory. Only beef I have? The tissue turtleneck has a falling-apart hem...ergh. I only have worn it once. I paid 9 bucks, so I am not going to complain much, but if I had paid full-price, I would be spitting mad.

Cardigan: J. Crew Outlet, size medium, winter 2009.
Turtleneck: J. Crew, size medium, winter 2008.
Cords: J. Crew, size 31 short, winter 2008.
Necklace: J. Crew, Magnolia-leaf, spring 2009.
Shoes: Aerosoles, Grey Patent Flats, size 10, ??? (got on clearance).

My pants, if you look closely, have water all over the bottom of the right leg...I accidentally turned on the spigot outside of the house and water came gushing out. Mr. Dina thought it was so funny...ha ha. :P

CDP--Where do my watermarks go??? Oh, well. Here is a close-up of the cardigan. This is a Mr. Dina special shot...take a photo when I am walking towards the camera. Blegh.

I took this at the coffee shop I was at with CW this morning. My computer can take photos. I took this shot for Mr. Dina to show him how cute CW looked. Mr. Dina agreed she looks PRECIOUS. I also met 3-Penny Princess for coffee...it was a lot of fun to see her and catch up...she is SO busy!!! I am glad she found a moment to just hang out...those moments are good for the soul. :)

The second outfit is from about a week ago...I went to an office party for Mr. Dina's work...it was all fancy-schmancy, so I knew I had to bring it. The Wool Pleated-Silk Chimera Jacket was the perfect addition to the dress I wore...

Jacket: J. Crew, Wool Pleated-Silk Chimera Jacket, Dusty Blossom, Size 4, Fall 2009.
Dress: J. Crew, Cecelia Silk Dress, Deep Atlantic (or something like that), Size 10, Winter 2008.
Necklace: J. Crew, Crystal and Pearl Pastiche Necklace, Pink Frost, Winter 2009.
Bracelet: J. Crew, Gold and Crystal Cluster Bracelet (I think), Fall 2009.
Shoes: Coach, Gold, Size 10, way back when...a long time ago.

The Chimera Jacket is made well, and the color and fabric is divine. One caveat...I bought two...one was at 150 minus a discount, and then one week later, I bought the second one for 99 dollars. I am SO glad I ordered two. The first one was a wreck. The pleating was all wrong on one side and barely tacked down. The second one (this one) was perfect. When I went to return the original Chimera, the ladies at the store were very concerned and put it in the defect pile right away (it so happened that one of the SAs was wearing the grey version, and hers was perfect, so she knew that my jacket was in BAD shape). There is a two-clasp closure to the front of this jacket, but on this night, I only used one of them (I think the bottom one).

I cannot wait to try this jacket with a tee and some jeans...the whole feminine with casual grunge look that is quite popular now. Obviously when I wore it for this evening out, I was going for more of a mid-80s Moonlighting look (although Mr. Dina says I would have had to been in soft focus...haha...so funny, Mr. Dina).

Check this jacket out on gigiofca, LizPoms, OneFashionistaDiva, and jillian, inc.

The Cecelia dress is such a beautiful creation. I know it is meant as an upscale bridesmaid look, but it works so well in the DC area as a party look...we tend to have more conservative, fancy events when we have parties.

I bought the ten, and it was lovely...just enough wiggle room to allow me to eat, drink, and be merry.

And you all be merry, too. :) Have a great Tuesday.


3-Penny Princess said...

So nice to see you today, even last minute! I absolutely adore the outfit you wore to Mr. Dina's holiday shindig! That silk chimera jacket looks stunning on you.. way better than it ever did on the hanger. And how creative to pair it with the dark blue Cecilia (which also looks amazing on you). You must have rocked the house! Hope to see you again soon!

melissamolasses said...

I love that dress. Yes, it's kinda bridesmaid-y, but it's hard to find a conservative party dress that isn't. Are those dresses known to run small or this just another of J. Crew's attempts to make you guess which size will fit?

Genny said...

My first Chimera I ordered was defective too. WTF? is going on with JCRew. Mine was the navy blue version.

DaniBP said...

Looks great: both outfits!
I love the Golden Roses pattern. I didn't buy anything featuring it but I wish I had!
Yes, CW is totally adorable! :)

Tina Z. said...

I have a black cecilia and love it, great dress!

Anonymous said...

You look sooo pretty in the Cecilia--you don't need the soft focus lens--and the Chimera review was helptful! I picture wearing it in the grunged on fashion--I just may purchase it soon before I miss out! Thanks much!

Genny said...


Forgot to say I appreciate the picture of your Chimera. It fits the same on me and I was wondering...

Debye said...

To be totally honest with you, you look GORGEOUS in the jacket/dress combo!

Now I want the exact outfit for myself

jcbellemarie said...

Dina, that dress is beautiful on you - I love the color!

Anonymous said...

Oh, CW is so darn cute! Lucky to snag a Golden Roses cardigan, I love it!
So fun that you could catch up with 3PP, she is a busy little lady!

Sarah said...

Love the cardigan and dress! You look great Dina!

Ema said...

I absolutely LOVE both your outfits and you look radiant in all the pictures. The colors of thefirst outfit are absolutely beautiful (ah, those gold matchstick cords that I didn't get last year!) and the chimera is stunning with that dress. CW is adorable.

dinagideon said...

3PP: Hi! I love that you are able to find a moment to catch up on your blog reading and writing...

I don't know if I rocked the house, but I definitely had a great time...dressing up and drinking certainly allows that! ;)

Melissamolasses: I don't know about sizing and J. Crew. Honestly, the 10s from previous years fits me fine, especially in pants or clingly skirts (like this dress sort of has by the nature of its fabric). As far as 10s this year? I have to put them back and reach for an 8 or (in some cases) a 6. For tops (where I am always smaller), 6s and 8s from previous years fit, whereas now, oftentimes I reach for a 4!

I wonder if the Cecelia from this year is different size-wise from last year?

Genny: Yeah...wtf? Man. I think the stores received the versions that were well made and the warehouses have 1/2 perfect and 1/2 all messed up!

DaniBP: Thank you! Maybe you should get to an outlet? The skirt is really pretty in this pattern! CW sends you a hug, btw.

TinaZ.: Did you get last year's version or this year's??? I ask because of what I wrote to melissamolasses above! Thanks!

Yogagirl: I think you are safe if you want to buy the dusty blossom color. If it is navy or the charcoal, probably should get it sooner rather than later! :)

Debye: You would look so good in this combo...I love the premise of your blog, btw. How to remain fashionable yet not be too revealing, etc.? Awesome...and your outfits inspire me every day. SO thank you!

jcbellemarie: It is such a beautiful color, the kind of color that is timeless...I am so glad I bought it (and on sale...best type of purchase)!

Rosa: CW thanks you and sends you a hug! :) I could see you looking very pretty in the Golden Roses print, any plans to hit the outlet???

Sarah: Thank you so much. Big smile on my face as I type this while substitute teaching (have to earn a little money, can't rely on Mr. Dina for everything). ;)

Ema: Those gold matchsticks? Perfection! I actually have another pair in a size larger (from my postpartum days) and I HAD to have another pair...I wear them a lot. If you do find a pair from last year, be warned...I wear a 31 in them, whereas in this year's matchsticks I am definitely a 30. :)

CW sends you and your daughter a big hug right back!

Patina said...

dina-i'm so jealous!!! i missed out on the golden roses print. I only have the clutch. Thanks for letting me know that it's now available in the outlets. I love how you styled it.

amy kelinda said...

CW looks so cute, awwww! I love it! Also, the Cecilia dress is amazing on you! I think that in the navy color, it's not too bridesmaid-y, and especially when you top it off with the chimera jacket, it doesn't look bridesmaid-ish at all! It's beautiful!