Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Boden's Fun Skirt, Part Three!!!

Hi! I am substituting today, so I can write a long essay on what I am wearing, but I can at least give you the details! BTW, last night's outfit was awesome, and I cannot wait to do a post on it, but I wanted to include a mini-review on the sequin scarf cardigan in black and I don't want to do a rush job so I am going to wait to publish that (hopefully tonight).

This is the polyvore of the outfit I am wearing today to substitute. It is a lot of fun (hence the name of the skirt) and it is warm enough for the chill we have here in the air. Oh, it is also insanely comfortable. This is the THIRD time you have seen me in it. I wore it first here in the spring, and the second time I wore it here in the summer. :)

Here I am wearing it. The information on the pieces are in the polyvore, but the sizes are: Tee: Size Small; Cardigan: Size Medium; Skirt: UK Size 14 Long; Shoes: 10. Puffer Vest isn't shown, but I wear it in a Size small.

I think baby CW looks DARLING here. Gaw. I love that even when I am teaching I can see her...makes taking photos of my outfits worth it way more when I can get her in the shot.

Rex is not in this photo because the poor dear now has what CW had...ugh. Poor Mr. Dina had wanted to take the kids to the sitter, but instead had to stay home to take care of them instead. Sigh. (Honestly, though, I bet a little part of him is pleased...those kids are a lot of fun, even when they aren't feeling well!)

Have a great day. Talk soon.


Anonymous said...

Awww..CW looks so cute!Hope rex will feel better soon.
Your outfit is so cute Dina!

Patina said...

awww, i hope rex is better soon. you and cw look so cute. i love your outfit.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that skirt is so cute, it's really special! And it looks great with that T -- I would have never thought of it, but it's a perfect pairing :)

Eleanor said...

You're outfit is cute, but not as cute as little CW I am afraid!

What a great pic!

Cleo26 said...

Cute outfit as usual. What about a polyvore on Ms. CW's outfit. Looks so comfy and cute. :)

Anonymous said...

Aww! this is the perfect outfit for substituting. Super cute.
I hope the kids feel better soon.

Snea said...

She is walking! OMG! She's walking! ((dances))

And a fantastic outfit by the way! I hope Rex feels better soon!

dinagideon said...

Hi, all! Good to know this skirt is a hit. I looked at the spring preview to see what the fun skirts looked like and I was sad. :( They are very craft project looking (more so than usual) and I don't think I am boho enough to carry it off...

That's okay...I have four fun skirts and they are perfect. :)

The kids are a bit better, but poor CW banged her mouth yesterday and now looks like a prize fighter. My darling...she could take down Mike Tyson based on how "tough" she looks now.

Rex is still unable to go to school...poor kid...misses it so much.

I should do a polyvore of CW's outfits sometime. :) Just have to remember to clip the items. She is wearing the giraffe onesie from Carter's if anyone is interested!!!

Snea: would just fall over...CW is even talking a bit. She has the most darling voice. :)