Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Boden Love...In the Form of Their Fun Skirt...

So yesterday when I said that I was going to upload photos and polyvores of ALL the Boden outfits I have worn recently, I forgot to look in my OTHER camera's photo folder on my computer. (This is what happens when half of your photos are on your fancy DSLR and the others are on your sub-compact "it's okay if the kids drop it because it is indestructable" camera.)

This outfit is my last Boden outfit for a little while, the rest in the queue to be posted are all J. Crew or Target...

Here is the polyvore for this outfit.

Here it is, in real life, on me.

First, info on sizing...the skirt is a 14 LONG in UK sizing. I can wear a 12 LONG but these sit right at the waist and I have discovered that British woman must not mind things being a bit tight when it comes to skirts. I get that sentiment for pencil skirts, but a beautiful, breezy A-Line summer skirt? Nah...would rather it be one size too large and know that even if I eat McDonald's I will still feel comfortable in it. I know for a fact this skirt is sold-out on-line. I think the fun skirts may be among the first things to go on the Boden website. I actually own the Brown fun skirt from this fall (the ones with the hotchpotch bird print) and am planning on adding the teal fun skirt (with the honey glaze paisley looking print) when I get a Boden coupon.

The tank is a J. Crew tank I bought at Rugged Wearhouse for a song, in a medium (for the length), and the flip-flops are J. Crew from the Summer of 2007.

Second, doesn't my brother look nice? He was interviewing at MicroCenter for a job. Right now, things are looking tenuous at best for him in regards to that job possibility, but at least he looked the part!!! Wish him luck!

Also, isn't the double stroller awesome? It is ridiculously heavy and cumbersome, but it does allow me to go places with them both and not have to worry about Rex or CW getting loose or lost or running out into traffic (is it just me or does every mother have this insane worry)...


Drewablank said...

Ok, this post has convinced me that I should go and buy myself some Boden skirts! If those are long, then I should be fine with regular right? And I have to make sure that the design would not be affected if, in case, I do have to hem them. Oh man, the woes of being a shawtie.

I love the outfit, though! It looks comfortable, colorful and still happenin'! :) And your brother does (and did!) look very nice in his duds!

Oh, and Rex is too cute with his smile in this picture!

Summerilla said...

You look fabulous in that skirt, it really is quite beautiful. I really think Boden was made for you! And of course your brother looks handsome - I'll keep my fingers crossed he gets the job. I know how much job searching STINKS right now!

And can I just say I see a Fractured Prune sign above your heads, I want I want. So yummy!

HeidiG said...

You look so fab in that outfit! Love love love. And Peter is quite handsome.

Anonymous said...

Ah Rex, super cute!
I love that skirt. It's so pretty and the design is so unique. Love it on you.

(original) Genny said...

I have the same skirt:) I own 8 Boden fun skirts. you are right about the sizing and the waist. boden needs to make them just a tad bigger. I have to get the 14 as well just b/c of the waist.

Tippy said...

i almost love boden. i say almost because when i went on the site to make my purchases, every single item i wanted was either sold out or due back in stock in 10 weeks!
:( i wish boden would love me back, sigh!

your skirt is soo cute!

AppGal said...

Oh, I just love that Boden named this skirt the "fun skirt." That's so awesome. Especially since I name things in my wardrobe like that. For example, any socks that have some kind of pattern (like the ones I won from you--yay!) are dubbed "fun socks." I name my all-time favorites names like, "favorite sweater," "favorite pants," etc. Yeah, I'm original :)

Anywho, love the outfit. This skirt is sooooo YOU.

Also, OT, but I noticed on Gigi's blog that you commented about the plum perfect pencil skirt. What are your thoughts on the color? Is it more pink-ish or does it sway more to the purple side? I'm envisioning this skirt with darker purples, say my new Eden blazer? (swooooon)

dinagideon said...

Hi, all...Thank you for your patience in waiting for my reply!!! (The kids have been making it tough for me to compute lately, so it is "post or comment," and lately it has been post...) :)

Drewablank: Yes, I would tell you to get regular, and then raise the waistband, don't shorten the hem...the design is always at the hem (good point).

Pete is such a ladykiller...if only he had the confidence in himself to see it!

Summerilla: Boden is great for us taller ladies with a little junk in the trunk, for sure. Boden makes me feel like a svelte supermodel because I am on the smaller end of their designs... :) Can be a big problem for all you tiny ladies, though!!!

Pete appreciates all prayers directed for his job search, so thank you!

Also, what is FRACTURED Prune? I see the sign, but have never eaten there...

HeidiG.: Thank you so much!!! You should order more skirts from them. That denim button-through is FAB on you!

Rosa: Rex is so ridiculous, but that smile gets us every. single. time. :)

Genny: Sounds like great minds think alike and all that. ;) 8? That is awesome. I will have four by the end of this season. I am super-excited to see spring 2010. I know I will fall in love, of course!!!

Tres Tippy: When I first started buying from Boden, the same thing happened to me, too!!! I have since learned that some items tend to sell out faster, and amazingly it is always there more "out there" fashions like the fun skirts and the hotchpotch shirts, etc.

Good luck!!! I hope you can get something soon!

AppGal: Fun is definitely very Boden. :) Preppy used to be J. Crew but now I think it is Edgy Feminine. Anthropologie is yuppy hippie. Teehee. I could do this all day!

I hope the plum perfect pencil skirt post helped...I would love to see it on you, sometime...It would be FAB!