Thursday, October 1, 2009

Cocodrillo Cardi Party Alert!!! (Plus, Mini-Review of an Outlet Tee!)

So very tired today, must make post quick!!! (I subbed in the library of my former school today and will be for the next 6 school days, so I may have limited energy, but I will try to keep up with at least one post a day...)

BTW, I always announce the Cocodrillo Print REALLY BRIGHTLY when I do a post on it, ever since one of the commenters said how much she (or he) detested the print...hopefully that individual stayed REALLY FAR AWAY from this post.

HeidiG. and Gingersnap have been having cardi parties lately and since I have been wearing cardigans more often lately (more as outerwear, but today, definitely as inside wear, too--it is BRISK outside), I thought I would do a post on one of my "cardi-party" outfits. There is a lot more to come, including a post with the plum perfect pencil skirt (AppGal, this is a saturated, vibrant true medium purple) and a post which includes photos on how I styled the ocelot cardigan.

No polyvore for today's set because more than half the outfit would require me to post pics and then clip to polyvore and I just can't find the energy!!! :)

Lopped off my head because I looked incredibly bad. REALLY REALLY BAD. If I cut my head off, there is a great reason. :)

The cardigan is the cocodrillo cardigan (in a silk/linen blend, I believe) from Summer 2009, J. Crew. The adorable tee is from the J. Crew Outlet, recently purchased, and it says Fall 2009 on the tag. The jeans are one of my all-time favorite pair of jeans from IT! jeans and I purchased them a long long time ago and never ever thought I could get into them again. AND I CAN!!! Woot woot! BTW, the reason I love these jeans? They have an embellished butt pocket and they just fit over my bottom perfectly. I am not really a bling-y sort of girl, but these jeans had me at "hello." The flip-flops are from J. Crew this last spring 2009.

MUCH better face in this photo.

The reason I posted this is so you all could see the adorable rose on the tee. It is the outlet version of last fall's famed rose tee. The tee from last fall had a rose that was way too big for me, but this outlet version, perfection. The outlet version also comes in white (which I also bought).

The tee is a bit sheer, but long as I have a cami on, I am not worried about it!

Have a great night. Hope I don't fall asleep before Mr. Dina gets home. The kids would never forgive me for making them forage...


Anonymous said...

Oh, I think the Cocodrillo print is cute, I like the bright colors.
I have also been having cardi party (and having that stupid "don't be tardy for the party" song stuck in my head for a week). It's the perfect weather for cardigans right now.
Get some rest miss Dina.
P.S. I am so envious of that rose tee, it;s so adorable.

jmpb said...

You look great! Love the outfit and the jeans are perfect!

Sarah said...

Love it! And am very jealous that you go that tee. I couldn't ever find my size at the outlets/real store by the time I wanted it.

Patina said...

love your tee. which outlet did you get it from??? you look hot, hot, hot in those jeans. love them on you

GingerSnap said...

I absolutely LOVE that you are joining the Cardi Party! I think it's going to catch on and soon we'll all be partying! Whoot whoot! As you know, I love that Cocodrillo print! I think it is so fun and cute (plus I love the graphic "nature" (har har) of it!)

Kathy said...

I have the tee in white and I love it! I totally agree with you about the size of the rose.

HeidiG said...

Love the outfit - tee is fab with the crodo cardi. Can't wait to see your ocelot post and the purple pencil skirt, too - that skirt was perfect on you.

Cardi party - woo woo!!

Pamela said...

Seeing that print on you makes me really like it. Seeing it folded in the store does nothing for it. Esp. the way you have it paired with the tee. I love how you always wear fun prints either from the crew or boden. they look so darn good on you! I rocked the cardi yesterday, too. between you, me, heidig and gingersnap hosting, we could have had a good ole time!

Kat said...

You look great! And the purple skirt in the next post looks FAB on you.

I bought that cardigan on a whim when it got marked down, and I'm really happy that I did. I love it! It's so cute and flattering and gets lots of compliments :)

dinagideon said...

Hi, all...Thank you for your patience in waiting for my reply!!! (The kids have been making it tough for me to compute lately, so it is "post or comment," and lately it has been post...) :)

Rosa: Yeah, some others mentioned that song being stuck in their head...I had no idea what it was from until I read that it is a Real Housewives thing. Huh!!! :)

jmpb: This outfit was a ton of fun to wear and really really comfy, so it was two for two!!! Thank you...

Sarah: Hey, hon!!! Yeah, I didn't get the original when it was in the normal stores, so I was pretty happy to find it at the outlets...which outlet do you go to? I find that all the local ones are JUST too far for I only go when I am on vacation!

Patina: I went to the Nags Head outlet for this one...I would bet that Leesburg or Arundel Mills would have it...Thank you for the compliment on the jeans, I have really wanted to wear them for awhile now!!!

Gingersnap: Cardi Parties are way too much fun...seriously, I really want to have one now... :) BTW, you always make me laugh in your comments!!! LOL right now on the FLOOR!

Kathy: The white is really pretty...I wore it on Sunday to church, perfect for so many occasions really...the black is more limiting because it is so dark, but the white--very versatile!!!

HeidiG.: I NEED to post about the ocelot cardi already, man life just gets away, you know? :)

Pamela: I so love your blog, by the way...I wish I had known about it sooner...thanks for the mention about your cardi...propelled me to visit and I am so glad I did! :)

Kat: I am such a huge fan of this print but I could not justify multiples in it unless I could get some of it on sale, like the cardigan. (I also got the one-piece swimsuit...but that will remain hidden...cough cough...)

I am glad you are a fellow fan...great to know!!! ;)