Friday, October 16, 2009

Ocelot Cardigan Two Ways!!!

So this is my 250th POST! Woo hoo! I would have done a giveaway, but I am running around like crazy this week so I probably won't do a giveaway until the 300th post, but I am just super-stoked to even make it this far...

I would love to take a moment and thank everyone who follows my blog, whether as a "follower" or just someone who comes on over and visits me...I love having you all around, and not only have I learned more about what cool people there are in the world, I have also learned a lot more about me through this process...which was completely unexpected!!!

I know how popular the Ocelot cardigan was this fact so popular that it is sold out at I decided that since most of my posts on my superfluities are about clothing, my 250th post best b-r-i-n-g it. So I decided to have this momentous post highlight the ocelot cardigan two different ways.

One Way to Style the Ocelot Cardigan!
One Way to Style the Ocelot Cardigan! by dinagideon featuring J Crew

Here is the polyvore of the first outfit. The second outfit has no polyvore, but if you have questions about particular items, go ahead and ask in the comments. I am going to be REALLY busy this next week, but there may be a chance I can answer them, so ask away...if I can't get to them, well you know what I will say, "I promise I will get to them, as soon as I can..."

I wore this subbing, and because I was walking home that day, I knew that I needed to wear comfy shoes. These sandals would not normally be what I choose, but they worked well enough. Ignoring the shoes, I absolutely LOVE this outfit. The teal is a color I wouldn't have normally paired with the cardigan, but I think it turned out well. HeidiG. will be impressed on how neutral I kept the rest of it...I really REALLY wanted the cardigan to be the centerpiece, and by using neutrals properly, I was able to let this beautiful piece really shine!

I received a ton of compliments on this outfit, so if you are interested in pleasing a 13-year old girl, wear this outfit. ;)

The second outfit appears to be making CW mad, but in reality she was just mad because I dared to put her down for a minute (CW=Clingy and Whiny)...don't worry you all, I picked her up about one nanosecond after I took the photo.

I haven't worn this outfit out yet, but I was so pleased with the cardigan that the moment I brought it home, I created an outfit.

The cami is one of my Lady Hathaway camis, in a charcoal grey. The jeans are the overdyed denim in dusty blossom (size 30, I think) from this last spring (2009). The flip-flops are Ann Taylor Loft from this summer.

I hope you enjoyed seeing how I styled this cardi...I plan on wearing this a lot this winter, and adding a pop of color with it...yellow, for you ladies (and maybe men) have any other suggestions for color combos???

P.S. If you really loved my shimmer paisley lawn dress seen in this post, there is one for sale over at "crewsing thru my 50's." I highly recommend that if this is your size and you have been dying to buy it, do so!!! It is definitely sold out and there are none to be had anywhere on ebay or the weekly exchange!!!

Take care, you all...Have a nice start to your weekend!!!


Drewablank said...

Congratulations on your 250th! That is quite the feat! *one-lady standing ovation*

Great outfits, my dear! I am especially loving the second one (I'm a bit of a sucker for pinks, reds and such!)!

CW is adorable, even when when she's Cling and Whiny. :)

GingerSnap said...

You are so cute! I love all your posts and really enjoy seeing how you style all your lovely JC clothes! I love that cardi too, but I purchased a leopard one from another store before that one had come out. Oh well. You look great - and I'm NOT a 13 year old! :)

Kat said...

Congrats on your 250th, Dina! Love both of the outfits (especially the on with the adorable crying baby). I haven't worn mine yet, but you're giving me some ideas!

Keep up the good work!

amy kelinda said...

Congrats on the 250th post! I love reading about your mommy adventures and looking at your cute outfits! Keep those posts coming! Speaking of cute outfits, I am in love with the second outfit you have on. WOW. You look fierce!

Silver Spectre said...


I love the new logo. It is a great picture of my beautiful grandkids.

Congrats on the 250th post.



ashley said...

congrats dina!!! woo 250!! love both outfits! you make that ocelet cardi look like so much fun! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love the pictures of the kids. I love that outfit. Totatlly super cute. The fact that you impressed a 13 year old is quite amazing. So Bravo! for the outfit.
And Bravo! for the 250th post!

CheesyGoodness said...

Yea on 250, congrats! Love the outfits from the past couple days, I'm wicked jealous of the library dress, you look great in it.

The new pic of your dear ones is heart squichingly cute! Thanks for the "awww..." moment!

Kathy said...

I love your new header and layout colors! Happy 250th!

MMM said...

Congrats on the 250th post! YaY! I'm sure you will have a ton more to follow!!!

I LOVE the new layout and colors! The picture of your kids is absolutely adorable!! :)

Thanks for sharing your photos featuring the Ocelot. I still have not worn mine so I'm thankful for the ideas!

Cleo26 said...

You look great! I like both outfits.

Congrats on 250, can't wait to read 251. :)

jcmama said...

Love the picture of your kids in the border! So cute!
Congratulations on your 250th post mark! I really love the way you styled the ocelot cardi especially with the gray and pink. I missed this cardigan...hopefully I can find one on JCA exchange?

HeidiG said...

Clingy and Whiny...oh, so that's where the initials come from, hehehe. Ach, been there...

Love the ocelot cardi - great with the teal, great with the gray/turq.

Impressed with your neutrals? A pair of khaki pants. Sigh... I guess we need some remedial neutral instruction...this is SO not neutral. Love it on you though!!

and congrats on 250!! Yay!!

A Bigger Closet said...

Congrats on your 250th post Dina! Wow, that's a lot of blogging. :) I always enjoy reading your posts and seeing your lovely smile and pretty outfits. And of course your kiddies. Keep on posting please!

I'm still kicking myself for missing the ocelot at J.Crew. I'm trying a look alike from F21 now. Love both ways you've styled it.

dinagideon said...

Hi, Guys!!! Well clearly I am VERY late in responding to your awesome comments. That said, I loved reading all of your thoughts...frankly, I was a bit surprised that you all liked the dusty blossom outfit as much as you did!!! Good to know...definitely will wear that one out and about one day...

JCMama: Good luck...I hope you can find one!

A Bigger Closet: The ocelot version you found looks just stunning on you...GREAT option!