Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Boden + J. Crew=LOVE! (Oh, and a Special Bag Called the Lexi!!!)

I thought I would get these two outfits out together because we are almost at November, and barring a few places in the U.S.A. and Canada, it is full-on fall here. (Of course, as I type this, it is 71 degrees and gorgeous here...huh.)

So even though these outfits may not work for you...there are pieces in here that some of you may be on the fence about buying or you may really like the color combos I have done or you just really like looking at summer clothing when it is yucky outside...but for whatever reason you look today, enjoy.

Frances Cami and Striped Cardi Fun!
Frances Cami and Striped Cardi Fun! by dinagideon featuring J Crew

Here is the polyvore of the first outfit.

This "favourite v-neck" cardigan is still for sale at Boden. I bought it when it was 20% off, and unlike the spring/summer version I wore here and here, this cardigan is not 100% is a mix of wools and cotton. If you are an "itcher," this may be too wool-y for you. But Boden does allow free returns so if you are on the fence, get can always send it back free of charge. For reference, this is a UK size 12, although a 10 would have fit great. I wear a medium in J. Crew cardigans, usually.

You have seen the Frances cami on me before, here, in sage. I really really like this deep rose color and think it is so pretty with this striped cardigan.

The shorts and sandals are all J. Crew, but from seasons past, so most likely unavailable except through every one's favorite capitalist site, Ebay.

Without the cardigan, the outfit is just okay. Very comfortable. (Surprisingly so...)

Boden Henley and Lexi Clutch!!!
Boden Henley and Lexi Clutch!!! by dinagideon featuring J Crew

Here is the polyvore for outfit #2.

The top is a Boden henley from last spring. It is also now unavailable, but did languish for a really long time in their sale section.

The shorts are from Target, and because I am a sucker for a plaid bermuda short, and this pair had my very favorite colors, I had to get it.

The real reason I even bothered to take photos of this outfit wasn't for the clothing but rather the SUCCULENT spring daisy-colored metallic Lexi clutch. OMG. This is definitely not a bag for anyone looking to fade into the background, but look at it...I feel like butterflies and birds will come and perch on my shoulder because they will be attracted to the bag like they would a flower.

I can't say that this is the most practical bag ever, but it is a lot of fun. I am wearing it in this shot across my body, with the strap attached to the clutch part (the strap is very easily taken off, if need be).

If you love it, as I do, it is available here at for 99 dollars (I went ahead and got it when there was an extra 20% off, though, so I didn't pay that price).

Now, in all fairness, I should point out that the very lovely A Bigger Closet bought the light purple version of this bag and did not end up keeping it, and her reasons are very valid. So, please do take a look at her post on this bag.

Yes, at one time, I manage to look both stupid and pregnant. I have no idea why I am holding my hand like that, nor do I know why I made that face. Regardless...THE BAG...Look is in clutch form. So pretty!!! Squee...

I would not recommend this for a party bag because it is too big, but I have been using it as a fun day know, going to lunch, hanging out at a friend's house, taking Rex to preschool kind of bag...

If you have any questions, go ahead and post them...

Have a great afternoon, all.


tastymoog said...

um, I looove that bag. Every color. Wish it was still available in pale turquoise!

JKW said...

Bravo, Dina! Love both outfits. The deep rose cami under the Boden sweater is particularly lovely on you. Boden does stripes and prints so well, IMO. I like that you can spot a Boden piece so easily - the look is unique and cheerful. Here in Illinois, it's only in the 50's on most days, so I cannot wear shorts around the house anymore. Sigh. But, I'm enjoying sweater weather, too!

melissamolasses said...

I saw a quote today that said "life's too short to wear beige" and immediately thought of you!

Pamela said...

OOOH!!! I ordered the cardi today!!!! YEAH!!!!! I cannot wait. Thanks for the prompting the other day in your comment. I love it on you! I cannot wait to receive mine!!

Marietta said...

Dina, you look so cheery and bright.... exactly what I needed to see on a dreary, rainy day in NY!

Anonymous said...

I love those bright colors on you. Adorable!!! Your outfits made me smile!

Rachel said...

I always love the way you incorporate color into your outfits. They are always so great.

Summerilla said...

You don't look stupid or pregnant - you look fabulous! I'm just loving these outfits! I love the color combination.

And I agree with Marietta, it's super dreary here in NY - yuck, yuck!

JCAUNCMom said...

Dina, these are (as usual) just gorgeous and fun outfits! I can't tell you how much I love the way you play with color!

I'm about to spring for my first Frances -- can you tell me what size you decided to get this in (since you and I seem to be about the same size)?

Pakcola said...

Ooh finally an IRL pic of the lexi, I just ordered the aqua one today. I had seem it come and go too many times so I finally decided to at least see it in person.

I have a another J Crew clutch that looks to be a very similar color to the yellow one you got, but mine is from last summer and smaller, but it is the perfect yellow clutch!

Anonymous said...

All your outfits are SUPERB!

HeidiG said...

Love both outfits - the yellow/rose combo is gorgeous - and gorgeous on you! So fun.

Lexi clutch is adorable - it's almost as bright & shiny as your smile! :) What a fun bag - it's such a great "lady" bag. Enjoy!!

dinagideon said...

Hi, all!

Reporting back almost a week after I wrote the original post (at least I am consistent in my lateness). :) I had fun wearing both outfits, so I am glad to know you all liked them, too. And the Lexi clutch...I just wish you all could see and feel in it real life. GORG!

Tastymoog: Ooh, that turquoise was so pretty, which is probably why it isn't still available!

JKW: Boden is definitely its own thing...once upon a time every piece J. Crew put out you KNEW was J. Crew...critters, bright colors, grosgrain ribbon...but not so much anymore. :(

Melissamolassess: Haha!!! That is just so true...thank you...

Pamela: Yay, I am so glad you got it! The cardi is super soft and very flattering... :)

Marietta: Yuck on rainy days. Fortunately they seem to be over now. Phew! Do you wear bright colors on blegh days? I tend to do that and it usually helps, too!

Rosa: Well, you always make me smile, esp. your sweet pooch's pic, so thank you!!! :)

Rachel: I have confirmed it within myself, I NEED color. Even when I try to be more neutral, I still have to HAVE a pop of color. To each his own, I suppose. I am glad you like...that's awesome... Thank you!!!

dinagideon said...

Summerilla: Well, thank you. I think I am my own harshest critic (except for all the awful negative nellies who visit every once in awhile), so I appreciate your perspective.

I think you and Marietta should get together and brighten up the city with your sparkly personalities. :)

JCAUNCMom: Hey, there...I got a petite 8 in the frances. I tried a 6 regular up to myself today and the 6 regular would be too tight in the lower hip. The petite 8 hits higher on the hip, therefore it fits very nicely at the bottom (which is where I tend to have issues fitting tops). The 8 regular would be fine on the hips but way TOO big in the bust! HTH...and sorry so late!

Pakcola: I think you have made Tastymoog jealous!!! ;) I KNOW you are going to love it...

Yogagirl: Thank you so much, hon. I am going to go take a mountainside yoga class tomorrow and the whole time I bet I think of you...I know it will be super-refreshing!

HeidiG.: Thank you. Maybe you should get one to match your new Winnie??? ;)

Anonymous said...

Dina, I forgot to tell you that my doggie's prisoner costume said "K98URSHOOS" in the back of the shirt.
I am glad you had a good trick-or-treating with the kids.