Friday, May 8, 2009

Red, Aqua, and White...A Little Twist on Patriotic! (Also, a Review of the Boden V-Neck Cardigan!)

Boden Red and Aqua Striped Cardigan with White!!!
Boden Red and Aqua Striped Cardigan with White!!! by dinagideon featuring FOSSIL watches

Compared to my Monday's outfit (meh), I actually really LOVED the outfit I wore on Tuesday, May 5, 2009. I felt like I had hit the right mix of color, interesting pieces and unique styling. Yay! I did get compliments at work (sadly, Mr. Dina had given me more grief about the new cardigan so if I look a little down in the photos it is because I felt bad about the fact that he was calling me out on the purchase instead of noticing how AWESOME it is--don't worry, he ended up complimenting me later, so all was good in the end).

The outfit in full-length (minus the scarf--see next photo). The pieces are: the fabulous Boden red and aqua striped v-neck cardigan (spring 2009); the crisp Talbots short-sleeved button-down (spring 2007); the "wow, I can't believe how flattering pants can be" Banana Republic white cords (summer 2006), and the fun Kenneth Cole off-white peep-toe wedge sandals.

The cardigan is ridiculous, that is how much I love it. You can find it here on Boden's website. I believe they have some more of this color combo left. I also bought the green and yellow striped version. I chose to buy a 12, which is a size 6 or 8 here in the States. It fits me PERFECTLY. It is the right length, width, and everything in between. The fabric is cotton, but this soft, sumptuous cotton that had me rubbing my arms the entire day. I also love the fact that it is buttoned completely and there is no gapping and I can do up the bottom button (on some J. Crew cardigans I can't button up the bottom button--my hips are just a sceech too big). The colors are also super-beautiful and the combo of colors is very fresh. I highly recommend this cardigan. It is not about to replace my lovely short-sleeved featherweight cashmere cardigans from J. Crew, but I definitely know I will get a lot of use out of this fabulous Boden creation.

P.S. Don't forget to vote in my J. Crew Cardigan Death Match--Jackie is winning--all you non-Jackie lovers need to come on down and vote for your favorite!

Here is the outfit with the very pretty linen scarf from my local J. Crew. This color is such a nice match and I think the scarf gives the outfit another little piece of flair.

Have a great afternoon. Next up--Review of the J. Crew Magnolia necklace!


KatyO. said...

Pants that fit! Yay! ;)
You look great--and the scarf is such a nice touch.

Anonymous said...

I love Boden as well. They are starting to win me over with their sweaters more than JCrew b/c the quality is superior! NO holes ever so far for me and cannot say that about JCrew. Four holey sweaters in the past year alone!

Anyway, I think you said (somewhere) that you like the Liberty poppy floral jacket. I just bought one on Wed. and it shipped today. Have you got yours yet?


tm said...

Yay, Boden! I found out about them sometime in '07, from an ex-coworker. I've been thinking about getting one of these cardis for months (in green), but I think I will wait until fall. Seems to be one of their 'staple' items, so it should be around, I hope.

re: buttoning all the way: I often have the same issue with JC cardigans... and if I size up, is is too big in the bust and sleeve, and kinda schlumpy looking all over. :/

Looks good on you! Is the red a tomato red, coral, or orange undertones?

MARY said...

Love Boden! The scarf entirely makes your outfit! Such a great look - classic but current.
I find that their clothes DO run in seasons. They carry an item, and when it's gone, it's gone. It won't come back in another color. Case in point: A LOVELY red dress with white polkadots which I bought last year. They also sold it in a brown/white floral and a green/white dot. The fit is fabulous and every single time I wear it I get compliments. I thought I would treat myself to another pattern this year, but it's gone!
Their latest catalog has lots of tempty treats...

Slastena said...

Dina, great look!Fresh and sweet! I swear, we are on the same wavelnght couple times a week.:))
Love it with the scarf!

Emily said...

I love the cardigan from Boden and the white cords are a really great fit on you! I didn't even know that BR carried white cords. Happy Mother's Day a few days early- I don't usually blog on the weekends.

sparrowsandsparkles said...

Beautiful cardi! Great with the scarf - wow! :) I looooove Boden.

Unknown said...

Tres Paris w/the scarf. Or maybe your recent post of the J Crew Paris catalog is still on my mind. Fabulous!

HeidiG said...

Agree with Gigi - tres parisienne! I could see Vanessa in this exact outfit! colors are so great on you!

speaking of Boden sweaters - how do you like the rosette cardi that you got in brown? I have been wondering about it in the navy/wh stripe ever since the catalog came out (why I got the ON cardi that never worked out).

Jemma said...

The white pants and blouse make that sweater pop- looks great! Boden ships here- you make me want to give them a go!

JNJ said...

I just got my first Boden catalog in the mail this week. Must resist any new shopping temptations!

Have a beautiful Mother's Day!

Unknown said...

JNJ - That reminds me. I signed up for a catalog, too. I hope I receive mine soon. It's been awhile.

Erin said...

For the Boden lovers -- I wore the painted hoops top and got tons of compliments -- everyone loved it! It is a very cute top on. I got it in the brown/aqua combo.

Anonymous said...

Dina--you are
"STYLIN ALL THE WAY" with this outfit!!! You look awesome!

Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day!

Christina said...

i have the same cardigan and i LOVE it!!!! i love Boden i usually get a few pieces from there a season and what's nice is no one else usually has them.

dinagideon said...

KatyO.: I second your pants that fit thought. I have been dying to fit into these...I love them that much!!!

Cynthia: Boden is bodacious. For sure... :) This sweater is made so well. I really truly think the quality of their items is heads and tails above J. Crew. (Sorry, J. Crew.) What makes me go back to J. Crew? The simple fact that I like the fabrics of the items made by J. Crew more and I can get more "basics" from them. Oh, and it is a bit easier to try things on when the local store is only down the road. :)

I didn't get the jacket yet from J. Crew. That poppy jacket is so pretty, though. I will get it once I either a) get more money, or b) it goes on sale. When you get yours could you do a mini-review for me? Thanks!!!

Tastymoog: I actually bought the green, so you will see me wearing it soon (as long as it isn't 5000 degrees here).

The color of this red is more of a bright, true, tomato red. Much more flattering on me than those blue-reds. The way it pops against the aqua is just beautiful in real life.

Mary: LOL! I have the green/white dot dress...and I can finally wear it again. Maybe I will wear it soon! Thanks for the reminder and also for the advice about Boden running in is totally true about them running out of things. That is always a sad day when what you covet is gone...

Slastena: Yes, maybe we are being nautical because we want summer here--NOW!!! ;)

dinagideon said...

Emily: I think these cords are so old...I haven't shopped at BR in years...I don't know why...I love everything they make.

I noticed you are not alone in your not blogging on the weekends. I always mean to blog on the weekends but then I just find I don't have the time!!! (I still read blogs, though...) Happy Mother's Day to you, too!

sparrowsandsparkles: Maybe we will start a revolution of people in the USA who love Boden as much as we do. My wish would be to have a retail store here in the States so I could try everything on (although they are very generous with shipping and returns). :)

Gigiofca: If I can somehow look chic without even realizing it...I will take it! LOL. :) I am probably the exact opposite of chic most days...I think the description "she can match her clothing and usually wears clothing that fits" is probably the best one for me...heehee.

HeidiG: If Vanessa wore this outfit, I would just die! I would love to have her wear this! (Smile.)

So did you end up getting the cardi? I know I told you in person, but I actually don't own that cardi you speak of...although it is very cute! I think you would look so pretty in it!

Jemma Ruby: From one country to another, I highly encourage you to consider them. I know you would look fantastic in their clothing.

dinagideon said...

JNJ: I had such a lovely day yesterday. I felt very Mother's Day.

It will be hard to resist Boden. Their catalogs are evil they are that tempting! :)

Gigiofca: Oooh, I hope it comes, too. I will see Boden on people here on the east coast every once in a while, but when I am in California, I almost never see it. You would truly have some unique clothing if you bought from them. I also noticed that I don't see a lot of J. Crew in Southern California. It's weird...I guess it hasn't infiltrated the market there quite the way it has here in the DC/Baltimore/Richmond region.

Erin: I (heart) their aqua and brown combos. Everything they make in that color combination is SO pretty. I bet you looked divine!

luvallthingsjcrew: Well thank you so much and Happy Mother's Day to you, too!!! I know you had a fantastic Sunday!

christina: You should totally make this cardigan one of your favorite things. :) I obviously agree, what with me owning it in two colors.