Thursday, May 7, 2009

Some Color (Okay, A LOT of Color) for Shopping on a Sunday!!!

So I am not going to even pretend like this Sunday (May 3, 2009) was okay. It sucked. Big Time. Rex was accused of doing something in his Bug Walks and Critter Talks class and we were not even told of the issue until 4 WEEKS later. Ugh. It is fairly obvious that the people running this class have no idea of how two-year olds operate. For one, all two-year olds are extremely EGOCENTRIC (mine, mine, mine, gimme, gimme, gimme). Two, all two-year olds, including the most meek two-year olds, tussle with one another. Three, you do NOT, I repeat, do NOT discipline a two-year old AFTER the fact, ESPECIALLY FOUR WEEKS LATER. It just will make NO sense to them. Sigh.

By the way, Rex pushed another kid. We get it. Mr. Dina saw it happen and talked to Rex and sternly warned him that it was "not okay." The other kid walloped Rex back. Both parents laughed about it. BUT...the way the teacher and the supervisor handled it is what has had me wrapped up in anguish these past three days. The teacher and supervisor made us feel like it was ONLY Rex causing problems and in an e-mail to me and Mr. Dina, the supervisor said that the teacher told her that "Rex punched the other kid in the face." EXCUSE ME? PUNCHED? What happened to Jack, Sawyer, and Juliet on Lost last night was a PUNCH IN THE FACE. What Rex did wasn't even close. SICK!!! I goodness...what is wrong with these people? I am actually frightened for families that take this class in the future...if what Rex did gets overblown to that level, what are they going to do if (God forbid) another kid bites or kicks or pushes to the point of causing an ACTUAL injury? Call the cops on the kid? I mean, really!

All right...thanks for letting me vent. I am just very sad and the process of grieving over what happened includes writing about it!!! So...I appreciate you, my captive audience. :)

Back to the clothes that I wore. I decided that I needed to wear color. Besides the Rex thing, it was raining miserably out there. Yuck. So Mr. Dina took me and the babies to the felt good. Visiting Macy's and J. Crew always makes me feel better. CW enjoyed herself, too!

Here it is, full-length, no sweater. The top is from the Merona Collection (Spring 2009--Target). The jeans are Calvin Klein from Costco. The shoes are ANCIENT...from back in the '90s. They may be Naturalizer?

I really like the top. It is very it emphasizes my smaller half. The boat-neck is really pretty, too. It is not a top for everyone, but you know I don't shy away from color. ;)

Here is the sweater. I think it is called the Candace sweater and it is J. Crew from Summer 2008? The bright orange is such a happy color. The color perfectly matched the orange in the Merona top.

You all have a great day...and remember...avoid the Bug Walks and Critter Talks Class...ESPECIALLY if your two-year old acts like a two-year old. SMILE!!!


Anonymous said...

Such a pretty and cheerful outfit! The orange looks great on you! I am so sorry for what you have gone through! I am new here, but I can relate to how situations handled well, and not so well can make you feel totally different. It sounds like he was a two year old acting like a two year old. Communication is so important and it sounds like the teachers really missed the boat on that one! Good for you and the other parents that you could laugh it off and not get wound as tight as the teachers-- usually it's the other way around! Hang in there! :)

Drewablank said...

I'm so glad that you're still able to flash that bright smile despite that whole bug walks dilemma. It is frustrating that they let you know about it a whole 4 weeks later. When you're dealing with toddlers, you don't expect them to act and react like 5-year olds, 15-year olds or even 45 year olds! They're called "Terrible Two's" for a reason. :p (Not that the kids are terrible per se, but you get my point.) ;)

And the fact that they waited and sat on it for a whole 4 weeks is unconscionable. :(

I'm going through my own little drama at work - I'm doing someone else's work and the one getting yelled at while she's going through magazines and playing card games on her computer!! grrr...

HeidiG said...

Well you look fantastic. Love the orange!! And family mall trip? Fun, fun, fun - my hubby avoids it like the plague.

I am still just appalled about that whole story. I mean, it's one thing to overreact - but to do so 4 weeks later??? WTF? Seriously?

KatyO. said...

God, I love that sweater.

Clearly, I don't have my own children, but I do know, having babysitted since I was 11, that that is SOOOO NOT the way to handle things. Sorry it was not a fabulous week, but at least you look like it was. :)

Unknown said...

You look really good!

Hope you called the school out for waiting so long. Not cool.

ashley said...

oh this outfit is cute! i love it! hmm now i have to buy something orange? okay! :)

sorry about your ordeal!

Milly said...

love the top and the sweater

Slastena said...

Glorius! Reminds me - I need to get my Candace out, and orange/neon green peep toes to go with it! Thank you for the inspiration! You look fantastic!

dinagideon said...

Stephanie: Thank you for the compliment. I have noticed a lot of people like orange and other brights on me. :) I guess that is why there is a lot of that in my closet!

I also appreciate your wise words on the whole incident with my son. I figured I would have some sympathy from other moms and dads which is why I put it out there for you all to read (and as a warning for future fairfax county residents).

Drewablank: I can always muster a smile when my kids are nearby. I actually was most upset about this event at school, of all places. I think it just hit me all at once and was kind of unbearable. Ugh!
Thanks for your sweet are such a good friend. How can I help you with your lovely (not) coworker? What a sham!

HeidiG: Ditto to everything you said. Yup. I am not one to use expletives, but WTF also ran through my brain. (So this had to be a bad situation...) :)

KatyO.: You would look fab in this sweater!!! Thanks for your kind words...I totally agree. You will be a great mom one day (if you choose to be)!

Gigiofca: Thank you! I did call out the school...I did receive a message back from them but I am waiting a few days to let my anger subside a bit...nothing is more effective than a calm, cool, rational person explaining the awful behavior of others. :) Heehee.

Ashley: Get something orange, stat!!! It is such a great summer color...and paired with white? Perfect!

Thanks for your kindness...I do appreciate it!

Milly: Thanks, hon!

Slastena: I saw you had it...I think I got the sweater from your polyvore thank you! I totally look forward to seeing you wear it!