Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Teaching School Last Week...In Real Life Outfits!!!

Yeah. I know it has been a long time. But the in real life outfits are back. I am not promising much (I have seen the photos), but I know you all will still like some of these. :)

BTW, my stupid camera card reader went and died on me last week so I had to go and get some cables to connect my camera to the computer. What a royal pain in the patookus. :) Hopefully I can get a new camera card reader tonight!
My Professor Cardigan Helps Me to Teach School!
My Professor Cardigan Helps Me to Teach School! by dinagideon featuring FOSSIL watches
Oh, I had such high hopes for you...professor cardigan. You look so cute, and I think your scholarly appearance works with so many things I own, but last Monday (5/11/09) you just did NOT bring it. Bad cardigan!

It may be that the cocktail capris are just a wee too big (washer and HOT dryer here you go), it may also be that the green I paired you with was the wrong shade of green (it feels like you both were in competition). So sad. Well, I gave you a second chance (TODAY, 5/20/09) and you have redeemed yourself. Turns out that if I pair you with a scoopneck turquoise top and the fantastic mahali-dot capris you look just fine. I (heart) you again, Professor.

Yeah, I was not feeling it either. That is probably why I look like a teapot. I do LOVE the necklace with the green top. I also realize (for all the haters out there) that I should have put on some powder...that is some serious glow, miss dina. No bottom-half. You all don't need to see miss saggy-knees. I am not cruel. ;)

Outfit Number Two (wore on Wednesday 5/13/09): I know you all will love this one because you all are not blind. Out of the three outfits, number two rocks. It is all retro and fun, too! The dress is from Boden (Spring 2007) and I finally fit into it!!! YAY! It only took two years. When I slipped it on and it fit well, I actually started to dance. I don't dance well which is why I didn't videotape my glee, but just be assured that I was bustin-a-move.

The shoes are Mossimo (Target) from who the heck knows how long ago. They are so cute they should be outlawed. :)

This is for Polyvore. I plan on wearing this baby again!

Yellow, Grey, White for a School Day!
Yellow, Grey, White for a School Day! by dinagideon featuring FOSSIL watches
So many of you love this polyvore that I am sort of psyched to show you the outfit. But only sorta. 'Cause I am not feeling the whole outfit here, either.

I wore this on Thursday (5/14/09) last week and I think I need to fix this outfit. I love the gladiola-print cami and the featherweight cardigan together, but I just DO NOT like it with the white denim capris and the strappy sandals. I think I should have worn jeans and a pair of grey flats. That would have looked awesome.

I also HATE my makeup. Paging Casper, Dina calling...I stole your sorry!

Any other suggestions on what type of bottom to wear with this cute top and cardi combo?

I did a close-up of my cami for all you all who recently purchased it. I bought a Petite size 8. I am very out of proportion. My top half is very short in comparison to my bottom half. If I had similar measurements of my top on my bottom, I would probably look like a stick insect. People would probably force-feed me. :)

I prefer for tops to hit my high hip (unless they are stretchy) because I am nowhere near my size on top as on bottom. I could have bought this top in a regular size 6, but then because of how it hits the hip (in the middle), I would have had to unbutton the bottom buttons and that would just look stupid. So petite 8, here I am. :)

I hope all of you who bought it will love it. I definitely can see wearing this in the summer with a cute pair of shorts and sandals...

Have a great day, everyone. :) Thanks for having patience with me. So you know, I am done GRADING. Thank goodness...


HeidiG said...

Love the Boden dress. I think outfit #1 would have looked better without the cardi - i do love the tee with the new necklace. (but you were not short & stout in the pic). And I actually like #3. What didn't you like about it. I loved the crispness of the white wtih the gray & yellow. maybe just switching out the shoes to gray flats? (ask Gigi or FFM, they're so good with this)

HeidiG said...

And yay on being done with grading!

Drewablank said...

Yay! Welcome back, welcome back! *gives Dina a great, big ol' bear hug*

Ok, first things first, I love it when you tie your hair back! No matter if your outfit speaks to your or not (in kind, loving words, I hope), you look absolutely radiant when you have your hair up! :)

On the outfits...although, you did NOT look at all bad in the professor and the green(-ness), it did look a bit forest-y, if you know what I mean. A forest-y teapot. :p LOL! But I'm sure with the turquoise, it was MUCH better!

That Boden dress is adorable! I'm glad you paired it with cute sandals and kept it simple; it might've gone a bit off the June-Cleaver route! (Not that there's anything wrong with that...)

I agree with you on the black sandals...the white capris are fine...maybe just change the footwear to gray, white or even yellow sandals/(ballet)flats.

I just bought the same gladiola cami, and I'm planning to wear it with blue jeans (safe bet), a pair of gray jeans (from J.Crew a few seasons ago - with a pair of white and gray sandals, maybe) or like what you've shown here, white jeans/pants/chinos/capris. But I always have to remind myself - proportions, proportions, proportions - since the cami has a swingy shape, a more-fitting bottom is best, especially for hip-py folk like me. ;)

tm said...

The Boden dress is so cute!

Tina Z said...

Also love the Boden dress.

Patina said...

love, love, love the boden dress!!!!

Summerilla said...

Ok I love love love the green dress (like everyone else). It is so fabulous and you look amazing in it. I really liked how you paired the gladiola-print cami with the gray cardi. I have yet to wear the gladiola but I'm sure when it gets a little warmer it will become a summer favorite. No pun intended!

Emily said...

Love the Boden dress! I think I might have those Mossimo sandals from a couple summers ago. Tehy are really cute.

On #3 maybe black or navy capris????

Cate said...

the gladiola cami could be cute with navy... also, i LOVE that green necklace!

Joyce said...

Love the Boden dress and the Target shoes! They are a perfect match!

prince snow farm said...

I actually like the brown cardi and green's and maple it.

Unknown said...

I *knew* that was a Boden dress. I'll be a Boden Babe before I know it. Though I have yet to purchase from the site. Looks smashing on you, esp w/the shoes.

The black cami is effective in that it darkens the grey in the gladiola. It seems to yield more contrast between the yellow & grey in that way. But I would try the wwite pants again, swapping for a white cami to lighten it up. And navy. I swear -- navy goes with everything and it's just not as heavy as black. $0.02

JKW said...

Hi! This is my first post on your blog, which I've been enjoying for the past couple of months. You have some great ideas for outfits! I bought the gladiola garland cami last month, and I really like how you've paired it with the gray short-sleeved cardi. I think I'd opt for gray jeans or a gray pencil skirt as opposed to the white pants. And, I LOVE your Boden dress. So cute! I have a few skirts from Boden that I adore (the Fun Skirt from last fall in chocolate w/ teal sequins...a fav). Anyway, I have a tendency to ramble. Sorry. Love your blog!

kristin said...

Yes, that boden dress is adorable! Looks great!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dina, I just wanted you to know that I've nominated you for an Award! Please check out my blog for details. Congratulations!

Melissa@AllThingsSimplified said...

Love the Boden look AMAZING in it! :)

Not a fan of the black cami under the Gladiola...go with a cami in nude, and then a neutral or grey shoe. I just feel like the black is a bit harsh for the overall outfit.

Congrats on being finished with grading! :)

Melissa@AllThingsSimplified said...

P.S. I wanted to add that I also like your hair pulled back...very pretty indeed!

Btw...have you tried the Cate Slingbacks with the Gladiola outfit? They are a really great neutral on you. :)

Anonymous said...

I've never bought from Boden and always admire the catalogues. That dress is adorable-- very "Mad Men" ish. The cami in set three is so pretty on you. I love metalic shoes and I think silver sandals would love great with that outfit too!

Great pictures!

Jordyn said...

Tres cute! So I'm not hating on your make up at fact when I first look at the pics my first thought was I love the shiny lip and glowing perfect don't agree with you on that critique at all:)

dinagideon said...

Wow!!! Yay, I got a lot of really good ideas from you all...THANK YOU SO MUCH!

HeidiG: I think the cardi needs a very specific set of colors to appear less "nature." I love that drewablank referred to it as a bit "foresty." Heehee. #3 just bothered me because I don't like the way the proportions worked together and the colors were jarring. But I think you and the others are right about grey flats or sandals.

I am SO glad to be done with grading. Now I can catch up to my real life! ;)

Drewablank: Big ole bear hug backatcha!

I will totally wear my hair back more are not alone...I guess we can all learn things about ourselves every day if we listen!!! (Or read in this case!)

I loved all of your ideas and thoughts...I will be trying the gladiola out again soon...and displaying all your ideas when I do. Turns out a lot of you really liked the cami, just with different pieces to enhance it!

Tastymoog: Not only is it is SO COMFORTABLE. Crazy...I totally expected it to be uncomfortable but it feels swishy and light!

Tina (PhD): I am glad you is proving to be popular. For all of you who love it, I have seen it on ebay.

Patina: Thank you! Check out above for more on it...

Summerilla: Ooh, you have it too? I bet you will so gorgeous in it!

dinagideon said...

Emily: You were not the only one to mention navy. I have navy shorts...I think I will try that sometime. It could look really crisp that way! Thank you!

Cate: Thank you! Try target if you love the green necklace...I don't know when my hubby bought it but it could have been in May!

Joyce: I love it when pieces from random places work so well together. Serendipity! :)

Monogramgirl: Thank you...I am glad you like it. That means there were at least a few people the day I wore it not cringing at my earthen self. Heehee. ;)

Gigiofca: I can totally see you in the Boden cute prints. You love prints like I do and that is Boden's thing!

Thank you for your advice on the lighter-colored cami. Honestly I didn't even think about that until you said it! I definitely will do a lighter colored one next time!

JKW: HI!!! Welcome and thank you!

I love the idea of the grey pencil skirt. Ooh, now I need to get a grey pencil skirt!

Also, aren't those boden fun skirts the best? I am going to be posting some pics of me wearing mine soon!!! (Wore it yesterday--very popular with the kids.)

Kristin: Thank you so much!!!

crew girl in canada: Thank you...I went over yesterday and left a comment. I am so grateful. Blush!

dinagideon said...

FFM: Thank you. As soon as you and Gigi mentioned it...I totally thought, "yep, that is what is wrong with the outfit...the dark cami!" So I am going to take care of that the next time I wear it!

Also, I will wear my hair back on days with no headaches (headaches make me have a sensitive temple area and ponytails make it hurt worse)...and yes, I will try the slingbacks with the cami. Cute idea!

Stephanie: You have paid me the highest compliment...I love the way they look on that show. THANK YOU!

Also, I am glad you like the darker cami. I am not sure I will do that again, but I always think camis, period, can really add such a unique layer to a top!

Ooh, silver sandals...yes, that would look cute with a grey pencil skirt!

Jordan: You are so sweet and nice. I am hard on myself because I realize my face and outfits and all are out there for the world to see. And I guess I want to say the criticism before the hater commenters can. ;) (I know all you all get that!!!)