Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Review of the Beautiful Wallpaper Print Cardigan...

Which sadly has a hole. The tiniest, most miniature hole ever...but enough to bug the bejeezus out of me. Am I wrong to want to return it? I would order another one, but agh, how frustrating. The hole is located on the inside button placket (and on the fabric that isn't even visible) but still it's the principle of it all.

What would you do?

Okay, 'nuff said...I at least wore it for a pic so I could do a review. The cardigan is available from It is not on sale (I bought mine with 20% off) anymore.

The fabric is silk and linen...and I personally love the feel of it. Smooth, light as air, and very drapey. I bought this in a medium and think even with a bit of stretching through normal wear this cardi will still be fitted enough. The print is hand-printed and just so pretty. I even have a cardigan in which the pattern lines up perfectly (making me extra-sad about returning it...if that is what you all recommend I do). The buttons are metal (like on the merino michelle) and don't weigh the delicate fabric down at all.

I belted it but would also wear it open if that was my desire that day. :)

In short, if you love this print and fabric, I say buy it...but watch for the smallest of holes. (This may not happen to could just be my dumb luck...perfect pattern...small hole, of course. I would probably return it and get a cardi with no holes but an imperfect pattern.)

I swapped the cardi because I didn't know if I would return it, so I wore this instead. Same basic outfit but the featherweight cashmere short-sleeve cardigan in misty lavender. What a gorgeous color. It may be the only purple I can actually wear.

I did a review of this cardi in this post earlier.

And just because I can...there is CW holding her brother's Trucktown book. I love the contrast of her frilly, girly frock and the boy truck book. Funny!


tm said...

I love it with the plaid pant!! :) You should see if you can get a new one with a lined-up pattern. You are justified in wanting one sans holes.

I have the mini in this print, and the pattern is a *wee* bit off on one seam, but it's not too noticeable.

Drewablank said...

You're right, tastymoog! The plaid pant is a fantastic touch to the whole outfit. I'm never one who knows what pattern to match with what. The wallpaper print and the plaid? Perfect!

But yes, one without a hole would be preferable.

Ttastymoog's comment brought me back to the whole "pattern not lining up" debacle again (check out the comments...sigh). LOL! :D

And of course, CW is adorable! Those cheeks!!

Emily said...

I would say return it. I always return a defective/ damaged item. I know you can probably sew the hole closed but to me it is the matter that you paid all that money for it. If you call CS and tell them about the hole they should allow you to return it to a store and buy a new one with 20% off and possibly free shipping.

I do love the print on you! It is so pretty.

Kristin said...

You should absolutely return it! I would call in to do the exchange, ask them to be sure to send you one where the pattern matches up perfectly. A Bigger Closet called in one time to get a tank where the pattern matched the online picture and she was happy with what they sent her, so worth a try for you too.

It's a great pattern on you, so I hope you are able to get one that is great quality!!

melissamolasses said...

I say return it. I would be too afraid that the hole would become bigger or I would do a bad sewing job on it and make it worse. Lovely outfit, though. I like the lavendar cardigan as well.

Maybe they actually did a good job of lining up the pattern on all of these sweaters. I have this sweater on the way to me, so I can let you know how the print on mine lines up.

Kat said...

Oooh I love this! Now I'm kicking myself for not ordering it during the 20% off. Instead I ended up with two dresses that are just "meh" and going back immediately.

I would definitely suggest returning it, and I agree with the other comments. Explain the situation and get a new one. It will drive you nuts if you don't!

KatyO. said...

I love this outfit on you! But definitely return the sweater. Even if you got it on discount, it's still fairly expensive for it to have a hole in it already!!

Summerilla said...

I think the cardigan is great but like you I know a little hole in it would bother me to no end. I would definitely return it or at least exchange it for another hole-less one!

Unknown said...

Been there ... I've noticed tiny holes in some of my slub cotton crewwear tops. In my case, however, I only seem to notice the tiny holes AFTER I wear the top (is it me?!).

Since this is a new piece, I'd return it. If that hole bothers you now, it will every time you reach for the cardigan ...

HeidiG said...

Return it, definitely!

Do you read Lula Mae's blog - Moon River & Me? check out this relevant post -

Slastena said...

Dina, I was surprised that cardi is so thin. I really prefer them to be more substantial, but then I thought-hmm, it will be deadly hot soon, I would not want to put anyting thick then. The print is super lovely! I'd exchange for the one without defect and would plead the case with CS ( have them send you a new one F/S and 20% off) and return defective one to the store.

Ann said...

Dina: I love your blog (and those of the other JCAs)! This is my first time commenting on yours...I am a fellow Boden fan, though, and have the same red and blue cardigan you do (and so many other fun, colorful things)!

Back to this topic: I, too, ordered this wallpaper cardigan. Mine had no hole, and I love it. I agree that the fabric is so nice, soft, and light for summer. Agree that you should return it, but if I were you, I'd keep this one until you get the new one in hand...just to be safe. :-) I know how painful it is to have to return because of a flaw; I ordered the pink deco dots cardigan and had to return it because of a tiny (but noticeable) black spot on the button placket, near the top.

3-Penny Princess said...

I like the wallpaper print on you. I also like how you belted it and paired it with the plaid pants! I am all for mixing up patterns (as long as you follow Stacy & Clinton's rules: make sure the colors are the same).

JKW said...

It was great to see your review and pics of the Wallpaper Cardi, as I've been eyeing it lately. Love it with the belt and the plaid pants -- a very polished, yet relaxed look. Perfect! I know how you feel about returns -- you are a busy mom, and who has time for such things! But, you should probably return it and get one sans hole. You deserve no less, of course!

dinagideon said...

Hi--just wanted to say thank you all for your advice. I am definitely going to take your advice...and return it for another. is how I will get my best cardi:

1. Bring it with me on Sat. night to Mont. Mall to see if they have the wallpaper cardi there. If they do I will find the BEST medium and exchange it for my sad, holey medium. :( which could become :)

2. If they don't have the cardi there or they are all screwed up somehow, I will hold onto the cardi and then plead my case to j. crew's customer service to get another one (with no holes and perfect matching tiles) with the 20% off and free shipping.

3. When I get the proper (AWESOME) cardi in the mail, I will then return it to the mall for full credit (I have the receipt and tags).

I hope #1 happens as this would be the easiest on me. :) WISH ME LUCK!!!

You all have a great day and thank you again for such wonderful advice and support.