Friday, October 30, 2009

Boden's Parisienne Jacket and Brass Button Cardigan!!!

You all will have to forgive me. I am very wiped today. I have taken my cold medicine but it has definitely started to kick in and I am going to be unable to give this post my all. That said I want to get these photos up for you all to look at today. Even though I won't be able to answer any comments, go ahead and ask any questions you would like and I will try to answer them over the weekend, when I anticipate being in a better state of mind. :)

Parisienne Jacket, on me, with jeans, a top, a cute hat, and flip-flops. I wore this on the day we were *supposed* to leave for the Bahamas. Note I said we were *supposed* to...yep, we missed our flight. And to make matters worse, it was rainy, chilly, and awful weather that day. SAD!!! (In the end it worked out because we extended our vacation by one day at the end, and that last day was simply BEAUTIFUL--pics to come, I promise).

So I wore this jacket, finally. Up till that point, the weather had been far too warm to wear this jacket. You got it, the jacket is very heavy, very woolen, but also of the most yummy other words, perfection for a grey, yucky, terrible day.

You can buy the jacket here at Boden. Still available in all sizes, so yay!

I bought this in a size 10 (UK), as the size 12 would have been far too large. Bear this in mind, though, if you are a bit busty, definitely size up. Oddly, the only place where it is even a little tight is at my bust, which is very unusual for me.

The hat is from Target, by the way. The jeans are from Land's End and the shirt is from Kohl's. Only the hat is current.

Also, isn't CW so cute standing up and emulating momma? Love it...she is even really close to walking at this point!

Close up of the jacket and the very pretty hat from Target. CW is pretty darn adorable, too!

And one more shot, I think CW wants my hat...anyone know if they make these in baby sizes? I would love a baby-sized cloche!

Here is the polyvore of the second outfit.

I recently wore this outfit. You can find the info on the individual pieces in the polyvore. I will tell you that only the cardigan is an accurate item, however the pieces in the polyvore are pretty darn close to what I actually wore.

The cardigan is SO soft and pretty. And the buttons are just the right amount of embellishment.

I bought this in a UK 12. I waffled between that and a 10. Probably should have gone with a 10, but the 12 is fine enough, plus I can wear a thicker shirt underneath, if need be.

You can buy it here, and I definitely think everyone should. Unlike the Parisienne which could be too bulky on some, this I believe, could work on all. :)

Here it is unbuttoned. My face was just looking stupid, so I went "snip, snip" to my head. :)

Please ask away. I know I will have the energy for your questions at some point soon. Just not today!!!

UPDATE: POLYVORE ADDITION (9 pm...must go to sleep soon...):

Okay, many of you mentioned this cloche, so I decided to (quickly) create a polyvore with the cloche and the jacket in it, so that you could have info on where to get the items. BTW, the cloche is sold out on-line, but you could probably find it a local Target. :) Hope this helps you all!


Emily said...

I so almost bought both of those items for my birthday but I went with a more practical winter coat- boring! I am thinking I might still get the brass button cardigan. Is it me or does it kind of remind you of the JC Butterfield from last year?

Sorry to hear that you are feeling under the weather but hopefully it will pass soon. I can't believe how big CW is getting! Thanks for the birthday wishes!

amy kelinda said...

I love the green color of these pieces! They're so bright, which is wonderful to spice up the gloomy days we've been having here in Texas. The brass button cardigan is especially darling. And I would love to see CW in a baby-sized cloche! That would be adorable! I hope you feel better soon!

Marietta said...

Dina, you look FABULOUS! I love love love the Parisienne Jacket in the green (which is my all time favorite color ever), I think I am going to buy it!

Gymboree has the cutest Velveteen Bow Cloche Hat for infants.... and it's on sale now, too!

Pamela said...

OMG, too cute!!! Love that green color!!!

I tried that hat on at Target earlier this week and almost bought it. Why didn't I? Seeing you wear it makes me want to go back and pick it up!! It was so inexpensive, too! It looks great with the sweater, too!

Get well soon!!!! Sometimes just a little rest can do the trick-easier said than done though, right?!?

Anonymous said...

Oh Dina, you always look so wonderful in color. THe green is amazing in those cardis. I am sorry you are feeling under the weather. Hope you recover soon. Are you taking the kids out for trick or treat?

Feel better sweetie.

Cloggsy said...

I LOVE that hat girl! Does it come in other colors too? Have you seen the cloche on J.Crew - ahhhh I'm in love!

Kat said...

Oh I hope you feel better soon! I'm looking forward to seeing vacation pics, too!

You look great in both pieces. I actually bought both of them as well although I got the sweater in navy. I'm hoping to wear the Parisienne jacket tomorrow.

Have a great weekend!

GingerSnap said...

I seriously just about fell over when I saw you in that hat! You are born to wear hats! It looks wonderful on you...seriously. I think you should be sporting a hat like this daily :)

Erin said...

Those are both cute! I like the Parisienne but I just don't see wearing it much here in Cali, so I refrained.

I wore my Boden yellow and raspberry cardi today!

crewlade drinka said...

I have the brass button cardi in grey. I really like it but have not worn it yet. good buys at boden!
and fyi for your readers, if you order from them and have never done so before, you might be KNOCKED over by the quality. seriously! $100+ at boden vs. jcrew- no comparison. you won't believe it (i didn't!)

Cate said...

LOVE the hat... hopefully they have one at my target! I hope you feel better!

tastymoog said...
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tastymoog said...

I love both jackets! ahh, that vibrant green is second only to burnished olive in my book. :)

I saw Boden at the thrift store on Friday, weird! It was a red skirt and had buttons at the hips, kind of looked like JC's Adrian skirt.

Hope you feel better soon!

Ema said...

Love the brass-buttons cardigan and the cloche is adorable.

For those interested in buying one of these two Boden items, I have received a special offer from the NY Times as a subscriber. You get 15% off a selection of fall items (that include the parisian jacket and the brass buttons cardigan) and if you spend more than $150 you get a free striped henley. Code is NT10 (expires 11/27). Enjoy!

Sweet Tea in Seattle said...

The Parisienne & that cardi are two of my favs! They look *beautiful* on you!!

CheesyGoodness said...

Love the pics of you two girls! Great green Bodens, and I love your new Lexi, too. Hope you all had a fun Halloween!

HeidiG said...

Adore the cloche on you - so you!!

Thanks so much for posting the info on the Boden cardis - I just love that shade of green and it is, of course, just gorgeous on you!

Ema - thanks for sharing the code - so kind of you!!

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

I hope you feel better soon! I think I needed you today while I was shopping... I had this inability to make decisions (very unlike me) and ended up coming home with a very "not me" pair of boots, and an odd skirt... that's why ya shop with a buddy! lol

Sweet Tea in Seattle said...

oh - and Janie and Jack makes adorable cloches for little ones - I'm not sure if they have any right now but my daughter has a gorgy brown velvet one and a blue plaid to match a couple J&J outfits. :)

Silver Spectre said...


I have always loved you in hats. You have a natural beauty that hats always bring out.



dinagideon said...

Hi, guys!!! Thank you for your patience in waiting for my comment back...very much appreciated.

BTW, I felt better on Saturday. Friday was just an "UGH" kind of day. You all know what I mean. Now poor CW is kind of under the sad. :) We'll live though, just a cold!

I am glad to know that seeing these items have helped some of you out. The green color is just gorgeous in both pieces, I totally agree with everyone...

Emily: I don't remember the Butterfield, but will look it up! It also reminds me a bit of the funnelneck one from this year, too. I hope your bday was definitely deserve a great one...

Marietta: Thanks for the idea on the cloche. Maybe Amy Kelinda will get a chance to CW in a cloche!!! :) Teehee. Too precious!!!

Pamela: Get it now. Such a great topper... And so cheap, too!!! ;)

Rosa: We went out with some friends for trick or was a lot of fun, if a bit humid (???)!!!

Cloggsy: Only grey, sadly. But maybe it will come in other colors if Target sees it sold well...hmm. We'll see!

Gingersnap: You and my dad--two peas in a pod on this whole hat thing!!! I love hats, but rarely photograph myself in them...I own something like five cloches. This is the best one because it doesn't sit too low on my face, thereby obstructing my vision, although it is a bit mysterious that way. LOL. :)

Crewlade Drinka: I hope more people turn to Boden for pieces, very good quality for the price. J. Crew will always have special pieces, but Boden is sneaking right on in there. Mickey vs. Johnnie. Wonder who will win in the end???

Ema: THANK YOU!!! Very helpful for those who read this blog and love Boden. Heck, I might use it!!! :)

Lemonade Makin' Mama: I am there. Name a date, place, and time. I think I could learn a ton from you, too. It would be AWESOME!!! ;)

Sweet Tea: Oh, what a great idea. Love Janie and Jack...such darling clothing for kids... :) Thank you!

Dad: I love you, too. :) You look fantastic in hats, as well. Tell Peter we have his Pirate skull hat in my car...he'll know what I mean...

lilac cupcake said...

Dina I just wanted to say that I had been considering the brass button cardi for a while, and I finally ordered it after seeing it in this post. Like Emily said, it reminded me of the cashmere Butterfield from last year. So cute! Thanks for posting these.

dinagideon said...

Lilac Cupcake: Yay. I am so glad it helped to see it in real life. I suspect you are going to love it!!! :)