Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Bit of Orange Thanks to Miss Fiona!!!

Must be quick today...we have been in North Carolina for the past four days and we are heading home very soon (so I must pack and not post--but I can't resist a small, itty-bitty, little post).

This outfit is from one of my most popular polyvore sets...normally I put an outfit together and then create a polyvore, but this outfit is from a polyvore creation first. In real life, I really like how it turned out.

I wore it about a month ago when I took a walk on one of our local forest paths here in Northern Virginia (amazingly, you can go from very urban to very quiet and country quickly here--thank you Fairfax County Park Authority). I live very close to this forest, so I spend a lot of time walking in this area. The kids love it, so it is utter perfection!

I Like This Look for Fall!
I Like This Look for Fall! by dinagideon featuring J Crew

Here is the polyvore. Don't worry, all, I DID NOT wear the shoes walking in the forest. I switched to a much more appropriate pair for the walk. :)

But for the pic, definitely wore the shoes. MUST remember to wear nude socks the next time I try this look...ridiculous, those white socks peeking out like a mouse out of a mouse hole. :)

I am SO glad I bought this Fiona (very recently at jcrew.com, for something like 30 dollars) in a size 6. I had bought this in citron, but in a size 10, and sadly (as much as I love the color), it is far too large now. I wore it in this post, way back when. (Anyone want to buy it??? I haven't gotten my for sale blog going yet, but this item will be one of my first listings...)

So you all know, the gorgeous cuff bracelet was a gift from the amazing Drewablank. I said one time to her that I was all ga-ga over it, and she had it, but wasn't wearing it often, so she gifted it to me...how nice is that? I wear it all the time, I love it so...THANK YOU, Ms. Drewablank, you rock!!!

Also, HeidiG. is the reason I got these flats by Merona Collection. She had tried them on at Target and found them to be very narrow, so she suggested I try them on my freaky narrow feet. She was right, they are perfect for me!!! So, thank you, Ms. HeidiG.!!! :)

Okay, all, must pack now. Have a lot of cool things to tell you about...including a trip to the Arden, NC, J. Crew Clearance Store. Yes, it is amazing, and wow, there are some DEFINITE deals. :) (Just a little tease for you all...think the Winnie and now subtract a lot of money...)


tres tippy said...

ahh that is so exciting, i can't wait to hear about your finds at the clearance store! i love that fiona, i have it in black/grey and it is such a classic piece. can't wait to hear about your trip :)

p.s. i have the same pair of jeans too. aren't they so soft and comfy!?

Drewablank said...

I saw the orange and yellow in the polyvore peeking out at me in the preview window of my Google reader, and I just knew I would love your outfit! I loooove. :)

Like tres tippy, I have the same fiona in black/grey but wish I could've gotten in another/other color(s).

I am so glad you're enjoying that cuff! I knew I found it the perfect home. ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh that Fiona looks so good on you, and the shoes, OMG!
Please let us know about your finds at the JCrew clearance center.

P.S. Did you see I change the picture in my profile. Miss Lola is wearing a very Jackie O coat.

amy kelinda said...

CUUTE! I love the jacket! And it was super sweet that Drewablank gave you that bracelet, aww! It makes me happy to know that the J.Crew lovers community is so wonderful! Report back soon with details about your trip!

MMM said...

Great outfit~ love the color combo!

I can't wait to hear more about your Clearance Center finds! I am sooooo jealous of that Winnie! ;)

tastymoog said...

That is so nice of drewablank! :) I am sure some lucky lady will gladly take the yellow Fiona off your hands.

Have a safe trip home! Will you get back in time to vote??

MCC said...

I can't wait to hear about Arden! I live in NC and need to make the trek out there! You look so great in the orange Fiona.

gigiofca said...

You tease! So excited to hear about the outlets. Glad you won't be wearing those shoes in the forest. *lol* That cracked me up. And that's so sweet for drewablank to gift that beautiful cuff to you. Awwww....

AppGal said...

Ah! The Fiona...another enigma that seems to endlessly tease and haunt me...I want one so bad! It looks awesome on you.

Can't wait to hear more about your trip and see pics of your amazing finds ;)

Em said...

Did you buy the Winnie? I got mine there at the clearance store. In yellow. LOVE IT! And for... well, i won't spoil the price, but Dina is right, it's sooo cheap!

Also, love the orange fiona on you!

Summerilla said...

Love the Fiona - I have two but I bought the dark charcoal and brown and I wish I had bought a bright fun color, I really wanted the orange. It looks lovely on you too.

And how nice of Drewablank to gift you that cuff, what a sweetie! That is another one of my favs that I never scored.

I'm excited to see what you scored at the clearance store.

Anonymous said...

I luvee my Fiona! Luvee how you paired it with the Amber color--filing away in my brain!!!

kittykat said...

Great outfit, I just love the fall colors.

dinagideon said...

Hi and happy Saturday to everyone...

Tres Tippy: If I had to choose a pair of jeans to live in, it would be a pair of 7s...they are insane they are so comfy. :)

Drewablank: Ebay may be your friend. I haven't seen them on jcrew.com lately. I doubt you could wear my citron one, but you are welcome to try it (I think it may be too big for you). If you like it, it is yours. Let me know if you want to try it!!!

That cuff is one of my fave J. Crew pieces EVER. THANK YOU!

Rosa: Miss Lola wears her Jackie O. coat beautifully. It totally suits her! ;)

Amy Kelinda: These DC JCAs are the nicest women EVER. I wish we all lived closer so we could do all sorts of things together, but that's our countries (USA and Canada mainly) for you--big and VAST.

I reported back on my findings, but I think you already knew that. ;)

MMM: You know, I am always experimenting with color, but this is definitely one of my favorites ever. Especially for the fall...I felt like I matched the outdoors. I like to do that...you know, match. Except in the winter because that would mean a lot of white and brown...so I guess the Winnie will get a lot of play. And based on what you wrote me today on polyvore, you will be playing with Winnie, too, this winter. ;)

Tastymoog: We voted early! It was nice to take care of it, our family are big time voters. We even vote in the really tiny elections (you know the ones where the count comes back at 500 voters). :)

I wonder if drewablank will be the lucky lady to take the fiona off my hands (and I would give it to her for free...I mean, the cuff, the CUFF)!

MCC: Have you made the trek out there yet? I would love to hear all about your experience...

Gigiofca: I am a tease, but you know I always deliver!!! :) I am glad that you are glad I didn't wear those shoes. I sometimes wonder who reads my blog and if they really do care...I bet I would have had someone wonder if I wore them into the forest, and because I am slightly OCD when it comes to writing and delivering info, I HAD to add that bit...

AppGal: You would have to buy a 0 or 2. The 6 I have has a lot of room. If I re-ordered, I would probably buy a 4. Maybe ebay? I think the orange would look spectacular on you, too!!!

Em: 90 dollars is an awesome price. I love that you got yours there, too. 245 dollars is a lot of money...worth it for the coat, because it is warm and well-made, but for those of us without a ton of money, well, 245 dollars seems like a ton of money! :) Did you get it at the Arden store (I can't remember if you told me)?

Summerilla: Well, you and drewablank should join the awesome club...didn't you gift Ms. HeidiG. with the flora earrings??? :)

You would look beautiful in orange, for sure...

yogagirl: You also are a big-time experimenter with color, so I look forward to seeing what you do with this jacket, as well!!!

kittykat: Thank you so much! :)