Monday, November 23, 2009

Review of the Ruffles and Roses Tank and the Pearl Pebble Ring!!!

Ooh, I have like four moments to myself because I am subbing today!!! Just enough time to publish this post if I only give you the basics!!!

So, do me a favor, if you have reviewed either of these items on your blog, would you mind leaving me your info so I can later put them into my post???

Onward I go...

Items in this set:
J Crew top, $43
J Crew sweater, $148
J Crew pants, $40
J Crew flats, $145
J Crew tote bag, $298

Here is the polyvore of the outfit I wore with the (wonderful) ruffle and roses tank and the (gorgeous) pearl pebble ring.

I think I wore this the day after I bought the tank. That is my new test of whether I am allowed to keep something I buy from J. Crew or Boden. If I don't wear it in the first month of purchase, it has to go back. This does two things, it allows me to really think about whether or not I want the item enough to wear it that soon, and it also keeps me from spending the money because I cannot justify spending money on something I *may* wear in the future. It seems to be working!

I love this tank. It is black, and the ruffles and roses get lost in this first pic, but look how nicely it layers in this outfit. I felt like I looked good, but also felt good as every piece of this outfit is made from some nice material. The ruffles and roses tank is made from the tissue material so it is nice and soft!!! I bought a small, which fits very well (I often have to get x-small in the tissue tops). It does seem to be a bit steep at $42.50 but I believe that if you wear it enough, then it is worth the money. I suspect I will get a lot of use from this in all seasons, so I felt like at least this color was worth it.

There are more colors and sizes at

Here is a close-up of the tank without the cardi. You can see the "ruffles and roses" better here. See how nice this could look with a summer skirt or shorts??? I suspect I might get another color for summer when they go on steep discount (and yes, I will remember my "wear it by one month rule).

Onto the Pearl Pebble Ring. I bought it for $25, I believe. This is a size medium which means I can wear it on my index or middle finger. I wore it on the index with this outfit.

The gold color is a rose-gold color, which is a pretty, muted color, and matches well to the little pearl pebbles.

I honestly think for the price, I got a deal. I think even at $55 this is a nice ring and of a good value (its original price). I do not see it for sale at I think it has sold-out and I am not surprised.

Close-up of the ring from the front. Dresses up my hand. Love it! (Although, and I get this, costume jewelry is not for everyone...)

P.S. Mid-Century Mom is updated and so is Cash from My Closet!


amy kelinda said...

The ring is darling! J.Crew makes some really great costume jewelry pieces, although the prices are a little ridiculous at times. $25 is a great price, though! And the "wear it in one month" rule is fantastic, although I have the tendency to wear new purchases the day after I buy them, haha!

gigiofca said...

The ring is super cute. I'm pretty sure I reviewed the tank. The post is here.

FabulousFloridaMommy said...

Hi Dina! The tank looks fantastic on you! I actually bought the tank in 3 colors but am taking them all back. I laundered one in hand wash/delicate cycle and the ruffles and roses completely separated from the tee itself. I was in absolute very frustrating because I absolutely love the tank. However, I refuse to pay that much for something that won't even stay stitched together. I hope you have better luck with it than I did! :)

jcmama said...

I love the black with the olive color. Ring is so cute. I must say JC has some cute rings, too.

Patina said...

i have this tank in grey and love it. you were lucky to get the bead necklace before it sold out. i want it so bad. love the citron moccasins...they are so cute with your outfit.

Patina said...

Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you're having a wonderful day!!!

Debye said...

I really adore this outfit on you, i am going to J Crew today and will have to try on the tank even though I am not supposed to be shopping for myself right now :o)

dinagideon said...

Hey, all...doing my usual catch up and comment back all in one afternoon thing!!! Thanks for the patience!

Amy Kelinda: I am definitely going to have to follow this rule more often...I find that all the pieces I have bought in the last month I have I am going to keep this up. IN fact, I received a necklace today that I really didn't find looked good on me...but I have an idea of who it might look good on and plan on giving it to her for Christmas!!! :) I love that you love your pieces so much you wear them that quickly! AWESOME!

Gigiofca: Thanks for the link...I know people like to see all types of ladies try it a nice perspective, imo! :)

FFM: OH! NO! That is terrible. I will be very careful, but if that happens to me, that shirt is going to be returned stat!

You all have a great Thursday. Good luck resisting the 25% off at J. Crew (I have to hold off till rule...let's see if I can do it)!