Monday, November 30, 2009

Let's Take a Boden Break...Merino Ruffle Tunic or Hotchpotch Shirt, Anyone???

I know so many of you are disappointed with today's Cyber Monday offerings at J. Crew (20% off sweaters only--and only those they chose--feh...), I thought it might make some of you happy to see a non-J. Crew centered post. So I dipped into my (significant) backlog and pulled out two Boden offerings. Now, I don't think Boden has any Cyber Monday offerings at all, but they are British, so maybe they don't ever do that! (Also, Boden seems to offer a % off at all times, and they ALWAYS have free shipping and returns, so they probably don't have to have a Cyber Monday deal.)

BTW, Ann Taylor has 40% off your entire purchase and Ann Taylor Loft has 30% off your entire purchase. Those are % off that seem pretty darn special to me!!!

Outfit #1's polyvore is above. It includes the Merino Ruffle Tunic that is currently sold out in this print in almost all sizes. That is too bad, because this is an AWESOME item. I bought it over the summer without really being sure that this would be the tunic for me, but having had such good luck with this other Boden tunic, I decided to take the leap. And the leap proved to be the correct move. I felt like it fit me exactly as it looked on the model in the catalog (which is rare in these days of pinning, etc.). I even wrote my first (and so far only) review of it for Boden! (It received 5 out of 5 stars...)

Here it is on me. Size UK 10, which is exactly the right length and fit. Now, on me at 5'8", it is far too short to be a dress, but if you are petite (say 5'3" or shorter), you could wear this as a dress.

The only thing that concerns me is that the print is so Partridge family of the 1970s that it will be out of style very soon. But I have been fearing this for years, and I am still able to wear some of the crazier prints in my closet that I probably shouldn't stress too much about it. :)

Here is the polyvore for outfit #2. The Hotchpotch Shirt is probably not for everyone, but unlike the merino ruffle tunic, it is still available in all colors and all sizes. I think the shape of the shirt and the colorways it is offered in make it less of a "all-star" the way the tunic is, but if you find yourself drawn to it, I would recommend it. I personally love the sort of vintage feel of this shirt as it is unlike anything else I own (and reminds me of something that my dad or mom might have worn in the mid-70s).

Here it is on me. To counter its sort of roomy fit (I ordered it in a UK 12), I went ahead and paired it with tight matchstick jeans and a pair of the Alessia peep-toe heels in root. I also wore my hair back, as this kept the look a bit more modern.

I wanted to show you the rear shot because the matchsticks are such a great pair of jeans. I love them and feel that if they can look this good on my rear, then they can look awesome on everyone else (I have always had issues making my rear look fantastic). I also wanted to show you the preciousness that is CW. Too cute!

Oh, and take a look at the polyvore above. While taking a gander at the offerings over at Ann Taylor today, I found this image. The people who photoshop for these websites have serious issues. It is frightening what they did to this model's hips. Seriously. The editors need to get glasses, or a grip, or both. MAN!

Have a nice rest of your Cyber Monday. Happy Shopping!


Pamela said...

Boden Breaks are the best kind of breaks.
I wanted that ruffle tunic in any print pattern and they are sold out. boo hoo! It looks so good on you!!!

And that photoshop business is awful! her body looks all swoopy!

Suzy said...

Hi Dina!
First - you look absolutely incredible in those photos! You look very happy, and very skinny!!! I need to know your secret! I LOVE that merino tunic from Boden. I don't think I ever realized it was merino, or I would have ordered one for sure! I think that it is def. a keeper!!

So sorry I wasn't able to meet you today! It was fun meeting Heidi and shopping at JC! of course. I really hope that next time we can get together too!

Anonymous said...

Wow--you look hawt in those matchsticks! ;)

Kristin said...

Check out the Vera Bradley homepage, slide #3. Looks like some Boden in the suitcase, maybe?

Patina said...

love how your styled the first outfit!!! you look fabbie, as usual.

Cate said...

LOVE the tunic! looks so cute with the matchsticks :)

L said...

Oh, I love that tunic. I'm waiting for mine to come. I stalked the website, and they had it in low stock in ink in my size early Thanksgiving day morning, so I put off the cooking a few minutes to order it before it was sold out again!

Natalie said...

Hi! I just found your blog. I love both that tunic and the hotchpot shirt. I always have a thing for loud patterned tops, you just have to wear them with some confidence (which you totally appear to)

amy kelinda said...

I love the tunic on you! I wouldn't worry too much about the print going out of style - retro prints will always make a comeback. The matchsticks look wonderful on you too! With you and GingerSnap loving them, I'm going to have to give them a try soon. As for the Ann Taylor model photoshopping - it makes me so sad that retail brands do this! There was a big controversy awhile ago with Ralph Lauren where in an ad, the model's hips were Photoshopped so small that her head ended up bigger than her hips. Ridiculous!

Beth said...

Hey girl!
Cue stuff!
I have been ordering Boden things too.
I like the jeans!! Wooo Hoooo!
Hope you all are doing great!


dinagideon said...

Woot Woot! I am almost to the finish line of commenting!!!!

Pamela: The Ann Taylor photoshopping is so GROSS. I am glad there are a few of us out there willing to show that clothes can look decent on real bodies. If I was that model, I would be VERY ANGRY.

I always love a boden break. :)

Suzy: Merino, yep. Do you think you could get one of their tunics in the regular solids???

I know we will meet. Thank goodness the travelling is done for awhile. I love it, but it is very tiring!

Yogagirl: You are so sweet! :)

Kristin: That is boden!!! I love that color and style of sandal. If I already didn't own a million pair of sandals, I would have so bought a pair of those! LOL.

Patina: Thank you! In my opinion, more American ladies should try the long tunic over jeans thing...the British have been doing it for years!!!

Cate: Thank you. Aren't the matchsticks fab??? I never ever would have thought they would work with my pear shape, but somehow they do. Huh...

L: YAY! Good for you! Let me know how you love them...

Natalie: I am now following your blog, my like-minded sister. ;)

Amy Kelinda: Ooh, yes, do get the matchsticks. Darling!

That Ralph Lauren thing was beyond sick. I about puked when I saw that...I want to be thin, but a HEALTHY thin, not I am dying from some dread disease thin. Blegh. I think anytime I see evidence of absurdity on the internet, I will display it on my blog. Someone has to shout loudly about it!!! (Which I know is done by others, but more voices means more people will see and listen...)

Beth: Hey, girl!!! I love that you have a boden habit. :) I rarely see anyone in VA wearing them, so you, me, and Suzy need to trot about in our fab clothing from them. Go UK clothing!