Saturday, November 21, 2009

Let's Enthrall You All with Some Vacation Outfits (Part One--The Bahamas)...

I am so tired (it is 11:35 pm here on the east coast), so I am not going to bore you all with a ton of details about the trip to Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island in the Bahamas that our family made in mid-October. Suffice it to say, IT WAS AWESOME. I will explain why it was so awesome in another post (expect it around Thanksgiving when I will be looking for fun things to maybe this way my sweet mother-in-law can help me pick out photos for the Family Fun in the Bahamas post).

This post will simply be a showcase of all outfits I wore on this trip (and the very next post--except that one will be North Carolina in the fall) .

I am going to comment back on the last post tomorrow in the am, and also create the next post, so expect to see that soon. BTW, one of you all asked about when Boden has their Winter stuff on sale. I can't say with 100% certainty but I do know the Spring Preview stuff I ordered is supposed to ship out mid-January. That makes me think the new stuff will be on-line in mid-January, and that the older fall/winter stuff will be on sale when that happens!!! Hope that helps...

Onward to the outfits! I will only give pertinent info. If you have questions about something, please ask in the comments!!! :)

Sweater: Ralph Lauren Spring 2008, light yellow.
Shorts: J. Crew Spring 2009, madras plaid.
Flip-Flops: J. Crew Spring 2009, sunshine yellow?.
Necklace: J. Crew Spring 2009, in-store color only, light guava?.

Cover-up: J. Crew Spring 2009, Tea Rose (you have seen before).
Flip-Flops: J. Crew Spring 2009, Metallic Atlantic.
Swimsuit (under): Patagonia Summer 2008, some pretty blue print.

Dress: J. Crew Summer 2008, citron (you have seen this one, too).
Flip-Flops: See last outfit.
Earrings: J. Crew Fall 2009, Flora earrings :) FREE!

Okay, you might be getting weary, and because I teach, you always throw something in to break up the mundane. So here I am holding CW on my lap in the HUGE king's chair at Atlantis. At 5'8" it is rare for me to feel small. Darn Rex didn't want to be in the photo...but next time (and there will be a next time)...hopefully all four of us can get in the seat together! :)

Top: J. Crew Summer 2009, Caspian Blue.
Shorts: J. Crew Spring 2009, Tulip?.
Sandals: J. Crew Summer 2009, Metallic Silver.

Same outfit as in the king's chair with CW.
Cover-up: Boden Summer 2009, Multi-Color Print (Mr. Dina REALLY loved this cover-up--I think he wants me to wear it as a dress sometime...).
Flip-Flops: Same as outfit #1.

Top: Ann Taylor Loft Spring 2009 (I think), Floral Multi Print (you have seen this before).
Shorts: J. Crew Spring 2006, Brown (and you have seen these).
Flip-Flops: Same as outfit #2.
Cuteness: CW.

Cardigan: J. Crew Summer 2009, Linen Seafront Cardigan, Wheat? (you saw this recently, as well).
Tank: J. Crew Summer 2008, Bright Citron.
Shorts: J. Crew Spring 2009, Khaki.
Flip-Flops: Same as outfit #1.

THIS PHOTO GOT SCREWED UP IN TRANSMISSION--ERGH. If you click on it, all you will see is an error message. Too darn tired to care right now. ;)
Cover-up/Dress: Alice and Trixie maybe Spring or Summer 2008, Silver and Sage.
Sandals: Same as outfit #4.
Swimsuit: J. Crew Spring 2009, Pacific Blue. (They have Caspian blue, Metallic Atlantic, and Pacific blue. I expect to see Arctic Freeze, Southern Ocean Seascape, and Indian Ocean Ink soon...I copyright them RIGHT now, J. Crew...)

Have a great Sunday all. Talk soon!


Kathy said...

Beautiful outfits! I have always wanted to go to Atlantis! It is on my short list of vacations to take when husband gets over his fear of flying. If he doesn't, Seashell and I will be doing some traveling on our own!

ashley said...

i love all those bright colors that you wear! you look great! that one dress on the king's chair is super gorgeous! that's my fav! :) enjoy your thanksgiving week!

gigiofca said...

I don't blame Rex. That chair would have freaked me out. Super duper loving the citron dress & the print cover up. You look so beautiful & relaxed!!! :-)

melissamolasses said...

Ooh, I can't wait to see your post on Atlantis. I want to go there!

Also, have you tried on the Terra Paisley dress? I'd like to know more about this dress before I pay that price!

Ema said...

That last dress looks AWESOME on you! We are going on a Caribbean vacation end of January, can't wait ...

crewlade drinka said...

I can't wait to hear about your trip! Did you bring someone to help with your babies?!!(i feel like I need help- but i only have 1 22mo old) We have been to the sandals there and have only been to the public accessible aquarium (in the lobby) of atlantis but were thingking of going there someday. and I want to know about the missed flight you commented on!

dinagideon said...

I am subbing today so I have a few moments to respond back (woo)!

Kathy: I HATE flying, but places like Atlantis are so worth it. I just take an anti-anxiety pill and off I go...I love the side of my medicine bottle, it says "take one pill one hour before flying." Since I don't fly much it makes me laugh!

If you only get there with Seashell, definitely make a mommy/daughter day at the Madara is heaven. :)

Ashley: Thank you! If the beach isn't the place to wear bright clothing, then no place is good for brights! (Can you imagine me in black at the beach???) :)

Gigiofca: Yeh, haha, that's true. If at 5'8" I was swamped by the chair, I can see why Rex was freaked he is at that age where all things unfamiliar are scary to him...including feather dusters (I know, weird, right)...

That citron dress, love it! I always bring it on warm vacations, easy to just dress and go!

Melissamolasses: I will do the post soon, for sure.

Terra Paisley Dress is so beautiful, but like you, I am a bit put off by the cost. If it goes down I may buy it, but right now, too too expensive! It does seem to have a similar shape to the shimmer paisley dress I own, but made from a more substantial wool blend. I am also thinking it looks a bit like the watercolor dress also for sale at J. Crew (which is also WAY TOO expensive for me right now). If I get to try either on, I will let you know!

Ema: Thank you! I don't know if Alice and Trixie still make clothing, but the bits I have seen from them look very nice, I hope they continue to make more. This dress is silk and very flowy!

Where in the Caribbean are you headed? The Bahamas?

crewlade drinka: Oh, if only we could have had help. Heck if we could have afforded it, we would have brought my brother (he would have loved that). If you can bring someone, definitely do so. We just do what we always do...try our best to enjoy ourselves realizing it could just be moments until we have to go back to the hotel room or go out and take a walk with one of them, etc. Definitely not the free whimisical trips of the past, but still fun. And the memories are so worth it!!!

I will mention the delayed trip. It is quite a story involving my hubby screaming many curse words at the top of his lungs about missing the flight. What a day!

MARY said...

Hi Dina,
I HAVE that Boden cover-up in pink and green and I only wear it as a dress. I get compliments EVERY time I do, so go for it, girlfriend!!!