Friday, November 13, 2009

This One's for You, English Tea...Or How I Wore the Goldwyn Dress in the Fall!

I was just over at English Tea when I saw that she had purchased the incredibly beautiful J. Crew Collection Goldwyn Dress for a mere 20 dollars and some change. Good for you, girl. Nice!

I did not purchase my Goldwyn Dress for 20 dollars, but I did purchase it for 80, which is more than half off its original price. When I saw it in the May 2009 catalog, styled very simply with jeweled sandals, I was sold. Except that I wasn't. I could not justify the 185 dollars it cost, no matter how darn cute. But when it went to 99 dollars plus 20% off, I jumped right in. I was torn between a size 6 or 8. In the end (and this is how it works out sometimes), only a regular size 8 was left.

And it worked out just fine. I could maybe nip it in at the waist and shorten the straps, but in general, it looks perfectly nice on me in this size.

I wore it for our (8th) anniversary on October 13, 2009 (yes, I am one month late...figures). I also took pics of me wearing this, while doing the dishes (putting the dishes in the dishwasher) for my blog, Mid-Century Mom, but those aren't quite ready yet (but when they are...they will be funny)! (Hey, all I finally published the post!!! 11/15/09.)

Here is the polyvore of the outfit. I wore navy Cole-Haans because they are kinda (said quietly so the kids won't hear) sexy, but I think next time I will wear something a bit "strappier." In my defense, it was sorta chilly out that night...but I feel like the navy is too harsh of a contrast for me to wear these pumps (regardless of how sexy).

Here it is without the cardigan. The navy pumps look pretty good here. LOVE pockets on a girly girl special.

Here is the whole outfit, belt, cardigan and all. Just no purse. The purse sat out of the pic. Next time, definitely going with a clutch. :) LOL. It is so hard to go anywhere with a clutch anymore, kids and all their little things (yes, I know, I was on a date) don't fit in clutches.

The contrast in the color of the photos is from the lighting. In the first photo, only the ambient light plus the flash were used. The second photo has extra lighting from the lamps, etc. plus the lighting, so the second photo is "warmer." The first probably shows the color of the dress more accurately.

I plan to respond to the comments from yesterday's posts later today!!! Seems blazers are my good friends. I like Ms. Eden and Mr. Schoolboy a lot more now. ;)


Cloggsy said...

Girl, I am even more excited about the dress now because you look tinier in it than you normally do - which is something I pray for each and everytime I get dressed! Mine's a 12 and I'm normally a 10, so weeee, hopefully I'll look fabulous!

Hey, I probably would have paid $80 myself - I just lucked out BIG TIME with the $20!

dinagideon said...

Hey! Quick: If you even have to get it altered, at most you are looking at 20 bucks, which means it is still an AWESOME bargain.

I don't want you to have to alter...but the dress can run a smidge large in the bodice, so there you go!!! (Always okay in my book to take things in...always a bummer to have to let things out...) ;)

Cloggsy said...

Girl, have you not noticed my size D chest before?!!! A large bodice is more than perfect for me!

Cloggsy said...

Not that you are looking at my boobs or anything!!

dinagideon said...

Okay, I need to eat lunch, but I just laughed and laughed. On the floor laughing...

I don't know. Maybe I was looking at your chest!!! Hmm...the world may never know... ;)

Patina said...

you look stunning. i love the dress and it's perfect with the merino wave cardigan. happy belated anniversary

JCAUNCMom said...

Hubba hubba hubba and oo la la, Ms. DinaG! I'll betcha Mr. Dina had noooooo problem with this little purchase. :-) You look scrumptious, dahling!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You look so cute. OMD, I am counting the days until Mid-Century Mom is loaded with pictures. I just became a follower lady!

Anonymous said...

the first pic is sooo pretty--the dress fits you perfectly!

tres tippy said...

you look lovely in this dress! i am not a fan of clutches because i am so forgetful! i literally need a bag to be strapped around me at all times, otherwise i might lose/forget it! hope you have a good weekend :)

jcmama said...

I paid $80 and thought I was getting a good deal. I too fell in love with the dress from the moment I saw it on the catalog.
You look fabulous and especially with the cardi and belted look.
Mine's still hanging patiently for next year's anniversary in the summer. (It's a perfect anniversary dress, IMO!) Belated congrats to your anniversary!

GingerSnap said...

You look great! I too love that dress, but I sadly missed out on it...I waited for it to go on sale, but someone snatched it up before I could get my grubby little paws on it.

As for the navy, I like the look of them with the cardi/dress combo. I think if you got a navy patent belt they would work even better! When you just wear the dress by itself, I think you're right that a strappy sandal would be best.

Regardless, you look amazing! Congrats on your anniversary! :)

Anonymous said...

I definitely like it without the cardigan.. :) It shows your shape off nicely

Style on a String

Mslay said...

You are looking soo good in this dress! Have you been working out? Whats your secret to looking good...?

tastymoog said...

I think the dress is ok with the darker peeptoe... seems like a "heavy" shoe with a more delicate dress is some sort of trend these days. But I do agree with gingersnap, perhaps next time try it with a darker belt, too... just to tie it all together. :)

PS, I just did a post about the bahia dress. Couple pics of my fall options.

HeidiG said...

ditto on the dark belt suggestion, since you are such a belt lady (hey, it's better than being a bag lady...depends on the bag, though)

You look so gorgeous in this dress!! Love it on you!!

amy kelinda said...

The Navy pumps are definitely sexy! And I love how you made that word all tiny, it made me literally LOL, haha! I think you need some great nude heels - the peeptoe style really suits you! I adore the dress on you!

dinagideon said...

Hi, all (or those of you I didn't have a running conversation with, a la Cloggsy...heehee):

Patina: Thank you, and I agree, that wave cardi is just perfection with it. I love this cardi!

JCAUNCmom: Hahaha! That is so funny. He did love the dress, as a matter of fact... :)

RosainDC: Well, as you know, Mid-Century mom is up and running. I plan on creating a new post fairly fact, hubby is going to take photos of me cooking dinner wearing some dressy duds... :)

Yogagirl: Thank you! I love the fit...very easy and flattering, J. Crew does hit home runs every once in awhile, huh???

Tres Tippy: So funny about bags! I have used the le sportsac you sent me SO much this summer I had to give it a rest or fear for it being in tatters by September. I love clutches, but like you, only practical every (small) once in a blue moon.

jcmama: I normally don't like the model who did the modelling for this dress in the catalog, but she looked beyond amazing in this...

(So you know, the model is beautiful, but reminds me of a student teacher I had who made my life very difficult...)

dinagideon said...

Gingersnap: You don't have grubby paws!!! heehee.

I totally think your idea about the belt is awesome...I will definitely be trying that, and soon!

Serena: Thank you! Oh, and congrats on your blog...very cool!

Mslay: Love ya!!! Thank you! I credit almost all of my recent weight loss (not really any but I have toned up, if you will) to two things, eating cleaner and running around like a crazy person--CW is walking! So, basically, I probably will get down to my original weight sometime in the next six months or so! WOOP!

Tastymoog: Loved your post on the Bahia dress. BTW, I don't own the yellow ecole, but I have the olive ecole, which could look good in a kind of tonal way, I will have to try that!

(Oh, and fashion forward with these shoes? Ha, not by Jenna's current standards...)

HeidiG.: Yep, I like belt lady way better, although the campo tote is making me reconsider... :)

Amy Kelinda: I am glad that created a laugh. I feel sort of ridiculous when I say certain words (esp. of the illicit kind) because of my age, and kids, and stay at home mom status, etc., but I can "work it" every so often. ;) Thank YOU!