Thursday, November 5, 2009

September 20, 2009--A Day of Celebration (Baby Baptism and Birthday Party)!!!

Yes, I know this is almost two months late (well, more like a month and a half, but still, a crazy amount of time), but I have to throw my blog friends a bone who like to look at more than me in my clothing (which I also realize are my family and close friends, however, they turn out daily for that quick peek of CW and Rex, so I need to take care of them, too)!

Don't worry, my sweet blog friends into clothing, I plan on doing the J. Crew clearance center post, but I am going to create a polyvore for that, and it is still in planning phase, so give me a few hours! :)

That said, this post still has some clothing in it (how could it not)...

Untitled by dinagideon featuring Theory

And here is the polyvore of the outfit that I wore and my sweet daughter wore on her birthday party/baptism day.

Yes, she was baptized one year and two days after she was born. For Catholics, this is almost unheard of, but we had some "paperwork" issues regarding her Godparents, so it took awhile to get it all together. Thank goodness, though, we worked it out, and in the eyes of the church, she is completely free of original sin. :) (I like wouldn't believe how much time and energy I expended worrying about her poor soul her first year of life...can you tell I am a worrier by nature?)

Back to the outfit. All the info on the pieces is in the polyvore. I bought the Theory dress on super-sale in a size 8. It is GORGEOUS, isn't it??? Turns out many companies make items in Liberty Print fabric. (Yay!!!) And yep, those are my delicious Cole-Haan peep toes. I love them so much I bought them in an olive green color recently (a little smaller, but still very comfy and well-made).

Hey, would you look there? No, that is not a Tartine cardigan from J. Crew last year. Nope, it is the outlet version of the Tartine/Jackie cardigan in the prettiest shade of peacock blue. I have no idea if they still are selling this cardigan at the outlet, but I bought it in a medium for those of you who are curious. BTW, the cardi really did make the party (sorry, couldn't stop myself)...

Now, onto the part of the post for all my kids' admirers. :)

Look at baby CW there, with her adoring Uncle Peter. Can you stand it? Is there anything more precious than a little baby with big owl eyes in a bonnet? On three, 1, 2, 3, "Aaaaaahhhhh...."

Bit blurry, this photo, but so sweet. Love it. Tweaked it a bit in Picasa, but only for the effects...

There's my girl. She is wearing a Baptism gown that Rex also wore. Hopefully this one can be passed down through generations of kids. The one my brother and I wore has sadly been lost...

From left to right...Uncle Peter (Godfather), Me (Mommy), Mr. Dina ( usual), CW (baby girl), and Amanda (Grandma and Godmother). We are at the point in which CW has been baptized (if you look close you will see her head is wet from the holy water).

Now, it is time to party! And what is better than an ice-cream cake decorated with Yo Gabba Gabba figurines? (BTW, baby CW and Rex went as Foofah--pink figurine, and Brobee--green figurine, for Halloween, and yes, they were very cute, of course...)

Here I am lighting the candle (#1) for her cake. Yes, CW is wearing a "birthday princess" crown on her head and a "It's fun to be one" tee-shirt.

BTW, CW totally wore her Jacadi Liberty Print dress you see in the polyvore above, but (and I know, shocker), we totally forgot to take a photo of her in it. Don't worry, it is a very long dress and very loose on her right now, so I suspect strongly that it will come out to be seen another day, and for another picture. :)

Sorry for how badly exposed this is (dad, take your finger off the flash when taking photos), but still a very sweet image. This is right before things got messy (you mothers and fathers out there know what is coming)...

What kind of one-year old's birthday party doesn't have some sort of hilarity involving a very messy face from placing their head into the cake itself. CW did sort of a "dip head, lick ice cream cake, lift head, stare at her admirers, repeat, repeat" motion for about twenty minutes. This photo is from about halfway through the process. If you think this is bad, you should have seen Rex at his first birthday party. That boy knows how to get messy. :)

Have a nice day, you will hear again from me fairly soon!


tastymoog said...

How cute! Congrats on the baptism. I remember my little brother's... my cousin and I got yelled at for crawling/chasing each other around the altar (we were about 6). whoops...

The peacock tartine cardi matches your dress perfectly!

Kristin said...

Too sweet! God Bless your Little One!!

MMM said...

Ahh~ so sweet! ;)

Kat said...

These pictures are so sweet! Thanks for sharing!

Rosa said...

OMG, CW is so cute!!! I love the picture of her after eating the cake! You looked gorgeous as well. That Theory dress is so amazing. Love it!

tnorwood said...

Thank goodness I'm not the only Catholic who didn't get my daughter baptized immediately after she was born! :) Campbell's baptism is this weekend, and she will be a almost 18 months! We, too, had some issues with finding godparents, but finally are able to do it! Congrats on the baptism for CW!

nobelle said...

Hi Dina, your kids look adorable and you look pretty in that dress. Beautiful pictures!

joeyspizza said...

Hi Dina - this is my first post on your blog but have been a daily follower for months :)!

Congrats on the your baby's baptism! We did the exact same baptism set up for my first son 7 years ago - he was 1 year, 2 days old with the combo Baptism/Birthday celebration. Thanks for posting this because I always felt like a slacker about it :).

Thanks for all the reviews you do and for keeping your blog so cheery!

HeidiG said...

sorry can't leave comment

HeidiG said...

this is what I wanted to say in the last one - but my verification was "death". Honestly? That's just appalling. Bad Blogspot!!!! Can't let that karma touch my comment.

Anyways....Such lovely ladies!! You both look gorgeous - love those Liberty prints on you- they suit you so well. Kiddies are adorable, as usual.

(and glad you brought the cardi to the party, woot woot)

dinagideon said...

Hi, all! Happy Saturday!

Tastymoog: Thank you so much...yes, we totally expected Rex to be in the situation you and your cousin were in, but shockingly, he was well-behaved. To which we said, "wooh." :)

Kristin: Thank you so much!!! We appreciate your thought!!!

MMM: Thank you! :)

Kat: You bet, you all commenting makes me want to continue to show off their cute squishiness. Soon they won't let me. :)

Rosa: In real life, the cake-eating was so funny. It was insane, actually. I will show you what she did will have you on the floor.

tnorwood: Congrats to you and your family on Campbell's Baptism. That's awesome. (And you have no idea how relieved to know that I am not alone in this whole late Baptism thing...all my friends basically baptize when their kids are like one week old. I can barely move when the baby is one week old...I really have no idea how my friends manage...)

Nobelle: Thank you so much. I love these photos a lot and I am glad that I could share them... :)

joeyspizza (love that name--very cute): Wow, what a cool thing to have in common. :) I will say, it does save on the money and party planning, so there are benefits to waiting, even if it isn't really on purpose!

I will totally keep my blog cheery...I love being happy, so it isn't too much of a stretch to stay there. :)

HeidiG.: Oooh, that is CREEPY. Totally doesn't mean anything, but still, CREEPY!

Baby was like such a doll in her dress...I cannot believe I forgot to take a pic. :)