Thursday, December 3, 2009

Forgot About This Outfit (Overdyed Cropped Matchsticks for Anyone?)...

Hi!!! I finally have commented back on the last FOUR posts. Oops. I forgot that I had taken that long. I guess travel does that to you, makes you a bit stupid and forgetful.

Speaking of travel, I am STILL recovering. There were multiple times on the trip (Thanksgiving visit to Mr. Dina's family) where I felt every imaginable feeling possible. Let's see there was EXTREME DESPAIR on the flight down (I cried nearly as much as Rex did--we were not the friends of anyone on that flight), there was FRUSTRATING ANGER when attempting to discipline him while many eyes watched me with either disbelief ("what? a mom who yells at her child? no, wrong!") or rudeness ("why is that woman letting her kid yell and scream and cry so much?"), and the ultimate, there was INCREDIBLE EXHAUSTION after attempting to put CW down for just one minute but she screamed and hollered like I was cutting off her toes because I wasn't holding her for every minute of every day. Sigh.

I made it through the trip intact...but by the end I had kind of thrown my hands up in the air and just let Mr. Dina start making the decisions. And if you know me, you know I don't give up control very often. :) (That said...once I had given up control, I felt better. Like A LOT better. It was nice not having to assert myself...I think I may try that more often. Too bad I waited till the last day to try it!!!)

No polyvore for today's blast from the past. This is simply a look I like for summer (yeah, haha, great timing there, dinagideon).

The outfit consists of:
Top: Navy Blue with graphic floral image shirt from Nordstrom's juniors' section, probably 2004? It FINALLY fits again! :) Yay!
Pants: Overdyed cropped matchstick denim in misty lavender from this summer, 2009, J. Crew. These are a 30. They are very comfy. LOVE THEM. Also loved the price (something like $30).
Flip-Flops: Metallic Atlantic Wedge Flops from last spring, 2009, J. Crew. Size 10.
Necklace: Scattered glass necklace from this summer, 2009, J. Crew. One of my favorite necklaces, I wear it a lot! (No longer for sale over at, either. Not surprised it sold out...)
Watch: My old standby, white leather Fossil watch.
Have a lovely day. I hope to update my Mid-Century Mom site soon. Wish me luck! :)


amy kelinda said...

Yowza, sorry to hear about your stressful flight! At least it's over now, right? And it's a good thing you got at least one day to simmer down and let someone else take the reins. I love your cropped matchsticks! You should totally bust those out again once the weather warms up in, uh... 6 months, haha!

crewlade drinka said...

Hey, but you MADE IT through! I am always a little uneasy when settling into those seats with my toddler b/c you just never know what's to come but you know you won't be able to escape! so far so good for us, however, on the 6hr ride back from my parents last wk, he screamed and cried, and almost vomited crying for cookie, cookie b/c at my mom's, requests for cookies resulted in immediate placement of cookie in his little hand, and well, we didn't have cookies on the road!