Saturday, December 12, 2009

Stadium Cloth Winnie Coat (in Yellow) plus the Beaded Ribbon Front Top Equals Casual Confidence!!!

I promise I will get to the review of the ruched-waist dress from Boden, but I want that to be a stand-alone review, so I will either write it tonight or tomorrow morning. It appears it isn't close to selling out in the patterns (solids have been sold out for awhile).

Yay...I am on this whole "let's blog about my daily outfit thing" with startling regularity lately. Wooh! Above is the polyvore of the outfit I wore for our monthly visit to Bethesda, MD. We always head up there to go shopping, hair cuts, eating awesome food (either Indian at Haandi or Cajun at Louisiana Kitchen) and various sundried other things.

I will highlight the top and the Winnie Coat today, because it seems to me you all might need a review on those more than on the Jackie Cardi (my first!!!) and the boyfriend chinos. :)

Cardigan: J. Crew, Jackie Cardigan, Dried Orchid, Size Small, Winter 2009.
Top: J. Crew Collection, Beaded Ribbon Front Top, Antique Stone, Size 6, Fall 2009. Totally sold-out, but may be worth a check for a pop-back. Great sale price for what it is, so I would jump on it if it pops back in your size. I bought it full price (but with some sort of discount).
Pants: J. Crew, Broken-in Boyfriend Chinos, Khaki, Size 8, Fall 2009.
Shoes: J. Crew, Montebello Driving Mocs, Toffee, Size 9, Fall 2009.
Earrings: (Ann Taylor) Loft, Sparkly Earrings, Sparkly Color, Summer 2009.

The whole outfit was so comfortable...the only time I worried or fretted at all was when we were eating Indian food. I went ahead and buttoned-up the cardigan and then layered a napkin on top of it to make sure that no yummy food ended up on that gorgeous top. But when I was getting my pedicure, I was able to show off its loveliness. (I want this top to be a piece I wear a lot, even if it is "special.")

The silk in the top is very similar to my Cecelia dress, so it is substantial...and the beading is very tight and well-done. It is a collection item, so that might be why, but who knows?

I am wearing my regular cami size in this top. Check out Ema and gigiofca in theirs.

I don't know that I can wear this top by itself because the antique stone is a bit pale on me, but I think it looks so pretty layered with the Jackie cardigan in dried orchid.

I had never purchased a Jackie Cardigan before because the times I tried it on in the store, I would try on a medium, and the shoulders were a bit wide on me, so I just assumed the Jackie wasn't my girl. But on a whim, and at a wonderful price of $37.50, I decided to take the plunge with this color and a smaller size. Yay! (Normally, I wear a medium in cardigans.)

If you have thin feet, and would like to wear the montebello driving mocs, please try a whole size smaller. I am now getting to the point where I won't buy a size 10 in J. Crew shoes because they fall off way too I get a size smaller and then it fits fine width-wise, and the fabric then stretches a bit to accommodate me in length. Anyone else noticing a change in J. Crew sizing in shoes???

Coat: J. Crew, Stadium-Cloth Winnie Coat, Bumblebee Yellow (maybe???), but is actually Butternet Yellow...I prefer my Bumblebee version more, Size 4, Fall 2009. This was my favorite purchase made at the Arden Clearance Center, NC. Yay!!! There are no more coats in this color on-line, but there are a couple in navy still available.

The warmth factor is high in this coat, what with it being stadium-cloth, but I like that its shorter length is perfect for days when you don't need to be SUPER-covered up. The color is just that bright in person, and honestly, you could see me coming for miles amongst the sea of black and navy at the Post Office, but well, there you go! :) The sizing doesn't surprise me much. My hips are what make me a 6 or an 8 in tops. If the top is short enough, I wear a 4. This coat grazes my hips, so the 4 worked very well. The other thing I love? The sleeve length is REALLY long, and it is RARE for me to find a top that fits my short torso AND my sleeve length. So yippee, J. Crew...

HeidiG. loves her Winnie. Check her out in it here.

Have a great night (for those of you reading tonight); otherwise, Happy Sunday! :)


Patina said...

you look adorable. i love, love, love your outfit!!!

ashley said...

love the outfit dina! i'd love to recreate it one day! i totally forgot that I had a lilac jackie! i'll prob have to use my yellow maggie in place of the winnie. enjoy your weekend!

Cate said...

LOVE LOVE that outfit! Very cute.

Cleo26 said...

Very nice. And as usual, cheerful, fabulous colors.

MMM said...

Oh Dina~ you look FABULOUS!!! I originaly purchased this top at FP but I ended up returning it because I just didn't think I would get enough *wear* out of it to justify the $$$! However, a few weeks ago it popped-back online, on sale, AND w/ an extra % off so I jumped! =P It was waitlisted but I got the "your order has shipped" email a few days ago so I am sooooo excited to see it again!!

I have ALL of these other pieces as well so I will definitely be borrowing this look! ;) Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Indian food is my FAVORITE...esp. vegetable masala with rice--I just had it last night in fact!
I ordered the Jackie in the Orchid too-hope I like the color!
The top is so pretty and feminine! and the Winnie Coat looks fantastic! Great outfit for your fun trip to Bethseda!

Anonymous said...

I love how you put yellow and khaki together - it looks so good! I would have never thought of it myself, but now am totally "stealing" the idea. I love yellow, but always have trouble finding a good "partner" for it, so now you gave me the clue... There is something so positive and cheery about a yellow coat, isn't it? Our weather here either requires t-shirts or long down coats, so Winnie would feel abandoned in my closet... otherwise I would be so getting it (You are such an enabler, haha)

Marietta said...

You look great, love your outfit, and your color combinations.... so cheery! I actually wore my beaded ribbon front top (antique stone) myself for the first time Saturday night! I paired it with dark denim Joes bootcut jeans, a black merino long cardi with bling buttons (Ann Taylor), JC patent black mary janes and jeweled garland earrings.

dinagideon said...

Marietta: I love the sound of that...I need to find a way to make it night-worthy, without going overboard. I hope you don't mind that I am going to steal your outfit idea!!! ;)

dinagideon said...

So I responded to Marietta thinking I had responded to everyone beforehand. ??? Where is my brain? Oh, that's right...I left it behind when baby CW decided that she should get a fever and keep me up half the night. :P

Thanks, you all for responding. I LOVED this outfit, too. Definitely going to be wearing all these pieces again. :)

MMM: Ooh, on sale? Love it! Wish I could say the same for me! :)

yogagirl: We have some FANTASTIC Indian food around here. One of my favorites ever is called Minerva and it is AMAZING. I cannot believe how good the food is...mmmm...

Leslie: Hmm...yep, I definitely enable. :) But there are some bloggers out there who enable way worse!!! (HeidiG., Slastena, Summerilla...heehee...)

kittykat said...

I love the beaded ribbon top, it looks great on you. I tried it on in the store, but the color was just not good on me.

Summerilla said...

I love the way you paired the ribbon top. Mine has just been sitting in my closet, I just don't have the right color cardigan for it yet. I really need to wear this soon though I just love it. I think light purple/lilac looks best with it too.

dinagideon said...

KittyKat: Oh, hon, that stinks. I sort of look washed out when I wear that color, too, but found the pop of lilac really helped. Would you think about a cardi as an option???

Summerilla: Yes, stat, bring it is such a fun, interesting piece that can work in many different ways. :) Can't wait to see it on you!

Anonymous said...

what's your favorite Indian dish????

Slastena said...

Love the ribbon top ( got it in black , yey!), but even more so love your yellow Winnie.It looks so pretty on you! I am beating myself up for not snatching one when I had a chance. Now it's gone.