Monday, December 14, 2009

Seems Boden is the J. Crew of the U.K.--(Or So Says this Article...)

Even dinagideon isn't this daring...

Because I always have time on my hands (I seem to hold CW a lot these days...btw, she is feeling a bit better), I need to keep myself occupied, yet have something to keep me amused while my little ones sleep or eat or whatever. So I do really random searches in Google Images on clothing I own. Yes, I just admitted that. I like to see what other people look like in my clothing, and I am always on the hunt for more images to clip to polyvore.

Tonight, I searched "fun skirt Boden" over at Google Images, and lo and behold, I found the image at the top of this post.

But it got even better...this lady is a journalist over at Britain's Daily Mail, and she wrote an article about HOW INSANELY POPULAR Boden is with a certain set of women (even elevating what they do to a cult--love it)...women who get onto mumsnet and figure out how to meet up and shop for Boden, or talk about Boden, or talk about when Boden is going to have a sale, etc. Hmm...sounds a whole lot like J. Crew Aficionada. Wow. So even though over here in the United States there are only a few of us diehard fans of Boden (and even less of us who actually blog about it), it seems we would be in good company across the Atlantic.

And I suspect they would adore us, too. After all, we know a few things about waiting with bated breath for a sale. Heehee.

Enjoy the Have a nice night, all.


Sweet Tea in Seattle said...

how fun! I had no idea... Thanks for posting!! :)

DaniBP said...

That is so funny!
I have to tell you that seeing your fab Boden outfits made me want to jump on the Boden bandwagon a few months ago. Guess what? They don't ship to Canada! I even contacted their CS to confirm this ridiculousness, and it's true!
Obviously I think they should change that policy.
Thanks for the post!

tastymoog said...

So funny that the article mentions the first lady asked for a catalog!

Anyone else find that Boden's US site runs really slow? I don't have that problem with any other sites I frequent.

I wish their skirts came in petite. Lots of cute styles, but I doubt they will fit. I'll have to keep my eyes on the sweaters for now.

Kathy said...

It makes me feel a bit better knowing the JCAs are not the only ones obsessed with clothing, shoes and accessories!

dinagideon said...

If you all want to see something REALLY funny and eerily similar to some of the posts over at JCA, here you go...very interesting stuff...

Sweet Tea: Yes, I had no idea either. Figure I should brush up, what with me kind of taking on the role as the American Boden Aficionada. ;) Just kidding...

DaniBP: No, that is just not right. You all were way more loyal to the mother country than us. And for sure way better than GERMANY or AUSTRIA. :) Does Boden not realize that we fought a big-*** war with them way back when and that Germany and Austria were the UBER-enemy only what...70 years ago???

They should spread the love to their white sheep babies, like Canada, New Zealand, and Australia. USA--definitely the black sheep baby. :)

Tastymoog: Yes, I will post a photo of Mrs. O if she ever shows up in a hotchpotch top. ;)

I never have issues with their site, but I bought my laptop over the summer and even my tech-savvy bro fell in love with its speed. I will have to try it out on our dinosaur computer in the playroom sometime.

Boden is offering UK 6 next spring, or size 0 or 2 US...order early though...I suspect that size will sell fast (just like the 0s and 2s sell quickly at

Kathy: See the link above. We seem like cuddly bears compared to some of those ladies. haha. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the article. I have been a Boden loyalist for a couple years. I love that not everyone has the same top, sweater or dress. I have found with many Boden tops that they can tend to be very low cut and I have to wear a cami to feel comfortable.

Anonymous said...

Interesting article, thanks for sharing Dina!
Just passed you an award on my blog, check it out

dinagideon said...

Anon: Boden is FAB, yes!!!

About their tops, huh, I haven't had that experience, but then I tend to buy a lot more of their dresses and skrits...yes, that would bug me if I had to wear a cami with every top I bought from them. :)

MissMasala: Oh, thank you SO MUCH!!! I need to get some time so I can really put some nice thought into the post I would do accepting the award. :) You are always so sweet and I adore your blog!