Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Drank the Crewlade and I Am Feeling Fine...AKA Some In-Store In Real Life Photos...

First, I want to commend ALL bloggers who can manage to take photos in dressing rooms. I found this to be challenging. There was plenty of light, sure, but I felt at once illicit and contorted (hard to take self-portraits under pressure).

Second, I really had a nice time shopping tonight. I returned a big item to the Crew that I had put on Mr. Dina's card because I felt bad about it. I had re-purchased it on my card, so basically it was me being responsible for paying back my sweet husband. I also returned a tee that my darling stepmom had bought for me without having realized that I had already bought it for myself. :) It's okay, it just means she knows my taste.

I love the crew at Pentagon City's J. Crew, so sweet and nice. Jody is my bud, and even though she doesn't normally work during the week, she was there tonight, and it was great seeing her and talking about all the gorgeous new items. So, merci, Jody!!!

Third, I have not forgotten about the other post I started today...I love the Real World/RR/RW Challenge/Jersey Shore discussion we are having.

Onto the try-ons from the good (and why I am convinced I have drunk the crewlade) to the very bad (at least on me). Top two are the good, the middle two are the meh, and the bottom one is the very bad.

I saw this dress, the ruffled Carly dress on the hanger, and it had ZERO appeal. I actually tried it on for Jody as kind of a, ha, ha, this is going to look SO stupid on me.

And then I put on the size 8, $98, cotton ruffled concoction. And I about died...I could not believe that 1) it fit, and 2) that it looked as good as it did. Even all wrinkled (I am getting out my tiny steamer iron stat), I could see the potential...tights and flats and a cardi in winter, barelegged and flip-flops in summer. Gah.

I walked out and showed Jody, and she was all, "yep, you are not imagining it, it looks good."

I then sat down, and it was, shocker, COMFORTABLE. Well, there goes the exchange on the tee and then some. Sigh. :)

There is no link to it on-line, not available yet, but you can see a pic of the model wearing the paler one at the top of the dresses page. I notice hers isn't wrinkled.

And here it is from the side. Head to toe ruffles? Yeah, I still am sort of amazed. I am sure Mr. Dina is going to have a field day with this (have you all noticed he doesn't like ruffles)? :)

I also came home with this tee. I have the other rose tee, but it is too big now, and I needed a replacement. Plus I prefer these roses (the material is less frail) and the v-neck works better for me. I can't find this on the internet, but I bought a small for $48.

If you want to buy my other roses tee, I will sell it someone for $15 shipped (inside U.S.A. only for free shipping). Size Medium. It has a small hole at the neckline and under one of the roses. Just so you know...gotta be fair and square in this business.

Love this more on me in the picture. Isn't that weird? I am now wondering if I should have gotten it? Size medium, $88. Adore the print, very mid-century modern, which is my thing, but in real life, I felt it was too pale for me or something. Sigh. Maybe this was my sign that I should only get it on super-sale (which it may never get to, Jody said most of the sizes were gone, even from the back).

Buy it here at

Don't see this at, either. Like this color, love the idea of a merino type sweatshirt, but execution wise, just not the right look for me. This boyfriend shape is not really good for me, hides my waist, and I don't want to do that. Size small, pretty good price at $69.50.

Yeah, no. Color--wrong. Embellishments--too big for this type of tee. Idea of tee--cute, but execution all wrong. I imagine this could look good on someone, but can't even think if there have been any reviews at all of this top. Maybe there are none and for good reason. I believe this was $45 and this is a small.

Can't find it on the website, either.

P.S. If any of you have reviewed any of these items, could you please let us know in the comments???

I don't know when I will ever do this again, but it was fun. It is hard to get out the house, but I had the opportunity, so I did. Maybe I will make opportunities again in the future. :)


laceysiegel said...

The dress looks AMAZING on you. I'm glad you bought it. I really like the cardigan. Can't tell the exact colors but could you wear it over the dress? You should get it when you can b/c I think it looks great on you and it has so many colors it will go with many items in your amazing wardrobe. You have yet again made me want to try on the dress (I usually don't look good in them)and I must get the roses tee b/c I missed out on the last one JC offered. The last tee seems like so many others and the flowers won't show under a cardigan. I'd pass. I was told there will be more items rolling out 1/2. BTW - You're a good wife.

gigiofca said...

I loved the stained glass cardi on you. So much better than online!

dinagideon said...

Oh, my goodness. You two enable badly. Well, I can stalk it on-line (placing in basket right now) and then buy it when I can feasibly afford it (yay for consignment shops and the exchange).

Thanks, ladies. Appreciate the hubby doesn't, but, eh, what does he know about fashion? Hee hee.

Okay, off to bed.

Debye said...

Great reviews! I always feel like I am breaking some kind of shopping law when I take my dressing room photos.

I love the dress and the stained class cardi...such great pieces!

melissamolasses said...

I can't believe that you did not buy the stained glass cardigan. It just screams "Dina!"

txmom said...

The stained glass cardi is my favorite of all the items! May have to try it on myself when I get a chance...they just got it in at our B&M. I think the SA said it was coming in in shorts, too....although probably they will be too short for me!

Cleo26 said...

Dina, i think the dress and tee were good choices. Did you find them TTS? What colors were available at Pentagon City? I'm looking forward to seeing them at some point.

From the photo, the stained glass cardigan looks nice on you. However, if you weren't in love with it when you tried it on, i would move on. There will always be other cute pieces.

txmom, i've seen the shorts, and they are the 3 inch ones, so, for me, very short.

HeidiG said...

I am totally digging the dress and LOVE that color. Must try on when I get home. Love the merino sweatshirt, too - fab color, and you know how much I like the boyfriend cuts... I do love that stained glass cardi on you - it seems to "you", I am surprised you didn't get it. Thanks for sharing all the fab pics!!

laceysiegel said...

dinagideon: For millionth time I bought items based on your blog and used a gift card for my upcoming b-day (1/7). I bought the Allover Rosette Tee in pink that you modeled and the Carly Dress w/o even trying it on. A bit risky b/c I usually hate dresses on me and I never buy stuff I can't try on, but it looked so cute on you and you said it was comfortable. I trust your style/size/fit recommendations. I'm hoping for me, it's also good for hiding a stomach that's not totally flat. The JC Collection Store ran out in all sizes except0. We called from The Red Phone and they said it was briefly posted online and was quickly taken down b/c it's sold out in the only two colors offered online. I think they were light amethyst and either Shell (light pink) or Brown. I can't remember. When I'm on vacation, my brain is also. I had to do a "We Will Find It" b/c the color I wanted -slate gray- is retail only color and they had none left online. I also bought some items you didn't model. I purchased the Ruthie Ruffle Shell that I tried on in bright coral color (nice) but ordered in Pear (online color only). I have nothing in pear so I'll give it a try. I think it will be great with tan/brown, white, blue, and black, You should know that it has a side zip. I don't typically like side zips but it fit me better than other side zippered items in the past. I was pleasantly surprised. I also ordered the textured jersey floral splatter tee in light pewter (catalog/online only) in light pewter. I fell in love with the colors. Hope this is helpful. Happy New Year and thanks for helping me make my pre b-day purchases.

dinagideon said...

Since it is New Year's Eve and I have to start getting ready soon, I have to keep this brief, but:

I BOUGHT the darn Stained Glass Cardi. Here's the story (and one you all will love)...get a call about the merino rose corsage cardi in mustard in a size medium being sold out and they are very very sorry. So I say, are there any smalls (I was right on the fence size-wise, anyhow), and she says "no, none left." To which I sighed and said "this is way too freaking perfect timing not to do this," and ordered the stained glass cardi in its place.

It works out better because I spied a VERY small snag in the one at the store (nothing terrible, but I am OCD about my clothes and that is all I would focus on, I know, I am nuts).

Okay, so here goes: Stained Glass Cardi atop the Ruffled Carly Dress, with a patent skinny belt over top both pieces, tights, and flats. Doesn't that sound exceptional???

HeidiG.: That yellow merino sweatshirt in medium would be PERFECTION on you.

LaceySiegel: Well, wow. That sounds GREAT. I love that you got some amazing pieces.

It also sounds like if you don't HEART the carly dress then you can return it and it would be picked up real fast. I cannot believe how quickly it is selling out. :) Well, yay! That makes me super-happy to know that I got such a lovely is like maybe my instincts were right on this one. I can't always say that is true!!!

I will have to upload a clean copy of the dress so I can put in my polyvore account if this a retail only color. I saw that there was olive, and while I normally LOVE olive, I think on this dress it might make me look like a militaristic amazon woman. Haha. ;)

Enjoy your choices...let us know how you love them when you get them (those that you had to order).

Oh, happy early Birthday!

laceysiegel said...

Dinagideon - I'll let you know how the Carly works for me and if the textured jersey floral splatter tee is as fab IRL as it seemed online. Thanks for your b-day wishes.

C said...

the blog "Objects of My Closet's Affection" has the Stained Glass cardi.

Anonymous said...

Dina, I love your blog and I think you are cute as a button but honestly, that dress is not very flattering on you. I do not want to sound snarky or mean - I have seen you in dresses in which you look like a total knockout and this is just not one of them. This makes you look like a block - it detracts from your curvy shape and your delicate shoulder line. I would think just looking at the picture would show you how unattractive it is. Sorry! love the stained glass cardi on you though!

dinagideon said...

Well, Anon. I have no money so maybe I will return it.

Good to know.


MMM said...

I bought the Stained Glass Cardi too! I must go back and try on that dress as well- I think they'll be perfection together!!

I can't wait to see you in this outfit!!

**Happy New Year**

Chanel Fashionista said...

You won my giveaway! Send me an e-mail at:!

Anonymous said...

The Carly is a KEEPER--your legs do look amazing! I love it!!! It;s got a Safari-ish feel and I've always wanted a Safari type dress but haven't discovere one I truly love. If I get this it's because of your POST! I gotta try this one NOW!