Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Review of the Shimmerveil Charmed Mini-Bag...Plus What I Really Wear When It is Nasty Outside!!!

The sister of this bag has so many fans, including yours truly, but I have not gotten her sister yet. (Soon, darn it, soon, your "sold out" status does not stop my desire!) Reviewed by nojcrewinjapan and shannon, you can see why I am so interested in it.

Here is the thing, though. I wear a lot of bright colors and paler neutrals. In all honesty, the tweed sister would only come out to play every so often. That is why when faced with the prospect of 30% off all items at J. Crew, I went for the Shimmerveil Charmed Mini-Bag...it just suited my life more.

When all was said and done, I got this beautiful, feminine, chic bag for about 135 dollars (it normally costs 198 dollars).

It is currently sold-out, but be like me...hold strong, popbacks happen all the time.

Here is what I saw when I opened the dustbag (of course it has a dustbag, however mini it may be). Oh, swoon. This may be the most lady-like purse I own. Then I touched it...the leather is so SOFT and special.

And the chain? Extremely substantial, yet in no way masculine. The charms? Full of (well, and pardon the pun) charm. ;)

The clasp does its job well and with only the barest "hint" of a click. If a mouse made clicks, this is what it would sound like. However tiny the click, the holding power is "STRONG" and there is no coming undone once clicked shut.

This is a well-made bag, and barring the canvas interior (why not a beautiful printed lining, like the lovely watercolor leopard print), is worth every penny...even at full price.

Now can you see why I want to own both sisters??? :)

The dustbag home of my pretty.

My pretty all open and saying "hello." Or because thees ees zee Franch bag, "bonjour."

Pretty, pretty, special little charms. I think you alone make the bag. :)

Ignore the mirror. It needs a good cleaning...I know. Many little hands play on you every single day...

On one shoulder, the bag comes right to hip length. The chain keeps the bag on quite nicely. The chain makes the bag heavier, but nothing too dramatic. There is not a lot of room but I can put a few credit cards, an id or two, lip gloss, powder, my cell phone, some cash, and my keys. But since this bag is the bag equivalent of the Paris Catalog, I won't quibble that it can't hold more.

And I am now moving onto the non-charming, non-pretty portion of today's post...what I really wear when it is nasty outside, specifically when I need to go to the grocery store because we are out of everything, but there is no way to drive there because our street is an icy/slushy mess, so I need to walk there (thank goodness we live 3/4 mile from a grocery store, a Starbucks (yum), a bank, and a CVS).

I have warned you...if you continue on and want to be a willfah (my own name for trolls who leave negative, non-constructive comments) know that I will be mad. :) Just kidding. But I am still warning you.

Hat: From Anthropologie a million years ago.
Sweater: Old Navy from a million years ago.
Turtleneck: From J. Crew a million years ago.
Pants: Nike MEN'S track pants from a million years ago.
Boots: Payless Rain Boots from a million years ago.
Coat: (not-pictured) From L.L. Bean a million years ago.

Like you expected me to wear my nice clothing in the slush? Pa-sha. Not even.

Baby CW stayed home. Only I braved the elements.

At least this outfit isn't as bad as this one from March. Heehee.

Have a great day...coming later, a review of the watercolor leopard dress (it sure is pretty)!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Dina,
As my husband would say the best accessory to any outfit is a huge happy smile. This picture of yours is a good reminder of that!

dinagideon said...

Oh, Anon...I blush. :) Thank you. And considering it was just a run to the grocery store in the ice and snow, I think the outfit can be excused. haha. And really the hat makes up for it all...it was just enough different from all the skullcaps out there...

Have a great day!!!

tres tippy said...

I happen to like your in-the-snow outfit and I have to tell you, I have very similar pants that I purchased from Abercrombie of all places. They were probably overpriced even back in 1999! Hope you are staying warm. We have friends in your area who got soo much snow before we even had an inch and I thought of you! Have a wonderful holiday! :)

Kristin said...
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Pamela said...

Boy, for things made a million years ago, that's not so bad. I'm impressed you have a nice sweater on. I probably would have had an old ratty sweatshirt since I'd be hidden in a knee length parka. I've been there!

Can you wear your new purse messenger style, too? It's cute. I like small bags for fairs and festivals, so you can carry what you need and be hands free.

Kathy said...

The bag is adorable and so very, very pretty!

Ehhh, if only you could see me today! My car is in the shop (for now another day!) and I have a forced day at home. Life is good tee and flannel pants, unmatching, of course!

ashley said...

how pretty! i love those little baubles at the end! stay warm and drive safe out there! :)

GingerSnap said...

I just love your new purse! It's so very pretty and ladylike :) I am sure you will get tons of use out of it. I bet it would even make a great evening bag!

As for your outfit in the snow...I'm not judging! You should see how I go to the grocery store...hint: It involves VS sweat pants and an oversized tshirt. I don't even know how I can have a fashion-related blog when I'm SO scrubbed out at the food store! Your look is 200% improvement from what I wear! :p

Ema said...

I have the tweed sister of your charm bag but I was really disappointed by the cotton liner (I feel like it isn't worth $200 even if I paid a little bit less) and as a matter of fact I haven't worn it yet.

I love your snow outfit, I'm kind of jalous that you can wear whatever you want to go to the grocery store!

Marietta said...

Hi Dina - the bag looks great on you! I ordered the tweed sister, but it is too long on me (I'm only 5' 1.5") and does not look right, so I am returning it after Christmas.... be on the look out fot it to reappear online!

HeidiG said...

Just drooling over the new bag - so so so pretty!!!!

and I didn't even have to click to know that you were talking about the "lame" outfit, hehehe! and Anon is right - your bright smile perks up any outfit.

How are your roads? Hubby said that it looks like the plows haven't even touched Mclean - he's been to work both days this week.

Slastena said...

Dina-this bag is very pretty, but I really want the tweed one. Somehow I could not bring myself up to spend so much on it ( even with extra% code going on). I just start thinking how many sale items I can get for the price and it stops me dead cold, he he. Maybe, just maybe ( I am dreaming here) it will get reduced somehow and I will snatch it on a pop back.

And, yes, you gorgeous smile outshines any bag, no matter how beautiful the latter is.:))

Lissa said...

that is an adorable bag for the holidays. At first I thought your name was on it and then I realized it was picnik or something. I hope you have a very merry christmas and stay safe in all that snow!

C said...

I wear pants like that in the snow too, and if it is slushy enough, tuck them into the boots- there's a great look (not). Also, I would have heavy gloves, and the hat would be under a fleece and a parka hoody and a scarf would be over my nose.

NoJCrewinJapan said...

Dina the bag is LOVELY. I love the leather color and you're right it does make sense to get this one if your color palette is on the lighter, brighter side.
& your snow day outfit is WARM and functional, which having to walk for your groceries and starbucks, is a must! I'd wear those pants and boots any day and your sweater is actually realy, really cute!

Cleo26 said...

Whatever you wear, it is always cheerful, and the jaunty cap tops it off perfectly. Thanks for making me smile.

BTW, i purchased the mini-bag and loved it. You're right that the leather is very nice. Having no occasion for it, though, i sadly returned it. I bought a different bag, a clutch actually, for the wedding i was intending to use it for. Please enjoy yours (for the both of us :) ).

Anonymous said...

I agree the smile makes the outfit!

At least you are going to have a white Christmas right? Merry Christmas!

Debye said...

I think you look adorable! Can't wait to see the dress review, it looks like such a gorgeous dress!

Cate said...

definitely more stylish than I'd ever be if I had to go out in that weather! Love the hat and boots!

dinagideon said...

Hi, all!!! What fun responses you gave to this post. I am surprised by how many of you gave me props for managing the outfit I wore to the grocery store. :) So sweet...but the pants are just over the edge of ugly. They definitely only come out to play when function is WAY more important than fashion.

Can't respond to everyone's comment today because I am in the process of getting a super-post ready for the Cash from my Closet blog (many of the items on it will only be there for less than a week)...I know you all understand!!!

Pamela: I can definitely wear the purse messenger style, in fact, it feels more secure that way. Definitely pick one up if you can...what you need this for, this bag sounds perfect!!!

Ema: That cotton lining is a bit of a turn-off. I figure while that may be bugsome, I do really love the outer details enough to make this bag a big part of my wardrobe. Do you think you will return yours???

Marietta: Thank you again. You know why... ;)

HeidiG.: Oh, my infamous lame outfit. :) Our roads are great now...as of today, December 27th...when you asked, well, let's just say, I have dubbed my area "the forgotten part of Fairfax County" for a reason. LOL.

Cleo26: Next outing with you, I am bringing the bag and we can both enjoy it together. :)

Have a great Sunday, everyone!