Sunday, February 8, 2009

My Obsession...The Paris Catalog...September 2007

As many of you who haunt the J. Crew Aficianada website know, I am obsessed with J. Crew catalogs. My obsession reaches an apex with the Paris Catalog from September of 2007. This catalog was, in my opinion, J. Crew in perfection. It has everything that makes J. Crew so desirable to so many women. It is marketing, for sure...but very careful and precise marketing. I have yet to hear of someone who loves J. Crew who does not desire to dress/be like the models in this catalog. I received this catalog in early September 2007, and was six months postpartum from my first pregnancy and moving house. I was also heading back to school and attempting to lose those last ten pounds.

When I received this catalog, I was overjoyed. My ability to fantasize about a life where I could be sophisticated and cultured, pretty and thin, free and young was possible on these pages. I spent an inordinate amount of time reading the descriptions, memorizing the pictures, and calculating how much money I would have to spend to have just a piece of what J. Crew was selling here.

Apologies for the sort of blurred images, but I refuse to use a flash (I want the colors to be true) and I have zero desire to pull out my ancient scanner and scan the images. I am sure, if you are true fan of this catalog, and have somehow lost it or thrown it away, my attempts to bring it back to life will satisfy you.

By the way, I plan on getting more images from this and other catalogs uploaded when I have the time. I may even try to get some catalogs I don't own off ebay and upload pics from that. Now that I know that google catalogs is gone (check out my post on it from February 4, 2009) is up to us fans of J. Crew to post the photos, etc. ourselves.

I picked all the images (minus the cover and the Anya bag page) because I actually own the pieces you see on these pages. I will get around to uploading pics of things I don't own...but the pages with stuff I do own are still very remarkable.

This insouciant...she is wearing roller-skates with a flowy dress and a bun. She is saying to convention, "why be normal?" It looks as though the guy she is with doesn't mind her attitude. Instead, he celebrates it!!!

I have the dress (Jennifer dress) in brown. It is very flowy because it is of a jersey material that makes anyone, from you stick-insects to us more "endowed" ladies, look great. If you don't own this dress...stat...go to ebay and see if you can get one! I do not own the roller-skates. I must be too normal. :)

Ahh. One of my favorite images ever and MY most FAVORITE J. Crew image ever. I bought everything on this page so I could recreate it. The shirt was sold-out and the pants I already owned, but I bought the sweater, necklace, and hat as soon as I got the catalog. I spent nights dreaming of being Vanessa (model's name) in this photo. I love this outfit...I wear it often, and I am sure you will see me in this outfit. The only problem with this outfit? I can't wear it around here starting in April (and going to October) because it is just too darn hot. :) But for my late fall and winter needs, it is a perfect outfit. Normally I shy away from red, but this red (called roasted pepper) is perfect with my skin tone. It must have some warm undertones because red normally makes me look like a victim of some horrible disease.

From what I understand, the sweater and necklace were sought after items, so I am glad I purchased them. Full price was worth it here because of how much pleasure these pieces have given me (no teacher discount, didn't exist).

I love this dress, even if my husband calls me a prarie girl when I wear it. It is a fun twist on a traditional plaid...and the way J. Crew styled this shot is genius. It is like Vanessa is saying, "Bonjour...I must get my paper to read but of course I will stop and smile for a photo...I must show the world how lovely it is to be French, intelligent, well-dressed, and young." You know that in the fantasy world of this photo, Vanessa leaves the photo shoot with her copy of Le Monde and heads to the nearest cafe where she commences eating a perfect baguette with incredibly rich soft butter with a bit of fruit spread and the perfect cup of cafe au lait. Mmm. Be my world...that is what I thought when I saw this photo.

By the way, I bought the dress on final sale (also the Jennifer dress). :) Life is good when you can get items from the Paris catalog for real cheap.

I do not own the Anya bag or the coat...but this is how to look fantastic. If I could do this daily and have kids and my teaching job, I would. But in reality, I can only do so much. But every once in a while, I will attempt this bit of perfection. The makeup and hair are to die for...the beautifully lined eyes, the eyebrows groomed perfectly, and the richest (and perfect) shade of red on her lips. Plus the way the sun is highlighting her hair...I mean, come on...Vanessa, God was smiling on you and J. Crew the day you all hit Paris. :)

I hope you have enjoyed this trip to Paris. I also hope that no one gets mad because I uploaded these photos (J. Crew--I am doing you a favor...people are reminded of how awesome you are.) So unless I get some angry e-mail from the president of J. Crew, I am planning on keeping these images up to inspire all of you lovers of J. Crew. Have fun fantasizing!


Joyce said...

Thanks for the trip down memory lane! In fact I was just looking at last spring's catalog for inspiration for my polyvore. I have the Jennifer dress and the red sweater you mentioned, too (there's even a picture of me wearing them in FL last month on my blog). You are right about the mood and the vision J Crew tries to convey in their catalog. I guess we truly are obsessed!

dinagideon said...

I must spend twenty minutes of my days looking for inspiration from these catalogs. :) Some people watch tv to, I get some catalogs and veg...

I will check out your outfit from last month...that is a great sweater, huh?

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the trip. I simply love love love it. Please keep those images coming. Your baby is adorable.

dinagideon said...

Hi Anon at 7:38...I am so glad you liked it. I will definitely keep it coming (so long as I can find a spare moment or two).

Thanks for complimenting my baby. I think she is pretty awesome!

T . T said...

Thanks for posting this! I love everything about Paris and J.Crew so the two combined are even better!

La Belle Helene said...

I adore the Paris catalogue, too, and have carefully saved a copy :-) My favorite shots are the two couples in front of the Eiffel tower, and the Dani peacoat shot in front of a Laduree. I bought so much from the Paris catalogue - and then again from the wonderful
November Highlands one :-)

dinagideon said...

La Belle Helene and T.T.:

I will be posting more...when I find some time. :)

I will definitely be posting pics from the Scotland catalog, too!

Alexis said...

Thank you so much for sharing these images with us! :)

Lake Nokomis said...

Thank you for sharing the catalog! I've tried searching online to find scans of some of the old catalogs that I wish I would not haved tossed out, but no luck. It was fun to see a few photos from your copy.

gigiofca said...

I never saw this catalog except for this post & the links shared on JCA. Thanks for putting them up. Great merch.