Wednesday, February 18, 2009

And now more from Rex (with a dash of CW)...and no they are not wearing crewcuts!

Since I always have so much about the outfits I am wearing or how much I love J. Crew, I decided I have to get pics of my kids up at least once in awhile. People like Roxie love to read my blog and read it more for the kids' pics than for me looking fabu (snort...).

Here is Rex with his birthday cake we got for him from Dairy Queen. He didn't wait at all before taking his spoon and just digging on in...good for you, Rex. Let's hope you have that sort of panache when you are looking to get good grades, a stable job, etc.

Don't worry, he left some for us.

He LOVES puzzles. I say if you need to know what to get a two-year old for his bday, wooden puzzles and electronic toothbrushes. I am not even kidding. Nothing is more darling than seeing Rex figure out the puzzle and smiling in his dazzling way (thanks to all the tooth-brushing he is doing with his new toothbrushes--that's right, I said toothbrushES).

So Rex used to love posing for the camera. Now he would prefer to help mommy take the pictures. I love budding photographers. :) This is the first shot he took (ever) with my camera. I say "not bad...not bad at all."

After taking the shot of the couch with Pops and CW, he then decided it was time to pose with momma. This was the best one I captured. It is REALLY hard to take a self-potrait with a Nikon D70. I am wearing a J. Crew shirt from a few years ago in this shot.

This is what we call CW's staring into your soul shot. She loves to make her eyes REEEEAAAALLLYYY BIIIIIIGGGG when posing. Cracks us up, this one.


Jordan said...

Happy Birthday to Big Boy Rex!!! Such cute kids you have....I'm glad you mentioned Crewcuts...they have the cutest things but at the most RIDICULOUS price points. I have enough problems paying full price for things for me and my husband, things that we will likely be able to wear for many years. There is no way that I would pay $100 for a child's dress they will outgrow in 3 months!

dinagideon said...

Hey Jordan:

You are so right. I have only ever bought crewcuts on sale. And things like jackets and pretty dresses (the frou-frou kind) I simply cannot justify.

I have a few pieces that Rex wears and CW will wear someday...and I will have them pose in the outfits (if they comply)...but they will definitely not be this season's or anything! :)

Have an awesome Thursday!

Slastena said...

Rex and CW are soooooo adorable! Happy belated Birtdday to a big boy! I am having a hard time deciding who they look like- CW definitely has a lot of you in her- may be b/c she is a girl?:)

dinagideon said...

Slastena: You are so sweet. I will give Rex a huge hug from you. CW does have some of me, but a lot of her daddy. She is what I like to call our "combo" child. Maybe that is what your son is--a combo--because he has a bit of you and a bit of his dad!