Friday, February 6, 2009

Blue, Yellow, Brown...they can work and they did...February 6, 2009..

Here is the Polyvore version of the outfit I wore today. I had wanted to wear it sooner, but it was either too cold or I was too tired to put it together and try to look sharp (there is a reason there are no pics from yesterday)! :)

I usually do not wear blue or brown, but I really like it when other ladies do and especially when they wear the two together. Add in a pop of yellow for interest, and voila! I am glad brown is a neutral or else this outfit would look a bit crazy!

Here is the link to the polyvore site:

Here is how the outfit looks without the jacket. Can I wax poetic about the tank for a moment? It is a gorgeous color, fits well (had to get a small...gotta love J. Crew...huge tops), and is the perfect layering piece. And I got it for 10 dollars! I love the shoes, too. What a nice way to show off your feet, but without having to wear heels. And if you have been on J. Crew Reviews lately, you have seen me profess my love for the 7fam Dojo jeans. The cardigan I got on ebay, not J. Crew (sold-out) but it fits beautifully and is a nice print to carry off other colors.

This color is to die for...even though I am about five pounds away from this Lady Day fitting perfectly, I won't wait...the pop of brilliant blue makes a lot of stress lift from me...amazing what color can do for your mood. Also, is the lady day not the most classic coat? Although I bought in in an nontraditional color, the shape will make it last for many years to come. I am sure if you own this coat in navy, white, black, or is the coat you turn to constantly!


gigiofca said...

Ooooh, I love yellow underneath the snow leopard. Ane the blue over it all is very nice!

IRL said...

I think the colors work well together and esp. love the blue over the yellow.

dinagideon said...

Gigiofca: Thanks for the compliment. Based upon what I have seen of your blog, I bet you would look great in that blue color!

IRL: The outfit overall was a great pick-me-up today. I think I buy J. Crew almost exclusively because of their amazing color choices.

Anonymous said...

You look great in bright colors. What color is that Lady Day?

dinagideon said...

Hi Anon at 7:56...that color is the meditterean blue from this fall...I believe it was listed in the October catalog. :)

Thanks for the compliment...I love bright colors!