Thursday, February 5, 2009

Fresco coming!

Yay! It came. Considering how little sleep I got last night, this was definitely a nice pick-me-up. I had to run home to feed CW before conferences began so I got to pick the package up. It is very pretty (from the rushed look I got inside the bag). The colors are exactly like you see in this pic. I will probably take pics of it as soon as I can, but may not be able to wear it until the weekend at the earliest. (I am walking home tomorrow and would hate to sweat this up...)


Joyce said...

This sweater is on my wish list; I can't wait to hear what you think. I hope your son is better!

dinagideon said...

Thanks for thinking of my son...he is better (it is Friday night). :)

I posted the real life photos of the cardigan (2/6/09). I love it, but was getting some flack (at J. Crew Aficianada) for paying full price (-15% teacher) when the print wasn't just perfect enough. Whatever!