Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy Groundhog Day!

I only wrote "Happy Groundhog Day" because well, that is what today is. Supposed Mr. Phil saw his shadow, that scamp, so 6 more weeks of winter. in the DC area we will have sunny, warm days even in January...intermixed with the biting cold. For instance, it has been lovely these past two days...but tomorrow, maybe snow?

I chose this outfit based on two reasons: 1) the weather, and 2) I wanted to wear the Haley Foil cardigan.

The tee is the candy tee in light blade. I fell in love with this tee as soon as I saw it in December and paid FULL PRICE for it (which for me is very rare). Supposedly it was a smart decision to this, because I heard it had sold out at one point. :) The tee is super-soft, but you have to be careful because the beading is very delicate.

The cardigan is actually really warm, and twice today I had to take it off. But I love the oat color. I tried on the silver version and it looked like tinfoil on me. Horrible. I am really glad I got the oat version as it is more subtle and a lot warmer of a color.

The jacket is the double-serge wool jacket. I know a lot of people love this jacket and they are all right! It is more of outerwear for me because of our mild-ish climate, and that is how I wear it...but I could see in colder climates it being the perfect jacket for the office. I got it in a 10, perfect for me to layer sweaters underneath. The wool is also very smooth to the touch and the tan color is uber-versatile, even when paired with black pants.

I think the scarf and shoes are just a nice touch of fun sparkles (scarf) and color (shoes) to this outfit. The scarf is only worn with the jacket, but the shoes are there to say "hello, smile" to the world today!

The pants are actually a pin-stripe from Dockers, but who cares? It's close enough in the polyvore set. By the way, the link for the polyvore set is:

You know what I say, "All outfits look better with a little baby." And she matches me, to boot!

So the shoes look awesome, huh? The pants, not so much. They are really, really lose. They are a 14 and bought one month after CW was born. They will be retired, today. They are really comfy, but I know, my crotch is not there, so it looks real I will use them if and when I have more kids!

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