Friday, February 20, 2009

Review of the Washed Ruffle-Collar Trench...

So here it is on the J. Crew website. I much prefer this image to the one of the model wearing it. It looks so bad the way she models it (and she is normally gorgeous in their other clothes). Look here to see the other photos and to see prices, colors, and sizes:

I think she was the wrong model to choose to wear it or it could be that they in setting up the shot played up the ruffle-collar way TOO much. If anything, the ruffle, while darling, is an ensemble player and should allow the jacket itself to take center stage. In fact, had I not seen this trench modelled by the lovely, gorgeous Slastena (who is having a birthday today--HAPPY BDAY!) in late January on her blog, I would NOT have purchased it based on the's portrayal of this jacket. To see how much better slastena looks in it, go here:

Do you not agree? Much more appealing in real life!

I have tried this jacket on and I must say, I love the way it fits me. (Don't worry, I will post real-life pics with me wearing it very soon.) I chose to size down to a 6 because of the way the fiona (from the winter) fit me (I bought it in a 10 and it is quite big on me). I am very glad I sized down. I am fairly small on top so this fits nicely through shoulders and chest, but isn't too tight or loose in the waist, just right! It also hits at my high hip, which is a nice place for me, much better than the lower hip. If you are a pear shape, this may be a good choice if you want a trench...this way you can size solely based on your top-half and not have to worry about how it will fit your bottom-half.

I also wear this buttoned up rather than open. I think it would look to sloppy on me to wear it open. I think this helps with the whole ruffle taking over the outfit look.

You can take out the ruffle if you so choose (it buttons into the collar). I won't, but if you prefer a more classic look, there is that option. The material is so soft and looks like it will stand up nicely to a rainstorm. Not a monsoon, but the sort of rain we tend to get in NOVA in the early spring. I look forward to wearing this with one of my tissue turtlenecks, my capri pants, and a pair of flats. I will feel very "Audrey," even though I will never, ever be able to look like her. :)


Slastena said...

Dina- thank you so much for the b-day wishes!I am so glad you got Keegan in khaki ( not that white did not look good, it did, but the contrasting lining on khaki is darling ),it will be more versatile for spring, white things do get dirty quicker and I personally do not reach for white on everyday basis.
Congratulations on a wonderful purchase! Please, enjoy!It will look stunning on you!

gigiofca said...

So cute! Don't ever take out the collar. That's the best part ;-)

dinagideon said...

Slastena: I am glad you had a great bday. I thought it was very funny that the day I refer to your blog in my blog it was your birthday! :) The khaki looks so nice in real life and I think it will serve me well this spring and many springs in the future.

Gigiofca: NEVER!!! I promise. But I also promise to wear it in such a way that the ruffles don't look like they are eating my face! HAHA... :)

Cleo26 said...

I'm sure you will look great in this jacket. :) I was torn between the dark slate and white, and bought the white. I'm a sucker for white. :)

dinagideon said...

Cleo26: I am glad you are looking at my blog! Yay!

I bet the white looks AMAZING on you. I hope you wear it the next we all get together...sooner rather than later!

I am a cancer, too! What is your birthday? Mine is the same as Canada Day (I like to make people seach for answers).