Wednesday, February 4, 2009

How to be colorful and stay warm...all at the same time...

I almost didn't blog this outfit because I was feeling blah this morning, but I decided to after I realized how much I love this color orange. It is tangelo in the cashmere turtleneck. It is way cold here and I needed something warm. Thank goodness for cashmere. I have had no pilling issues with this particular sweater...although I have in the past with other J. Crew cashmere/dream items. The pants are buttercup surplus chinos.

The necklace is from the January 2008 catalog. My hubby calls it my witch necklace. He HATES it. I think he actually liked that wedding dress I posted about yesterday more than this necklace. My teacher buddy laughed when I told him of Jim's extreme hatred and quipped, "whose soul do you keep in there?" To which I quipped back, "my former roommate (oh was that guy AWFUL)." Later on in the day, another coworker said, "I love your chic." I guess this necklace is either black or white, you love it or you hate it!

The shoes are some Lauren driving mocs I bought a few years ago!

I always pose with I decided today it was Rex's turn. I picked up his massive 35 pounds (he isn't even two yet) and posed. He is at the age where he doesn't pose. Oh, well. Even with a sippy cup, he is still cute!


emily said...

I like the tangelo turtleneck on you! It is such a fun and warm color to wear when you are feeling blah and it's cold.

Your hubby's comments are funny. My BF makes similar comments about my J Crew items too:)

dinagideon said...

I love orange, in all its forms. I wear it all the time. I also love green but haven't worn it much lately.

Yeah, what is up with these men...can't they see awesomeness when we wear it? The "Making the best Joyce" blog mentions how her husband doesn't like a pair of pants she owns, so she changes before he gets home. Too funny!