Wednesday, February 18, 2009

It's raining and I am walking heard me right!

So nothing fancy today because there is NO WAY I am ruining a special piece of J. Crew by walking home in the rain. That said, I have no desire to look like a complete bum, either. This is a middle ground which will keep me warm, is sturdy, and is interesting enough to say "I tried."

The cardigan is the lovely and warm oatmeal haley. It is so pretty in real life and such a nice neutral. The silver version (as I may have mentioned before) was so shiny and looked like tinfoil. I am really glad I purchased the oatmeal color instead. The shirt is one of those ring-spun ones from J. Crew last spring (2008). It has a map of Andros (a Greek island) on it. It is the prettiest shade of blue and right near the map has a "critter" of an anchor embroidered in gold. It is a very comfy, yet stylish shirt. I think someone over at the J. Crew Aficionada blog mentioned how statement tees are for teens only, but if you are in a profession like teaching, it is an acceptable look. Kids actually look at teachers longer who wear brighter is kind of cool to be in a profession that prefers colors to greys and blacks. The cords are the fantastic-fitting matchstick cords in citron. I have good news, these are about to be retired, which means I have lost more weight (whee)!

The tennies are an adidas from DSW a few years back. I am not picky about tennis shoes. My question when buying them is "will they last and are they comfy?"

Here is what the outfit looks like without the cardigan (how I wear it in the classroom). My classroom is about 80 degrees, so I have to wear layers to ensure I won't collapse from heat exhaustion. IT WAS GREAT WHILE PREGNANT (NOT)!

The ubiquitous shot of me and CW. She does make this outfit shine, huh? :)


sparrowsandsparkles said...

I have the Haley in oatmeal too and have ended up wearing it a LOT. It really does go with so much... I ordered before I saw in person so I'm glad to hear that I made a good choice not going with the silver.

sparrowsandsparkles said...

Oh, PS - I love how you "accessorize" with a baby :o) I wish I could still do that! My youngest is 3... time flies!!!

dinagideon said...

Yes, I know about how it is hard to pose with the older oldest, Rex, refuses to pose (expect every once in a blue moon). So sad!!! I love cuddling with them...

I am so glad you bought the haley, too. The silver was a piece of hot mess...amazing they are the same sweater!

Drewablank said...

CW is the best accessory you could ever have! Well, next to Rex, of course. ;)

I love the sunshine-y colors for a day like this; it's just a plus that your kids will be more attentive to you because of them. LOL! I hear you about being comfy but non-sloppy for weather like this. I'm wearing the sketchbook roses skirt with heels the office but definitely changing into wellies once I go out.

dinagideon said...

drewablank: Promise me that if it is the right occasion you will wear that skirt to our next outing. I bet you look fantastic.

Rex is a great lil guy to pose with. I did get a couple of us from this weekend that I may post in a minute. (Depends on how much work piles up on me...)

Stay dry!

AppGal said...

I completely agree with you on the colors thing. I wear colorful clothing to school quite often, but had really never thought of it helping out with students' attention spans...brilliant! :) I just dress colorfully so I'm not "that teacher" who dresses like an old school marm, hehe! Your kids are adorable by the way. [I'm at that point in my life where I like to look at the kiddos and comment on their cuteness, but I'm way terrified of having them right now :) ]

Slastena said...

You have such an a amazing complexion I doubt there is a color that would not look right on you! CW does make any outfit gazillion times better- it's just a question whether you will be able to "accessorize" like that at all times!:)

dinagideon said...


My hope is that CW always wants to be held and taken good care of by me, but I teach 11 year olds all day, so I am fairly realistic about that actually happening! :)

Speaking of good complexions, my gracious, you have the best skin...keep giving away your secrets on your blog so we can all look like you!

anna said...

i just wanted to comment that you look absolutely fabulous for having just had a baby 5 months ago! im only engaged, but am always watching couples and new mothers and mothers of toddlers to see how all of that evolves, and how everyone handles it, etc... and let me tell you, you and your gorgeous stylish friends on these blogs make me so excited to have kids (especially if they look anything like CW and rex!) my fiance josh even looked up from his medical reading to comment that "that sure is a good looking mom! did she really just have that baby?"... you and your gals are so totally inspiring, and i thought i should comment! give CW a cute little pinch from us! great style.

dinagideon said...

Anna: Your comment MADE my day. I am sort of feeling ugh today and reading this perked me right up! Thank you. :)

It is hard to lose the baby weight...for me, anyhow. I definitely have to do the whole exercise and eat right thing. What makes it even harder is that, as a nursing mother, you cannot limit your calories too much or else it will negatively impact your poor baby's nutrition. My doctor said one to one and a half pounds a week is reasonable. I have stuck with that...and I am proud to say that since her birth I have lost 33 pounds. YAY!

I hope you and your fiance have lots of kids. Sounds like you all will be great parents! You said your fiance was reading medical research or books? Is he preparing or is he a doctor? If so, wish him luck. That is definitely one of the hardest professions out there...

I promise to pinch CW's cheeks when I see her this afternoon. She is completely pinchable, right? ;)

anna said...

so, sitting here on a sunday morning reading blogs and loving the coffee josh just made for me, my stomach growls loudly, and i look up and laugh, and josh says "can you imagine, someday you're going to look up at me like that but you'll say 'the baby just kicked!!'" i cant believe guys ever say things like that! i was reading YOUR blog, and was on the exact page i commented on earlier, and josh said 'doesn't that baby just look warm and soft?' - your photos and comments just oooooze happy familyness, and though josh is beyond the sweetest guy ever anyway, i can tell looking over my shoulder at it makes him feel happy and excited for a family!
33 pounds?! are you kidding me? thats amazing! congrats! i have probably 15-20 to go until the wedding on may 24... today in fact i'm starting with a trainer. yay. :( but i want to be back to my super toned and svelte self... (if i could only have my 24 year old body back...)
we definitely want to have three kids. boy-girl-boy i think. ha, whatever happens is more like it! ill admit though, i am *terrified* of having to deal with poop and throwup and gross food and snot! as i get older (28) i'm getting worse at handling that stuff. echhh.
he's a resident right now in chicago, and wants to be a cardiologist, will start fellowship in 1.5 years. really don't know what to expect, want to be totally supportive, but am completely lost when it comes to medicine! i'm an architect... tooootally different stuff!
i am a daily fan of your blog and slastena's, and i can't say enough how inspiring you two are, simply reading what you write and what you write to each other makes me smile and puts a drop of happiness in my otherwise overwhelming, difficult mornings.
pass on the pinches!! :)

dinagideon said...

Yummy! Coffee and Sunday mornings, perfect. In fact, that is what CW and I are doing right now...well, I am having the coffee, but you get my drift.

I had some weight to lose before I got married and now looking back, I was SO THIN! If I get within ten pounds of my wedding weight, I will be thrilled.

I bet it's cold in Chicago. I am a wimp about the winter. Here in this area, it gets cold, but not really if you compare it to the rest of the USA. It was something like 70 a couple of weeks ago, so we really don't have super-cold weather in this part of the counrty.

If you are an architect, you may enjoy my latest (non-J. Crew/fashion) entry...all about my walk home with bits about the architecture of our area. :)

You need to start a blog one day. I would love to read more about you and Josh and maybe soon (!) your budding family (poop and all)!

If I have three kids I will be thrilled. I love the idea of boy-girl-boy. I am one kid away from that arrangement. :)

Enjoy your week!