Thursday, February 12, 2009

Shimmery and Sophisticated in February!

This is my polyvore set of the outfit I wore to dinner last night (my hubby's bday dinner). It was WAY TOO WARM to wear the hat (almost 70 yesterday here in Alexandria) but I could definitely wear the rest. I have received two favorites from this outfit at the polyvore site, so people like it. Jim (hubby) liked it, too. Based upon how I felt when I wore it, I feel like this is the perfect dressy outfit without being overdressed. I will definitely wear this again!

Pants are matchstick cords, black, size 32 (yay...going down in size) regular, the shoes are the lovely joelle patent flats in spearmint, the blouse is the hammered silk tank in fog (grey/silver), the jacket is the peacock maggie, the necklace is the yellow glass beads with a bee closure (I think it's a bee), and I bought the beret in Belgium in 2000.

These items all fit well, and felt fantastic. I love J. Crew for the fabric they choose...the peacock maggie is soft, shimmery, with little flecks of color sewn into it. The other maggie I own is a great shape, and this jacket is a size smaller, so it fits nice and snug to the body (which is what I need in a dressy jacket).

Here is a link to the set:

Jim did a great job taking this photo of me, but it may have helped that I spent some time putting on makeup and brushing my hair (ha)...I didn't even use the glow feature in picasa. :)

This gives a nice close-up of the jacket, tank, and necklace.

This is the outfit overall. I think it is flattering and slimming. Score!

I will post pics from dinner and give a review of the restaurant later...


FabulousFloridaMommy said...

You look SO pretty! :) Congratulations on losing even more baby weight...that's fantastic! :)

dinagideon said...

You are the sweetest. I really appreciate the compliment. Coming from such an amazing makes my day!

Love your polyvore sets, btw.

Slastena said...

Dina, oooh and aaaah! Love how you looked. Shimmer peacock is just so special and you did an amazing job on styling it the way you did! Love your pics- so fun to look at!

Bea said...

You look GREAT in this! I really like all of your outfit pictures.